Circuit Series Coverage Archive St. Louis, Missouri December 14th & 15th, 2013


Welcome duelists. The forth stop of the ARG Circuit series took place in the Gateway city of St. Louis. Mother winter was not kind as she hit the event with a snow storm the morning of the event that inhibited a lot of duelists from making it to the event. In total 160 duelists braved the weather to take their shot at the $5200 prize pool. This was the last ARG Circuit event with the current banlist. A lot of players were wondering if Geargia was a real deck and they were wondering if Dragons were going to win yet again another event. A lot of times at the end of a format a rogue or tier 2 deck will make its way all the way to the top and it was almost the case in St. Louis.

Regardless of the total attendance there were still a lot of top tier players at the event with a lot of premiere event experience. We had Frazier Smith, Patrick Hoban, Steven Silverman, Jerry Williams-Anderson, Jeff Jones, Desmond Johnson, and Paul Cooper among other at the event. Day one was nine rounds of swiss with a cut to top 16 to be played on Sunday. We once again also featured the live steam with even more camera angles. Jeff Jones decided to play Noble Knights for the event and that peaked a lot of interest from players but he was knocked out of the event pretty early. Once again Dragon variants were the most represented deck in the Top 16 taking 13 of the spots. The other three decks were 4 Axis Fire Fist, Geargia Karakuri, and Spellbooks. In the finals Kevin Silva's Royal Decree Dragon deck defeated Skylar Hopkins' 4 Axis Fire Fist deck in two games proving once again Dragons dominance for the format. The series will have a new banlist when it heads to Nashville in January where duelists will have the first chance to break the new meta.

ARG Circuit Series St. Louis Champion Kevin Silva


Finals Feature Match: Kevin Silva vs Skylar Hopkins


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