Defeating the Dragons with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! Congratulations are due for Nizar Sarhan and Peter Gross! Nizar was able to capture his 2nd YCS win in Dallas with the ever popular Dino-Rabbit and Peter Gross took his unique Chaos Dragon deck all the way to the top spot at the YCS in France this past weekend. Both of these feats were quite awesome in their own way. Nizar was able to win again in the same city he won in last year going undefeated while Peter took a deck that was way under the radar and demolished his competition. A Dragonsworn deck also managed to get 2nd place at YCS Dallas, Alex Reed was one win away from making Dragons winning everything this past weekend. In light of how well this deck did at each of the YCS I wanted to take this chance to talk about how to stop this powerful deck. YCS Chicago is less than 14 days away and you can expect a lot of duelist to pick this deck up so you want to make sure you know how it works and some good ways to slow it down!

Question of the Article: Do you think Dragons are going to be a contender or was their success just a fluke?

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The main point of this deck is to summon a whole bunch of big boss monsters and kill you very fast. It is actually very easy, once they get a couple of light and dark monsters in the grave the duel could be over before you know it. The decks play almost no defense what so ever and are extremely aggressive. You need to know these things when you are facing a dragon duelist. You don’t have much time to play a slow conservative game, most of the time you want to be very aggressive and just try and kill them before they kill you.

There is no doubt in my mind that a great amount of player’s not knowing what some of the dragon cards did was a key part of why they were so successful this past weekend. Let’s take a look at what I mean. Here is a quote from the top 4 feature match at YCS Dallas.

“Reed used his Metal Dragon’s effect to Special Summon Lightpulsar Dragon. Duren flipped Torrential Tribute to clear the field, but Reed returned Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to the field with Lightpulsar Dragon’s effect, and used the his Red-Eyes’s effect to Special Summon Lightpulsar Dragon right back to the field, putting him in the exact same position he was in before the Torrential Tribute.”

If you destroy Lightpulsar Dragon his effect will trigger and allow your opponent to bring back a Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (REDMD) back from their grave. This makes cards like Dark Hole not very helpful against a field of REDMD and Lightpulsar Dragon. There is a way to stop this though. Much like Elemental HERO – The Shinning, Lightpulsar Dragon has an optional trigger effect when it goes to the graveyard. This means it is able to miss timing just like The Shinning. If you are able to activate any card (Mystical Space Typhoon, Maxx “C”, Effect Veiler, etc.) in response to the summon of any monster while Lightpulsar is on the field and then chain Torrential Tribute Lightpulsar Dragon would miss timing and not be able to activate its effect. If Lightpulsar going to the grave is not the last thing to happen when the chain is resolving then it won’t be able to activate his trigger effect when it hits the grave. Knowing this could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Here a few cards that I would keep in mind when finishing up your side deck before entering any sort of competitive tournament in the near future. These cards are probably my top three favorite card choices to have when going against Dragons.

This card is probably the best on card answer to this deck. They will try and go for game as fast as possible and since they run a lot of giant monsters you can almost always count on it happening. Most of the time a Dragon duelist will wait and try and make a big swing, putting a lot if not all of their eggs in a basket. Gorz will allow you to stop their big game push and then you can try and mount your comeback the following turn. Even in the finals of YCS Dallas Game 3, if Nizar Sarhan did not have a Gorz to drop there is a very high chance that Alex Reed would have won his first YCS. Since Nizar was able to drop such a giant monster that allowed him to take care of Alex’s on field Dragons, he was able to capture a victory in a short few turns after the Gorz drop.

Bottomless Traphole
Bottomless can be quite excellent against Dragons. It is one of the few cards that can hit every single boss monster in the deck and take care of it without breaking a sweat. Lightpulsar Dragon will be instantly taken off the field and banished so you won’t have to worry about them bringing back REDMD with Lightpulsar’s effect. This is a great removal card and can hit almost every monster in their deck.

Electric Virus
This card has already began to see play against Dino-Rabbit decks. If you are playing a deck that can summon a whole bunch of monsters in one turn, (Wind-Ups, Inzektors, Dragons, Dino-Rabbit) then Electric Virus can really come in handy and allow you to just steal the game. I like this card just because you can OTK pretty easily after stealing their 2800 attack REDMD. You could be looking down against a field of huge dragons, but after discarding a couple copies of this virus you won’t see anything but your opponent’s lifepoints drop to zero.

