Circuit Series Coverage Archive Seattle, WA November 8-9 2014



Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series makes its first stop on the West Coast as we head to Seattle, WA!  We had over 150 duelists in attendance.

Like every ARG there were plenty of standout duelists from the region, including ARG's own Rosty Elkun as well as Alyxander Lisgathe, Jackie Bernal, Luka Soskic, and Chancey "Squiddy" Wigglestove!  The Top 16 featured four Burning Abyss, eight Qliphorts, three Shaddolls, and a lone Satellarknight duelist!  At the end of the weekend, Anthony Eckroth's Burning Abyss triumphed over Rosty Elkun's Qliphorts.  The Circuit Series makes its next stop in Atlanta, GA December 6-7.

ARG Circuit Series Seattle, Washington Champion Anthony Eckroth!

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Finals feature match: Anthony Eckroth vs. Rosty Elkun!


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