Circuit Series Coverage Archive Fort Worth, Texas September 21 & 22, 2013


Forth Worth


top 2People were milling about, taking the chance to catch up with friends they hadn't seen since their last major event as well as get some much needed trading done. The vendors were slammed as always, meaning that business for them was obviously booming. Perhaps the most fun part about getting started though were the random players opening themselves up and giving ARG some excellent interviews and photo ops! At the next event in Columbus, we look forward to doing this with everyone again after we get things set up. At ARG Circuit Fort Worth we had 320 players in attendance and played 9 rounds of swiss on the first day. We had the tables set up outside of the main hall so we could have ample lighting and space to record the feature matches. One of the best benefits of being outside the main hall is that it was fairly quiet at the beginning of rounds so the players could focus on the matches better.

For our first event this went very smoothly. top 8 fort worthThere were a few technical issues at the beginning and there was a repair here and there, but I have yet to hear any major complaints about how the event itself was ran. We brought you guys coverage as quickly as we could, having multiple feature matches per round in both video and article form. While we weren't able to expeditiously upload the videos through the snail-net we were working with at the convention center, we got them recorded and posted to you as quickly as we could. We did our absolute best to bring you as much coverage in video form as we could. This included player interviews, deck profiles, feature matches and on the floor footage as well.

While there were things that we need to work on, like commentary, improved feature matches, and more clear concise articles, we feel that this event went well and that it was a fantastic stepping stone that will prepare us for all future events.

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Finals Match: Patrick Hoban Vs Scott Page!
Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

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IMG_1857 1239570_736014803092114_527302898_n Leo's Opening Hand photo Fili Luna


End of day 1

Pie chart top 16


Top 16 ftworth

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