Conclusion: Dragon made a very impressive showing this past weekend at both of the YCS tournaments. I think part of the reason they were able to do so well is because of a lot of duelist lack of understanding of the deck. Now that it has seen success you can count on the fact that this deck will be used by a decent amount of players out there. It is important to understand how the deck works in order to make the right plays when dueling against it. It is important to make sure you consider this match-up when building your side deck for any tournament. I went over my top three favorite cards and while there are many more out there, I feel these would be the most effective at the moment. Dragons have now officially joined the competitive scene and you can count on seeing them around.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments down below! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article! Remember, Play Hard or Go Home!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus Champion



  • Anonymous

    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is a decent out against Chaos Dragons as well. You just need to be able to protect it.

  • Anonymous

    the part where you said that you can chain torrential is incorrect.Torrential tribute can only be activated in responce to a summon so if you use mystical you cannpot use torrential later in the chain

  • Boatinater

    I don’t think it was a fluke. I think there’s just several things that have a chance at winning because there are so many “blowout cards” flying around right now. BLS, Inzektor Dragonfly, Evolzars, Wind-Up loop, Skill Drain, and now the relentless string of 2500+ atk monsters that you can summon simply by rubbing your stomach and the top of your head at the same time. If you can drop/flip any of these at an inopportune time for your opponent, you are in an incredible position, and it can be almost impossible to play out of some of the boards people drop these days.

    That said, I still think Dino Rabbit has the best chance at winning, simply because it can run more of these blowout cards than anybody else. If a deck can run some of these, then they have a chance at winning any given tournament.

    Just my opinion.

  • Draigun

    The Chaos Dragon deck has to be able to main and play around Koa’Ki Meiru Drago. It’s the biggest crutch they have that can neutralize the mirror match as well as Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.If a build can fit a pair of them in while being able to get some operation going with it, then the deck can work.

  • kasey

    FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS WAS A FLUKE…i believe u are correct…for now… this deck is extremely close to the build that could be the deck to beat at nats this year. dragons are getting some very very good support in galactic overlord so for now a fluke but upcoming formats possibly the most aggressive deck to hit the circut

  • Bryce

    I’d have never thought Dragons, my favorite type, would top anything, especially in this terrible format! Chaos Dragons have a unique strength in that they keep coming. The deck isn’t trying to stop plays so much as wear down your opponent’s resources. The Torrential play you mentioned was a perfect example Billy; they willl just keep coming back and they won’t go away. Dragons have a lot of weaknesses, one of which being backrow can easily stop their attempts to swarm the field, but in a format like this with so much trap hate out there, no one is making extensive use of traps like Bottomless. Another major weakness is their heavy reliance on Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. This is easily the best dragon support card ever made, and decks generally tend to put heavy reliance on this card. Anyway, my personal opinion is that this win was a fluke. Chaos Dragons made a showing because they are not meta and no one expected it. Now, however, everyone knows not to underestimate their power, and since they’ll be seeing more play as they’ve topped, and the price of a dragon deck is cheap relative to the rediculous prices of the meta decks, everyone will be prepared next time. I’m afraid, dragons still won’t go far, but it’s exciting they’re getting more playable.

  • Pianka

    I hope billy realizes that once you activate mst or book torrential misses timing and you cant activate it in response to the mst or book. So there is no way to use torrential unless it it is directly after a summon.

    • superfish

      thats not true you can activate torrential as long as the last thing to resolve is the summon. I remember back when i played t.g. if i summoned a t.g. rush rhino and they activated bottomless i would chain torrential to destroy their monsters and save my t.g. searches.

  • falolipe

    whats about D prison over bottomless? REDMD have prio and pulsar almost surely will attack you careless if they have metal dragon on grave so there is no point on respond to the summon… and its better against rabbit, dw and hero in my opinion because you can draw it after the summon of the monster. but then you have the new dragons from GAOV so i dont know if there will be bottomless better … what do you think?

  • Evan

    I feel like Bottomless and Black horn are the best answers for most decks, and Electric Virus is pretty dope, but i feel like it only really benefits in the mirror match.

  • machaca

    l love billy brake!!

  • anon

    i agree adam corn needs to be doing stuff this format.

    • Micheal Fukuyama

      ya and y is konami riding him so much sure he mite be cocky but hes the best in the game and we should learn from his cockiness and challenge ourselves and also stay true to the gods of the game at the top is urs truly adam corn

  • Micheal Fukuyama

    wheres adam corn y isn’t he writing articles
    hes the best player in the game and u are guaranteed to play better just by watching teh wya he plays

  • Shadoxevo

    Hmm… The MST + Torrential example was very interesting! 😀
    And while I think that it was a little bit of a fluke of winning the YCS due to not being seen as competitive before the tournament, I believe it will have “Gravekeeper’s syndrome”, where it will perform decently, but now everyone is prepared for it now.

