Feature Match Round 1: Ethan Reece(Mermails) vs Hansel Aguero(Mermails)

To start things off today we've got a Mermail mirror match. With the advent of Soul Charge in the TCG, players have been flocking to hyper-combo oriented decks that revolve around a flurry of graveyard interaction. Naturally Mermails fit the bill as a deck that can fully utilize the explosiveness of Soul Charge.

Hansel started things off in game 1 by summoning Mermail Abysspike. He used its effect discarding Mermail Abysshilde to search Genex Undine. The Abysshilde effect triggered and with it he special summoned Mermail Abyssturge from his hand. Bahamut Shark came down next by overlaying Abysspike and Abyssturge. He detached Abysspike to bring out Mermail Abysstrite, then set 2 backrow to end his turn.

Ethan simply set a card to each zone and passed back to Hansel.

He drew Abysslinde for turn and normal summoned the Undine he searched a turn earlier. It sent Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to the graveyard and he added Genex Controller to his hand. The Bahamut attacked over Ethan's face down Abysslinde and off its effect he grabbed Abysspike. Abysspike discarded Tidal and add Atlantean Marksman to Ethan's hand. Then Hansel passed back to Ethan.

Pike came down for Ethan and discarded Marksman to search Mermail Abyssgunde. Marksman's effect triggered and hit Hansel's face down Torrential Tribute. Then Ethan overlaid his two Pikes for Abyss Dweller. Marksman and Abysslinde were banished from the grave to bring back Tidal and Hansel chained Maxx "C." The Tidal attacked over Hansel's Bahamut(due to the boost by Abyss Dweller) and when Dweller declared an attack on Undine, Hansel flipped up Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Abysslinde to bounce the Dweller back to Ethan's extra deck. He ended his turn by setting a card to his backrow.

Not in the best position, Hansel discarded Linde to special summon Mermail Abyssteus and Ethan chained Maxx "C." The Abyssteus searched Pike and he attempted to pass turn to Ethan. During the end phase Ethan flipped up Reckless Greed.

Ethan continued his barrage of Pike summons by summoning yet another, discarding Abyssgunde for its effect to grab another Atlantean Marksman, and then brought out yet another Abysspike via Abyssgunde. He overlaid them again for Abyss Dweller, and brought out Tidal. Abyss Dweller activated its effect and Tidal declared attack on the Abystrite that had been on Hansel's side of the field since turn 1. Dweller followed suit and attacked over Undine.

Hansel drew for turn and during the standby phase Ethan activated Dweller without hesitation. Hansel normal summoned Genex Controller and synchro summoned it with Abyssteus for Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree. Leo attacked over the Tidal and during the end phase Ethan flipped up another Reckless Greed.

Next Ethan revealed Abyssteus, discarding Marksman to search Mermail Abyssocea. He normal summoned the Ocea and sent off Teus via its effect to bring out Hilde and Turge. He activated Soul Charge for 1 and brought back Pike. He overlaid the Pike and Turge for a second Abyss Dweller and then Ocea and Hilde for Mechquipped Angineer! He passed back to Hansel.

Hansel activated Soul Charge targeting Pike and Abyssteus. He used Abysspike's effect discarding another Abysspike, and when Ethan flipped up Fiendish Chain Hansel dove into his side deck.

Game 2

Hansel started game 2 off with a hand of Mermail Abyssmegalo, Abyssphere, Mermail Abyssocea, Vanity's Emptiness, Mermail Abysspike and Genex Controller. He summoned the Pike and ditched Megalo to grab Abyssgunde. He set the Emptiness and Abyssphere, passing to Ethan.

Ethan summoned Abysslinde and declared attack on Abysspike. Hansel flipped up Vanity's Emptiness and Linde bit the dust. Ethan passed turn.

Hansel drew Dark Hole and pressed for 1600 with Pike, then passed back to Ethan.

Ethan set a card to each zone and passed.

Hansel attacked with Pike into Ethan's face down Abyssocea.

The game stood at a stand still for a couple of turns until Ethan summoned an Abysspike of his own, discarding Linde to add a Marksman. He then crashed the Pike into Hansel's Pike, effectively clearing the Emptiness off of the field. In main phase 2 Ethan revealed Abyssteus, discarding Marksman and Hansel activated his only face down, Abyssphere. Ethan responded with Vanity's Emptiness and Abyssteus resolved searching Abyssturge to end his turn.

Hansel immediately activated Dark Hole, effectively clearing Ethan's entire board. He revealed Abyssteus, discarding Linde to search Abyssturge. He normal summoned Abyssocea and when he activated its effect Ethan dropped Maxx "C." Abyssocea brought out Linde in defense and Pike in attack. The Pike and Ocea struck directly before Hansel ended his turn.

Play was back to Ethan who summoned Abyssturge, discarding Abyssgunde to add back Atlantean Marksman. The Gunde resolved and special summoned Abysspike and he overlaid the two for Abyss Dweller. Aqua Spirit came down next and in the battle phase Dweller attacked over Pike and the Aqua Spirit attacked the Ocea. He ended his turn in a pretty comfortable position.

During Hansel's standby phase Aqua Spirit turned Hansel's Abysslinde into attack position. Hansel declared an attack on the Aqua Spirit with Abysslinde, effectively baiting out the Dweller activation. He set a monster and passed back to Ethan.

Ethan summoned Abysspike, ditching Marksman to search another Marksman. The first Marksman resolved hitting Hansel's face down Abysslinde. Dweller activated in response and the Linde once again went to the grave without an effect. He then overlaid the Aqua Spirit and Abysspike for Lavalval Chain. The Chain activated, detaching the Spirit to send Tidal to the graveyard. He then banished the freshly detached Aqua Spirit and a Marksman to bring back Tidal to swing for lethal.

Ethan Reece takes a 2-0 win in the Mermail mirror match!