Circuit Series Coverage Archive Las Vegas, Nevada March 15th &16th 2014


Welcome duelists.  The seventh stop on the ARG Cicruit Series brought us to the fabulous city of Las Vegas.  This was the first event that the series headed out west tapping into a completely new player base.  A total of 343 players showed up at the last Circuit event under the current bannlist.  Coming into the event Water and Fire were the top contenders but other decks were looking to overtake the top spot.  Players were wondering if there would be a new deck that comes out of nowhere as towards the end of formats rogue decks tend to shine.  The prize pool was also increased once again where 3rd and 4th would receive $500 from the previous amount of $250.  Would it once again be a water vs. fire finals?

There was a strong field of duelists as California was well represented at the event.  We also had former ARG Circuit winners Patrick Hoban, Kevin Silva, and Dalton Bousman playing in the event.  YCS champions Billy Brake and Robert Boyajin were also in attendance.  Day one was nine rounds of swiss with a cut to top 16 to be played on Sunday.  As the rounds went by Water and Fire were dominating the event as it cluttered the top tables.  The top cut broke down to 6 Water, 5 Fire, 2 Mythic Dragon, 1 Hieratic Dragon, 1 Bujin, and 1 Evilswarm.  It was looking like it was going to be another showdown between water and fire.  However, the less represented decks were able to cut through the top 16. In the finals Joseph Chou's Bujin deck overtook Admassu Williams' Mythic Dragon deck due to a timely Pot of Duality into his only out in his deck, Dark Hole when the game was on the line.  The Circuit heads back to the east coast at the end of April in Richmond, Virginia with a new banlist for duelists to look forward to.

ARG Circuit Series Las Vegas Champion Joseph Chou


Finals feature match: Admassu Williams vs Joseph Chou!


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