Circuit Series Coverage Archive Nashville, Tennessee January 18th & 19th, 2014


Welcome duelists. The fifth event of the ARG Circuit Series, and the first of 2014, took place in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee. This was the first event under the new banlist and duelists tried their best to break the format. In total 211 duelists came to take their shot at the $5200 prize pool. News spread fast leading up to the event that Hieratics may be the deck to beat as it was gaining a lot of popularity on Dueling Network. A lot of players defaulted to decks of past formats such as Water, Fire Fists, and Geargia. This ended up becoming a good decision as the top 16 was filled with those decks. This event also featured the anticipated showdown between Jeff Jones and Kevin Silva for $500 going to the winner's charity. A whopping 2300 people watched live as Jeff Jones' Harpie deck with a timely Black Horn of Heaven defeated Kevin Silva's Hieratic deck 3 games to 1. 

Once again there were a lot of top tier players at the event that have previously finished well at past Circuit events. We had Dallas champion Patrick Hoban, St. Louis champion Kevin Silva, Boston runner-up Carl Manigat, Columbus runner-up Eaton Guo, Dallas runner-up Scott Page along with multiple YCS champions. Day one was eight rounds of swiss with a cut to top 16 to be played on Sunday. As the event progressed it was clear the decks of past were beginning to shine. The Hieratic deck was also doing very well and a surprise deck with Billy Brake playing Jeff Jones' Harpies. The top cut featured 7 Fire Fist, 4 Hieratic, 2 Geargia, 1 Prophecy, 1 Water, and 1 Harpie. In the finals Dalton Bousman's Fire Fists deck defeated Carl Manigat's Prophecy deck showing that the toolbox that Fire Fists have may be very strong this format. The next event is Charlotte which will feature the release of Legacy of the Valiant and the new Cyber Dragon structure deck.

ARG Circuit Series Nashville Champion Dalton Bousman


Finals feature match: Dalton Bousman vs Carl Manigat!


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