Feature Match 3rd place: Brandon Bird(Geargia) vs Corey Roca(Evilswarm)

Corey started the match off by summoning Evilswarm Castor, then using its additional summon to summon Evilswarm Thunderbird. He overlaid the two for Evilswarm Ophion and detached Thunderbird to add Infestation Pandemic. He ended the turn by setting 3 to the backrow.

Brandon set one monster and 5 backrow and in the end phase Corey flipped Infestation Infection, returning Heliotrope to add Kerykeion.

Corey drew Heliotrope for turn and activated Ophion's effect to search another Pandemic. He then used Infection to return Heliotrope to add another Castor. He normal summoned Castor and used its additional summon on Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion activated its effect, banishing Evilswarm Thunderbird and Brandon activated Solemn Warning. Ophion attacked into Brandon's face down Geargiarmor and Brandon added Geargiaccelerator. Castor struck directly and in the end phase Brandon flipped up a Geargiagear, special summoing Geargiano Mk2 and Geargiano from the deck.

In the Brandon's draw phase Corey activated Maxx "C," so Brandon simply set a monster and passed.

Corey drew for turn and summoned Kerykeion. He used its effect to banish Castor from grave to add back Kerykeion. He then used Infection to return Kerykeion to add, then summon Evilswarm Heliotrope. The Kerykeion attacked Geargiano, Ophion attacked a face down Accelerator and Heliotrope attacked directly. Brandon got back Geargiarmor off of Accelerator's graveyard effect and in the end phase he flipped another Geargiagear, this time summong two MK2.

The following turn was much of the same for Brandon as Corey activated Maxx "C" in the draw phase. He opted to go for a play anyway, knowing he would likely lose if he didn't. He overlaid the two MK2 for Evilswarm Exciton Knight and Corey flipped up Black Horn of Heaven. Brandon set a monster and in the end phase Corey returned Kerykeion via Infection to add Heliotrope.

Corey Drew Thunderbird for turn and returned it with Infection to get Castor. Castor came down next, then Heliotrope and Brandon scooped it up, knowing he couldn't take all the damage.

Game 2

Brandon started off game 2 in a similar fashion to game 1 by setting a monster and a whopping 5 backrow.

Corey did much of the same, setting 5 backrow of his own. In the end phase Brandon flipped Geargiagear to special summon Geargiano and Geargiano MK 2.

Brandon drew for turn and overlaid MK2 and Geargiano for Gear Gigant X and it was met with Black Horn of Heaven, but Brandon had the Wiretap to negate and return the Black Horn back to Corey's deck. When the summon was successful, Corey flipped up Torrential Tribute to clear the board. Gear Gigant X triggered and brought back Geargiano from the graveyard. Next came Call of the Haunted, targeting Gear Gigant X, but Corey had the Mystical Space Typhoon. Brandon then normal summoned Geargiarmor and attacked into a Fiendish Chain, which he cut off with his own Mystical Space Typhoon. In main phase 2 Brandon flipped the Geargiarmor face down and ended his turn.

Play was back to Corey who activated Allure, drawing Evilswarm Mandragora and Solemn Warning. He opted to banish Mandragora. He attempted to normal summon Castor and it was negated with Brandon's Solemn Warning. Corey set his own Warning and passed to Brandon.

Brandon drew for turn and attempted to flip summon the Armor and Corey activated Warning to negate it. He then tributed the Geargiano to special summon Geargiarmor from the graveyard, then normal summoned another and attempted to overlay them into Gigant X, but Corey had another Black Horn of Heaven.

Corey drew Mandragora and passed.

Brandon summoned Geargiaccelerator, attacked directly and passed.

Corey drew Mystical Space Typhoon and passed.

Brandon simply attacked with Accelerator, set Geargiagear and had it destroyed in the end phase by Mystical Space Typhoon.

Corey drew Thunderbird. He special summoned Mandragora, then normal summoned Thunderbird and overlaid the two for Abyss Dweller. He activated the effect, detaching Thunderbird and struck over the Accelerator.

Brandon drew and set Fiendish Chain.

Corey attempted to attack and Brandon activated Fiendish Chain.

Brandon set a monster and passed.

Corey drew and passed.

Brandon drew, set a backrow and passed.

Corey activated Mystical Space Typhoon destroying Fiendish Chain. Abyss Dweller declared an attack on Brandon's face down monster and detached to activate its effect. The attack went through and Accelerator was destroyed. He set a card and in the end phase Brandon activated Call of the Haunted pulling back Geargiarmor.

Play was back to Brandon who flipped Armor face down and then face up to add Geargiaccelerator. He special summoned the Accelerator and overlaid the two for Gear Gigant X. He detached Accelerator to add Geargiano MK 2, and promptly summoned it to special summon another MK2. He overlaid them for Soul of Silver Mountain and activated its effect to freeze Corey's face down Infestation Pandemic. Soul of Silver Mountain declared an attack on Abyss Dweller and Corey dove into the side deck for Game 3.

Game 3

Corey started the third and final game off by normal summoning Castor, then Mandragora and overlaid the two for Ophion. He detached the Mandragora to add Infestation Pandemic, then set 3 backrow to end his turn.

Brandon used Upstart Goblin, set a monster and 4 backrow and ended his turn.

Corey drew for turn and activated Ophion's effect to add another Pandemic. He normal summoned the Heliotrope and attacked over Brandon's Geargiarmor. Armor triggered and he added an Accelerator. Ophion attacked directly and in the end phase Brandon flipped Geargiagear to special summon Geargiano MK2 and Geargiano.

Brandon drew for turn and special summoned Geargiaccelerator from his hand, then overlaid the MK2 and Accelerator for Gigant X and Corey's attempted Black Horn of Heaven was shut down by Wiretap. Gigant X activated its effect, detaching Accelerator to add itself back to hand. He special summoned the Accelerator, along with another one. He overlaid them for another Gigant X and detached Accelerator again to add itself back. He special summoned it once more and overlaid it with the Geargiano for Number 101: Silent Honor Ark. He used its effect to steal Ophion as an xyz material and one of the Gigant X struck over Heliotrope. Then the other Gigant X and Honor Ark attacked directly. He ended his turn by setting a card and passing.

Corey drew for turn and activated Reinforcement of the Army to add Evilswarm Castor. He normal summoned it and used the additional summon to summon another Castor. He then attempted to overlay the two for Evilswarm Exciton Knight but had it shut down by Black Horn of Heaven, effectively ending the game!

Brandon Bird takes the 3rd place title after coming back to beat Corey Roca 2-1!