  • Kainoa

    A dragon deck can top if there is a good pilot behind it. A mediocre player can play the deck badly by overextending, making bad reads, missing optimal play sequences, etc, and not win. A Mediocre Dino-rabbit player can do all those things and still top because of the linear nature of of the deck and the simplicity of the power cards of rescue rabbit and tour guide.

    • what?

      A mediocre player did top with dragons. Forgetting to add banished dragons to hand, attacking into a gorz with no defense for it, etc. Surprise factor made up for the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice article,

    what you think about Victoria? In a Dragonsworn Deck she can’t be countered by a
    warning or judgement whatever.

  • Brian Weidert

    I’ll be at YCS Chicago and I’m glad you went over this deck’s weaknesses. I expect to see the deck being played and the “soft lock” of REMDD and Light Pulsar is tough to get around. Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this article! My friend uses this deck and it is really annoying to face against, with this new timing knowledge and side deck choices, I’m sure it will be much easier and funner to beat him.

  • Lucas Ziobro

    great article, i def think dragons doing so well was NOT a fluke, the deck has many plays, is very fast, and a lot of fun to use =) there will def be more of these in chicago

  • nikos

    I think the deck has potential but i dont think they could really be a tier 1 deck right now. I think alot of it had to do with opponents not being ready to face the deck. Never the less i feel that there will be a few people playing that at chicago and we need to prepare for it

  • Kingyungrome

    Is dragon capture jar good?

  • Wu-Lord

    Kycoo would be an excellent choice in any decks if Dragons becomes popular.

  • Anonymous

    Kycoo would be an excellent sidedeck choice for any decks if Dragons becomes popular in the future.

  • i think it was a fluke. no one was really prepared for them and not many knew how the deck fuctioned. they’ll be played in the upcoming ycs but i doubt theyll top. -licorice peter

  • Alex Flamer

    Great article but what are some cards that are possibly in people’s main decks that aren’t good against dragons? Could Effect Veiler, Maxx C, and Fiendish Chains be some just to name a few?

  • Barrier

    black horn is one of the best answers, and you can side to other match-ups too

  • superfish

    Is billy really qualified to tell people how to beat dragons?

  • Anonymous

    Billy can beat dragons?

  • That Guy

    Dragon Capture Jar. Classic. And Summon Limit. Macro cards, D.D. Crow, the list goes on.

  • Israel Silva

    Well, Dragons decks are easy to play and I agree with the fact than other duelist unknown the effect of this deck because few people play it: One dragon deck with Koa’ki Meiru Drago and Chaos Dragon Deck say bye bye.

    Now answer you:
    Contender in this meta, could be. If find the way of ever, but ever, have 1 Light and 1 Dark Monster in grave this deck its incontrolable.

  • Lcs2800

    Now, how many deck are in the competitive scene? i’m counting 8: Wind-ups, Inzektor,
    Rabbit, Dark World, Samurai, HERO, Dragon and Burn.
    Am I forgeting something?

    • Anonymous

      Skill drain anything. There are so many decks now because people aren’t playing the meta as much because the xyz mechanic sucks and the decks out now take little to no skill to play against. I guess it took the crappiest format ever for people to think outside the box. By that i mean just play old metas. Any deck can be a contender you just have to adjust it to the meta. This games days are numbered. What new monster card can konami make? Double sided? Copy magic? Zexyl may not be a flop in terms of sales but the direction the game was taken in is down. Yugioh has hit an iceberg. Your not good for winning with rabbit. Your not good for winning with wind up or inzektor. This game has become nothing but trash. At least it’s going back to a level where children can win only because sequences in the game you cannot recover from. To all you pros out there running the meta where is your pride? Im gonna play rabbit just to win? Congrats a 10 year old can summon rescue rabbit and then summon guide. I say we refuse this garbage xyz mechanic. Get a grip there’s a reason they madevanguard

      • Joey

        perhaps you are correct but I believe that most, if not all people in the yugioh community think that they must use a “net-deck” to be a competitive yugioh player. I would halfheartedly agree with your comment, but let me ask you this: If everybody ran their own idea for a deck, do you think that someone “unskilled” player will just decide to use rabbit? It is arguably the best deck in the format. My point is that I don’t think everyone in the yugioh community will understand that the game used to be a source of creativity for people. You have to get over the fact that the game will never go back to the beginning stage because yugioh is a growing game.

    • Joey


  • Anonymous

    Morphing jar #2 could be an option two?

  • ted

    cool nice article! are you gonna be posting one of your windups you used?