Doing your Homework.

I'd like to start out by saying my name is Victor Campagna I have been playing this wonderfull TCG since it came out but started to play in events in 2004. Im from Levittown, Pa and my local store is Alternate Universe. The name of my store my seem fimilar to some of you considering it is home to some of the best players in the game right now including Fraizer Smith, Sean Mccabe, Steve Silverman and this years Worlds Qualifier Tom Mak. Well Enough of this chit chat and get into the main point of my article shall we? The main topic of this article will be you guessed it DOING YOUR HOMEWORK. If you play Yu-gi-oh you may know that homework just isnt for people in school. It goes into are Yu-gi-oh life as well.

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by doing your homework. What I mean by that is its always good to stay current with everything that has to do with the game. Some people only read the event coverage and deck lists or stay on for even more deck lists. I personally belive you should get the most out of what there is to offer on event coverage with decklists only beig a part of it. I like to read every feature match on the event coverage so maybe i can learn new moves or rulings that I have yet seen. Maybe youll even see a new tech card that is very good but you missed out becasue you only check the deck lists and this one tech card diddnt make it to the top 32 due to any number of reasons.

Doing homework can even help you become more like the players you admire. You ever wonder why they know what decks are gonna be hot and the rest of us have to wait and read decklists to know? The reason they know whats going to be hot is because they do homework like keeping a close eye on the OCG and read up coming sets to see what support is coming out for what cards. Practice also is what lets them determine what deck is going to be tier 0-2.

Homework just doesent help you become a better player it can also help you become a better trader or vendor. For example do you remember when Trident Dragion first was released it was like a 50 cent card right? Then when other players got wind of Dragunitys coming out it was relized this once 50 cent card could soon be worth a lot more. Taking this into account the people who did there homework picked them up for cheap then sold them online or to vendors for a large profit. All this was possibile just because people did there homework.

Before I go I have one last bit of advice remember always save your commons and other cards you get from packs. I notice alot of people give them away but remember some cards arent worth much at first but some times become hard to get and very desireable so hold on to them until there worth more. Also always read articles and any other info that comes your way. So i hope after reading this you guys have got some good ideas and if you never did your homework i hope you now start.

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