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I would like to take some time to talk about the decks that I am playing right now. I'll give you my list and explain why I built it. There will be three Standard (Type 2) decks, and two Extended (Type 1.X) decks. (These decks are current as of this writing, but could change or be discarded as time goes on.)


Black/Artifact Infect:

Creatures: Other Spells: Land: Sideboard:
Leaden Myr x 2 Contagion Clasp x 4 Mystifying Maze x 2 Mimic Vat x 3
Plague Stinger x 4 Contagion Engine x 2 Tectonic Edge x 4 Doom Blade x 4
Ichorclaw Myr x 4 Everflowing Chalice x 2 Swamp x 16 Memoricide x 3
Necropede x 3 Grasp of Darkness x 4 Consuming Vapors x 3
Hand of the Praetors x 4 Sign in Blood x 2 Consume the Meek x 2
Molten-Tail Masticore x 4 Mox Opal x 1
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon x 3

When I came back to the game after my eight year break, it was just after M11 came out and just before Scars of Mirrodin was going to be released. When I saw what the Infect mechanic was all about my heart fluttered. The prospect of being able to finish your opponent off in the half the time was something I was really excited about. After looking over all the cards I rested on black and artifact to build my deck. Green infect is good as well, and I have seen some interesting decks trying to take advantage of the speed infect has to offer. I like black mainly for the Hand of the Praetors and of course Skithiryx. My deck is basically the best deck I feel that Scars had to offer. Some key cards I feel that makes this deck really good are Molten-Tail Masticore (which is my favorite card in type 2 at the moment), Sign in Blood, and Mystifying Maze for when things go south. I also play Tec. Edges main deck to take care of man lands and Valakut. I am anxiously awaiting for Mirrodin Besieged to be released so I can get a hold of Phyrexian Crusader's and Inkmoth Nexus'.

Myr Token Ramp:

Creatures: Other Spells: Land: Sideboard:
Myrsmith x 4 Origin Spellbomb x 4 Marsh Flats x 1 Indomitable         Archangel x2
Perilous Myr x 4 Brittle Effigy x 4 Emeria, the Sky Ruin x 2 Leonin Arbiter x 4
Gold Myr x 4 Myr Reservoir x 2 Dread Statuary x 2 Dispense Justice x 2
Palladium Myr x 4 Tempered Steel x 4 Plains x 15 Revoke Existence x 4
Myr Galvanizer x 4 Mox Opal x 2 Journey to Nowhere x 3
Myr Battlesphere x 4

This deck is really straight forward, make mana – make tokens. Then when you have a sizable army, and a Myr Battlesphere or two, Tempered Steel tends to end the game quickly. There's not a whole lot different or unique about this deck other than maybe Marsh Flats (which I am trying real hard to make a four of). These don't slow you down in any way, and thins your deck out so you don't draw lands when it isn’t advantageous. Brittle Effigy is good removal that helps make tokens with Myrsmith. But that's about it really. A good old-fashioned swarm deck deck.


Creatures: Other spells: Land: Sideboard:
Memnite x 4 Darksteel Axe x 3 Teeterng Peaks x 4 Shatter x 3
Goblin Gaveleer x 4 Infiltration Lens x 1 Mountain x 16 Arc Trail x 2
Goblin Bushwacker x 4 Panic Spellbomb x 3 Cerebral Eruption x 2
Spikeshot Elder x 2 Mox Opal x 2 Leyline of Punishment x 4
Goblin Chieftain x 4 Lightning Bolt x 4 Perilous Myr x 2
Molten-Tail Masticore x 1 Galvanic Blast x 3 Molten-Tail Masticore x 2
Kuldotha Rebirth x 4
Devastating Summons x 1

Ah, goblins, my favorite tribe in all of Magic. I remember the very first deck I ever wanted to build was goblins, that I used to play against my friends elf deck all the time. This list is one I actually saw online and tweaked according to my play style and cards that I had or could easily obtain. This deck has potential to win in about 2 to 3 turns. Here's how it can happen: first turn play two memnites and a mox, tapping the mox and your mountain to cast two kuldotha rebirths. Now you should have a memnite and six goblin tokens. Next turn cast a kicked goblin bushwacker and hoping that you opponent doesn't have any way to kill your creatures you will smack them for 16 damage on turn two. Then the next turn just finish them off. Pretty crazy right, but sadly this doesn't happen often. But the deck is still very fast and can be a pain for a lot of other players to keep up with.


Transmuter A-Go-Go:

Creatures: Other spells: Land:
Etherium Sculptor x 4 Preordain x 4 Arcane Sanctum x 4
Trinket Mage x 3 Ponder x 3 Darkslick Shores x 4
Grand Architect x 4 Makeshift Mannequin x 2 Seachrome Coast x 4
Master Transmuter x 4 Everflowing Chalice x 2 Island x 8
Sphinx Summoner x 4 Mox Opal x 2
Molten-Tail Masticore x 1 Thousand-Year Elixir x 3
Grim Poppet x 1
Platinum Angel x 1
Platinum Emperion x 1
Darksteel Colossus x 1

I am an avid reader of “Building on a Budget” from the Magic website. I read about this deck and was immediately impressed. My list varies from the one that I read to match my play style a little better. I don't want to get into this deck too much, because playing this deck is something to experience. But basically all you do is use the transmuter to pop a summoner into play searching for one of your one shot creatures and using the transmuter to pop that into play. Some quick notes about a couple little things you should be aware of. Mox Opal is amazing to use in conjuction with Master Transnuter. Bring the mox back to your hand, pop you artifact down, the replay your mox. Pretty awesome right? Makeshift Mannequin is just a handy little spell to fix a bad situation, but the draw back can be annoying. But if you use the transmuter to bring whatever has that mannequin counter on it back to your hand, the counter disappears. Transmuter can even return itself to your hand and then you can simply pop it back down, this way you avoid losing them due to removal. There's lots of crazy things this deck does, and with Grand Architect can even turn into a ramp deck if you want. Oh in case you were wondering why no sideboard, is because I haven't finalized it yet. This deck and the next one down are being built for the current PTQ season that hasn't come around to my neck of the woods just yet.

Steel Artifact:

Creatures: Other spells: Land:
Memnite x 4 Mox Opal x 3 Terramorphic Expanse x 3
Ornithopter x 3 Springleaf Drum x 3 Marsh Flats x 1
Court Homunculus x 4 Inquisistion of Kozilek x 4 Arcane Sanctum x 1
Tidehollow Sculler x 4 Thopter Foundry x 2 Swamp x 1
Steel Overseer x 4 Tempered Steel x 4 Plains x 3
Master of Etherium x 4 Seachrome Coast x 4
Ranger of Eos x 4 Darkslick Shores x 4

During worlds I saw them talk about this deck and felt that it was immediately up my alley. Aggro type decks are probably my favorite to play and this seemed like it was crazy good. It's still somewhat a work in progress for me because I am missing some cards. I still need three more Marsh Flats, and a Fetid Heath instead of the Arcane Sanctum. I would also really like to get a hold of some Thoughtsieze to replace the inquisitions. A lot of people seem to be referring to this deck as the new Affinity. I wasn't playing at the time that that deck was around so I don't really know what they are talking about, but I do know that this deck is awfully good to say the least. I put it together to it's current state fairly easily and will hopefully have it finished by March when my local PTQ will take place.

Well I hoped you enjoyed reading about the decks I am currently playing. When Mirrodin Besieged rolls around I got about 3 or 4 more decks that I probably have put together soon after. Feel free to build any or all of these, and even make changes you feel could improve them or suit your tastes.

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