Circuit Series Coverage Archive Orlando, Fl January 3-4 2015



Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series stopped in the sunny state of Florida, with a tournament of right around 300 players!

Like every ARGCS there were plenty of standout duelists, including ARG mainstays Patrick Hoban and Rosty Elkun, as well as the ARG player's champ Alyxander Lisgathe!  The Top 16 featured the standard of the meta, with six Qliphort, five Burning Abyss, four Denko Sekka-Shaddolls, and a lone Satellarknight duelist.  At the end of the weekend, Gusteph Patigo was able to take down the event with his Burning Abyss!  The Circuit Series makes it's next stop in a month back where it all started in Fort Worth, TX!

ARG Circuit Series Fort Worth Texas Champion Gusteph Patigo!

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Circuit Series Orlando Finals

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