Diversity at it’s Finest

Hey guys it’s Nicole here with another article.  This time I want to talk about the current format.  In my opinion our current format is a diverse one.  If you were to ask me what the playable decks were I would be able to give you multiple options.  These options include: Agents, Dark Worlds, Wind-up’s, Heroes, Geargia, Inzektors, Six Samurai, Rescue Rabbit, and Chaos Dragons. They all do different things and that is what makes them a viable choice.

Agents- Agents are a very strong deck this format. They have many strong plays from venus into gachi and call of the haunted bringing back boss monsters. They also have boss monsters like krystia and hyperion coming out all on their own. The deck also has Herald of Orange Light, which is a better effect veiler. I think that they have a lot of potential with the right build.

Dark worlds- Dark worlds have and will always be a very stable deck. With a decent hand they can pop cards, search cards, and draw extra cards. Also with Dragged down to the grave they can see your hand and take a card out, a lot of the time that is a card that can be one of your only plays. They also have Skill Drain a card that can devastate a lot of decks in the meta. Having no effects hurts agents, wind-ups, geargia, and inzektors which makes up a lot of the meta.

Wind-ups- The numbers all lead to wind-ups being one of the best decks of the format. With an easy turn 1 otk or shock master  it is very hard to come back. They also can play multiple traps and cards like wind-up rabbit that always come back. They also have easy plays into ranks 3’s 4’s and even rank 5’s. They also very fast and have some very easy plays and complicated plays. These are some of the reasons that wind-ups are dominating.

Heroes- Heroes have always been somewhere in the meta. They have multiple power cards like miracle fusion and super polymerization. They also have destruction cards and search cards like Gemini spark and E-call. They also have powerful Exceeds that are easy for them to bring out like Blade Armor Ninja and Excalibur that can easily come in with a lot of damage. They also have the back row to stop most plays that the opponent can have.

Geargia-They have the ability to search, special, and make power plays with ease. Easy access to rank 4’s and even access to rank 6’s. Also in the karakuri build they have access to synchros. They also have the backrow support to protect their turn one geargiarmor. These plays are some of the things that make all builds of Geargia playable.

Inzektors- Inzektors are still a very playable deck. The deck is slowed down mainly by dragonfly being hit to 1. The play style has completely changed. Instead of abusing Dragonfly every turn and popping and otking they have to focus more on centipede and using ladybug to offer different level exceeds and exploding with their one dragonfly when the time is right. They are still a viable deck but I don’t see them winning a YCS anytime soon.

Six Samurai- This deck won the ycs In Indianapolis. Although I don’t find it a total fluke I don’t think it should have won. They have plays into easy level 5 synchros but I think once beast and shi en are gone they don’t have a lot of plays left. They do have the ability to spawn and negate spells, and traps. I just think they are lacking monster negation.

Rescue Rabbit- In my opinion Rabbit is still playable but not one of the top decks. Its playable but I think they just lost to much consistency when Rabbit and Tour Guide went to two. They have too many weaknesses and even though turn 1 laggia is still strong it can be easily bated out.

Chaos Dragons- Although the deck was slowed down with the ban of future fusion and the limiting of REDMD they still have all of their chaos monsters like lightpulsar. They also have the destruction and mill power of lyla and ryko. I think these are some of the cards making the deck viable. I don’t see the deck winning in the future but it made a comeback and made it to the finals.

To sum it up there are many decks that have potential to do well in this format but these are some of the decks I can see doing well at upcoming events . Good luck to everyone and remember to play hard or go home.

Nicole Tipple

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