Distribution of Prizes


All players/members must complete proper tax paper work to claim their prize.  Tax forms can be filled out at the end of the current event or within 14 days and submitted to AlteRealityGames.com.  

How to choose to receive your prizes.

1)  ONLINE:  Once proper paperwork is completed we will add the credit to your AlteRealityGames.com account within 7 to 10 days for use on our online store which also contains are prize catalog.  Here is a link to our prize catalog http://www.alterealitygames.com/catalog/arg_open_series-prize_catalog/1183

2)  AT THE EVENT:  Once proper paperwork is turned in and approved, you can spend your credit at our booth at the current event.  See an ARG Event Staff team member onsite.

3)  TURNED INTO CASH:  Once proper paperwork is turned in and approved.  A prize recipent can choose to have their store credit prize purchase for cash for .75¢ on the dollar.

Fine Print.

Players have up to 90 days to claim their prizes, after 90 days their prizes will be considered forfeited.  If for any reason a player is being further investigated for possible rules violation we will hold thier prize to the investigation comes to a close,  if that player becomes disqualified his prizes will be donated to charity in the name of AlteRealityGames.com.