Circuit Series Coverage Archive Fort Worth, TX Feb 7-8 2015


Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series has come full circle as we make a stop in Fort Worth, Texas, the place where the Circuit Series began!  We had a total of 394 players at this event, making it the second largest ARGCS ever!

As always there was a strong field of duelists, including ARG's own Patrick Hoban, Rosty Elkun, and Max Reynolds, as well as seasoned veterans like Billy Brake and Fili Luna! The Top cut was about as diverse as we could hope for, with four copies each of Satellarknights, Burning Abyss, and Qliphorts, three Shaddolls, and a lone Evilswarm duelist. After all was said and done, David Page became the ARGCS Fort Worth Champion, piloting Satellarknights!  This win was well received due to the dominance Burning Abyss has exacted on the game over the past few months.  The next event for the Circuit heads to Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 7-8th!

ARG Circuit Series Fort Worth, TX Champion David Page and runner up Yobani Martinez!

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Circuit Series Fort Worth Finals:


For a gallery of photos throughout the day click the image below:

Standings After Round 9

Standings After Round 8

Standings After Round 7

Standings After Round 6

Standings After Round 5

Standings After Round 4

Standings After Round 3

Standings After Round 2

Standings After Round 1

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