Feature Match Round 2: Kyle Rohweder(Shaddolls) vs Kenneth Booth(Shaddolls)

Here in round 2 we have Kyle Rowheder from Raleigh, North Carolina facing off with Kenneth Booth from Maryland. Both players are piloting Shaddolls today, so we'll get yet another mirror match.


Game 1

Kenneth went first and opened with Soul Charge, Super Polymerization, Shaddoll Beast, Shaddoll Dragon and Shaddoll Core. He set two back row and passed back to Kyle, who activated two Upstart Goblins, then set a card to each zone to end his turn.

Kenneth and Kyle spent both their turns setting a monster and passing.

Kenneth drew Shaddoll Fusion for turn and flipped Shaddoll Core, and activated the Fusion to send Core from the grave and Dragon from hand to special summon El Shaddoll Shekhinaga. Dragon triggered to destroy Kyle's set El Shaddoll Fusion, and Core added back Shaddoll Fusion for Kenneth. He used Shekhinaga to attack Kyle's face down Hedgehog, which added a Fusion for him. In main phase 2 he tributed Shekhinaga to set Shaddoll Beast, and add back Shaddoll Core. He set a back row and passed.

Kyle started his turn by flipping Dragon to bounce the set Beast. Then he followed it up special summoning Wyverbuster an attacked Kenneth's face down Hedgehog, which netted Kenneth an El Shaddoll Fusion. Dragon attempted a direct attack and was met with Shaddoll Core in defense. He passed back to Kenneth.

Kenneth drew Dark Armed Dragon for turn, activated Shaddoll Fusion sending Beast from hand and Core from the field to special Construct, without using its effect. He then dropped Dark Armed Dragon, and flipped up Super Polymerization, successfully ending the game.


Game 2

Kyle let Kenneth go first, who activated Shaddoll Fusion sending Beast and Majesty's Fiend for Construct. Construct send Squamata, which sent Hedgehog, who searched another Beast. He then tributed the Construct to set Beast and get back his Shaddoll Fusion, then passed turn.

Kyle started things off by playing Allure of Darkness, banishing Vanity's Fiend. He activated Mind Control to take Beast, which he flipped face up to draw 2 cards. He discarded Raiden for its effect. Next he summoned Raiden and milled Denko Sekka and Chaos Sorcerer. Next came Wyverbuster and he attacked for 3500 with it and Raiden. In the end phase Raiden milled Wyverbuster and Squamata, which netted him a Falco in face down defense.

Kenneth drew Falco for turn and summoned Mathematician to send Squamata, which sent Dragon to hit Kyle's face down Sinister Shadow Games. He chained it and sent beast, and flipped his Falco face up to special summon the freshly sent Beast. Kenneth then used his own Beast to attack the Raiden, then Mathematician attacked the Falco. In main phase 2 he used Shaddoll Fusion, sending the Beast and Mathematician to special Shekhinaga. He set a card and passed.

Kyle drew for turn and special summoned DAD, and mistakenly used its effect. Shekhinaga was activated for Kenneth and he destroyed DAD, and discarded Falco for Shekhinaga's efffect. Falco special summoned itself and then Kyle activated Upstart Goblin. Next he flipped his face down Beast and drew 2 cards, discarding another Beast. Collapserpent was special summoned next and he overlaid it with Wyverbuster for Castel. Castel detached 2 and spun Shekhinaga back to the deck. Then he tributed the Castel for Vanity's Fiend and it attacked with Beast to take out Falco and hit Kenneth's life points, dropping him to 3100.

Kenneth drew Allure of Darkness for turn and used it to draw Shaddoll Core and Monarchs Stormforth. He looked over his hand for a second and scooped it up knowing he couldn't win.


Game 3

Kenneth opted to go first. He simply set two cards to the back row and passed.

Kyle drew for turn and summoned Raiden and used its effect to send Collapserpent and Upstart Goblin. Raiden attacked directly and Kyle ended by sending Squamata and Hedgehog with Raiden. Squamata sent Beast and  Hedgehog added Dragon. During the end phase he had 7 cards in hand and opted to send Eclipse Wyvern which banished Dark Armed Dragon from the deck. While he was still inKyle's end phase, Kenneth flipped up Sinister Shadow Games and sent Squamata which sent Falco. The Falco special summoned itself and play was back to Kenneth.

Kenneth drew for turn and flipped his Falco up to special summon Squamata in face down defense. He tributed the Falco for Majesty's Fiend and attacked over Raiden, then he ended turn.

Kyle drew for turn, and summoned Denko Sekka, then Black Luster Soldier, and then Wyverbuster, and after a ruling dispute when BLS attacked the Majesty's Fiend, Kenneth conceded while staring down lethal damage.


Kyle Rowheder advances to 2-0 with Shaddolls!