Deck Doctor #10: Hunders and Chain Beat

tyler nolanHey readers, this week we’re going to start off by taking a look at Josh Jaworowski’s Hunder-Watt deck.

Monsters (20)

3 Thunder Sea Horse

3 Mahunder

3 Pahunder

2 Sishunder

2 Vylon Prism

3 Wattcobra

1 Honest

1 Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness

2 Tragoedia

Spells (10)

2 Recycling Batteries

2 Pot of Duality

1 Dark Hole

1 Monster Reborn

1 Heavy Storm

3 Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (10)

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Fiendish Chain

3 Threatening Roar

2 Torrential Tribute

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Solemn Warning


2 Starliege Paladynamo

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Gagaga Cowboy

1 Number 16: Shock Master

1 Maestroke The Symphony Djinn

1 Photon Papilloperative

1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn

1 Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

1 Crimson Blader

1 Scrap Dragon

1 Stardust Dragon

1 Thought Ruler Archfiend

2 Constellar Omega

Thunder Sea HorseBoth of these archetypes are ones that I’m a pretty big fan of, though I haven’t played watts since well before Thunder Seahorse was released. For those unfamiliar with the deck, the ideal turn 1 play is to discard Thunder Seahorse in order to search for 2 copies of Sishunder, then summon one of those Sishunders to buy back the Thunder Seahorse. From there your seahorses search for Vylon Prisms, Wattcobras, or Pa/Mahunders, whichever combo pieces you happen to be missing. From there you turn into a deck similar to Tinplate Gadgets, where you churn out Rank 4s every turn, fueled by Sishunder, Wattcobra, and Thunder Seahorse. However, where this deck doesn’t have access to Gigant, it gains Starleige Paladynamo, who is arguably the best rank 4 in the game.

When I ran this deck, I was never a big fan of Honest, most of the time you just prefer it to be a real trap card. The only xyzs you’ll get to protect with it are Starleige, which you don’t usually mind having killed, and Omega. Aside from xyzs, the only things you usually leave on the field are your sishunder from turn 1, which you definitely don’t care very much about.

Next I’m going to cut the Threatening Roars, this is also something I was toying around with in earlier builds of my Hunder List, and it never panned out. I always, again, just ended up wanting a Mirror Force or a Dimensional Prison. At one point I cut the Roars for Swift Scarecrows when I realized I wasn’t even protecting my monsters with the Roars, just my life. In the end though, I finally just used the slot for more real traps.

gorzFiendish Chain Gorz decks have never been something I’ve been particularly fond of, Chains stay on the field much too often, and Gorz winds up dead in your hand more than you’d prefer. I’m going to cut the Gorz.

Now, moving on to the Extra Deck, there are a few changes I want to make here. The first cut I’m going to make is the Photon Papilloperative, almost any time you would make this, it’s better to just make a Blackship. I’m also going to cut the Thunder Spark Dragon.

The cuts in summary:

-1 Honest

-1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

-3 Threatening Roar

-1 Photon Papilloperative

-1 Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

There are only a few cuts, so we only get to add five cards to the deck. This deck is very similar to the Wind-up, or Tinplate deck in that it can have a pretty slow start, but once it gets going, it gets going. Because of this, you’re going to want to play a lot of traps in order to help stumble through the early game, into the midgame where you can start using all of those cards generated by Thunder Seahorse. The first addition is going to be the 3rd Fiendish Chain, and then I’m adding 2 copies of Mirror Force.

Next, it’s pretty miserable for this deck to get Torrentialed, the Hunders don’t replace themselves (aside from sishunder) upon summon, and the deck doesn’t have Wind-Up Rabbits for protection. Due to this, and the large trap lineup, I’m going to add 1 copy of Starlight Road to the deck.

cardcarLastly, I’m going to add 1 copy of Card Car D to the deck. It certainly isn’t necessary to run if you don’t have one, but if you do, it helps dig for Seahorse, and gives you more things to do during turns you Duality, or when you discard Seahorse. If you don’t have access to a Card Car, You can also fill this slot with another trap like a Compulsory Evacuation Device, or a Dimensional Prison.

I also wanted to make some changes to the Extra Deck, earlier I cut 2 cards. This was to make room for the Stardust Dragon required from Starlight Road, but also to make room for Number 32: Shark Drake, who in my experience comes up quite a bit. Him + Paladyn generally ends the game, and for this deck it isn’t at all unreasonable for you to be able to make both.

Additions in summary:

+2 Mirror Force

+1 Fiendish Chain

+1 Starlight Road

+1 CardCar D

+1 Stardust Dragon

+1 Number 32: Shark Drake

wind-up rabbitNext we’re going to take a look at Alexander-Paul Manipon’s Chain Beat Burn deck.

Monsters: 9

3x Cardcar D

3x Evilswarm Thunderbird

3x Wind-Up Rabbit

Spells: 6

2x Chain Strike

1x Dark Hole

1x Tenki

2x Pot of Duality

Traps: 25

3x Accumulated Fortune

3x Compulsory Escape Device

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

3x Jar of Greed

3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu

3x Macro Cosmos

1x Mirror Force

3x Secret Barrel

2x Starlight Road

2x Torrential Tribute

This is definitely an interesting take on the tempo monster that is Chain Beat. I’ve been toying around with Chain Beat variants since before we got Evilswarm Thunderbird, and one of the big issues I always had with the deck was how to close out the game. The burn package is definitely an interesting way of closing games.  The big thing that stands out to me here is how few ways you actually have to kill opposing monsters, and thus, get attacks in on your opponent. I have a couple ideas for that though, so hear me out.

FIRE FORMATION - TENKII’m going to start by cutting the 1-of Tenki, not only does it clog your backrow, but you shouldn’t really need to search for a Wind-Up Rabbit. You play 3 Cardcars, and a bunch of draw spells, there are plenty of ways to just draw into a Rabbit/Thunderbird.

3-ofs of both Legacy of Yata and Jar of Greed seem excessive; I’m going to cut it down to 2 of each. I know I’m going to get a comment if I don’t explain why I’m cutting one and one, rather than 2 Jars. The reason I’m cutting one and one, even though Legacy of Yata is a strictly better card, is because Chain Strike and Accumulated Fortune can’t have cards of the same name on the chain when they’re being activated, and the benefits gained from higher chain counts with those cards greatly outweighs the potential for drawing 2 if the opponent controls a spirit monster.

Starlight Roads seem pretty out of place in this deck, not only do they clog your backrow, but most of your backrow is chainable to begin with, so Storm isn’t a huge issue for you. Versus Torrential/Mirror Force, you can just dodge with your monsters. Road seems extremely low-impact for this deck, so I’m going to cut both copies.

Water is going to start fading down with the new set, and while macro does put in some work versus Dragons(or versus Spellbooks if you open it going first I suppose), there is another chainable continuous trap I want to consider in this slot, one where drawing multiples isn’t as annoying.

Cuts in summary:

-1 Fire Formation – Tenki

-1 Legacy of Yata Garasu

-1 Jar of Greed

-2 Starlight Road

-3 Macro Cosmos

So I said earlier we need more ways to deal with the opponent’s monsters. A 1-of Needle Ceiling has always been something I’ve liked in this kind of deck. It usually functions as another Torrential Tribute, but with the added benefit of being chainable (which makes it very nice versus Infernity.) So I’m going to add that in.

I spoke earlier about wanting to add a different continuous trap. Recently, I’ve been a very big fan of Vanity’s Emptiness versus just about everything. Versus Elemental Dragons, you can respond to a baby, or a big dragon’s summon effect, you counter the summon, and the Emptiness continues locking them out until they manage to deal with it. Versus spellbook it isn’t as exciting, you can stop a priestess coming down if for some reason your opponent doesn’t have a Fate to blow up the Emptiness in response. Versus Water the same basic idea as with Dragons applies, in response to a Megalo, you flip emptiness and trap the Megalo in their hand. Squall? Chain Emptiness. Sphere is another really annoying card for this deck, and Emptiness deals with that very efficiently as well. A lot of the time I’ve found Vanity’s Emptiness to be a Solemn Warning that sticks around to do more work.

compulseI’m adding in the 3rd Compulsory Evacuation Device, more outs to Dracossack are nice, and even just bouncing opposing monsters so you can get damage in isn’t irrelevant in a deck like this.

This might just be me getting greedy, but a 1-of (possibly more if it works well for you) Magic Cylinders doesn’t seem bad. While it doesn’t kill the monster, getting an extra 2500+ bit of burn should close a lot of games out. The card is obviously best in multiples, but it isn’t chainable, and you don’t really want to see it early.

Lastly, I’m going to add in 2 Bottomless Trap Holes, more answers to opposing monsters is never a bad thing for a deck like this.

Additions in summary:

+1 Needle Ceiling

+3 Vanity’s Emptiness

+1 Compulsory Evacuation Device

+1 Magic Cylinders

+2 Bottomless Trap Hole

As far as your sidedeck goes, D.D. Dynamite seems like it would get huge very quickly against Elemental Dragons, while your Secret Barrels won’t be doing very much damage. Seems like a swap that can be made in the board pretty easily. For Evilswarm, Prideful Roar works fantastically in this deck, because they work in damage calculation, it can’t even be stopped by Forbidden Lance or Forbidden Dress.

Anyways, that’s all for this week. If you have a deck you’d like doctored by either Johnny or myself, send us a message here:

And as always, play hard or go home!