Feature Match Round 3: Aaron Furman(Spellbooks) vs Jordan Winters(Fire Fist)

Aaron won the die roll and he'll be starting things off today. He's piloting Spellbooks and his opening hand consisted of Justice of Prophecy, 2 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master and Spellbook of Eternity. He summoned one of the Magicians searching The Grand Spellbook Tower. He activated Secrets searching Spellbook of Fate. Then proceeded to copy the Secrets with Master, searching a Spellbook of Wisdom. He activated the Tower, set 3 and passed.

Jordan started things off with a Pot of Duality. It revealed Mystical Space Typhoon, Pot of Duality and Fiendish Chain. He opted to take the Mystical Space Typhoon. He followed it up by summoning Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Bear. He attempted to swing over the Magician with Bear and Aaron flipped up Fate. He banished 2 as cost of activation and after no response, he chose to flip his Magician face down on resolution. When the attack went through, the Magician flipped face up and Aaron got another Secrets. Jordan set 5 to his back row and ended his turn.

Aaron drew a Spellbook of Life and during the standby phase, he attempted to activate Tower, in response Jordan flipped up MST to destroy the Tower, in turn causing it to miss timing. He then proceeded to main phase 1 and summoned Justice of Prophecy. Torrential Tribute was flipped up in response, and it resolved clearing Justice and Bear off of the field. He then attempted to activate Spellbook of Life, banishing his in grave Magician, targeting Justice. Jordan flipped up another MST, destroying the Life before it could resolve. Aaron completed his turn by using Secrets to search Tower, which he activated. In the end phase Jordan flipped up Call of the Haunted, targeting Bear.

Jordan drew an Upstart Goblin for turn, he activated it and netted a Pot of Duality. He activated the Duality revealing Traptrix Myrmeleo, Fire Formation-Tensu and Upstart Goblin.  He opted to take the Myrmeleo. He proceeded to the battle phase and Bear struck for 1600. Its effect triggered and he searched a Fire Formation-Tenki from his deck. In main phase 2 the Tenki searched a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla. He summoned the Gorilla and sent off the freshly searched Tenki to hit Aaron's face down Spellbook of Wisdom. He passed play back to Aaron.

Spellbook Library of the Crescent came off the top for Aaron, and with his Tower he drew MST. He summoned Magician and added Fate. He set 2 cards to his back row and ended his turn.

Jordan started his turn off with a Tenki, which was promptly met with an MST, courtesy of Aaron. He followed that up by summoning Traptrix Myrmeleo, adding Bottomless Trap Hole. He used Gorilla to declare an attack on Magician, and Aaron flipped up Fate in response, banishing Secrets, Wisdom and Life. Gorilla was banished and the Myrmeleo knocked over the Magician. He set a card and passed back to Aaron.

The next turn Aaron drew a High Priestess of Prophecy, and then a Fiendish Chain off of Tower. Unable to do anything, he set the Fiendish Chain and passed.

Jordan summoned a Bear next and struck directly for 1600. He searched Fire Formation-Gyokkou. In main phase 2 he flipped up the Gyokkou, targeting Aaron's only face down card.

After looking at his next card, Aaron conceded defeat.

Game 2

Aaron chose to go first and his opening hand consisted of Wisdom, Life, Magician, Priestess and Mind Crush. He started things off by summoning Magician to search Secrets. Secrets then searched Master and Master copied Secrets, searching Tower. He activated the Tower and set a card to his back row.

Jordan opened up with a Fire Formation-Tenki, searching Gorilla. After it resolved, Aaron flipped Mind Crush calling Gorilla. It was a pretty crushing blow when Jordan revealed his hand of Call of the Haunted, 2 Coach Soldier Wolfbark, Fire Formation-Tenki and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear. He summoned the Bear and attacked over the Magician. With Bear's effect, he grabbed Tensu from his deck. In main phase 2 he activated Tensu, summoned Wolfbark and brought back Gorilla. Then overlaid the two for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Cardinal. He activated its effect returning Tower, Secrets, Gorilla and Tenki back to their respective decks. He set a card and passed back to Aaron.

Aaron drew Secrets for turn. He revealed it along with Life and Wisdom to special summon High Priestess. Magician came down next, searching Fate. He activated Secrets searching Master, and then Master into Spellbook of Power. He used the Power on Priestess and struck over the Bear. He searched Tower off of Power and activated it. He then used Priestess' effect banishing Master to hit Jordan's Tensu. He set 2 cards and passed.

Jordan summoned the other Wolfbark in his hand and it was immediately banished via Spellbook of Fate. Jordan flipped up Call of the Haunted to pull back the first Wolfbark, then pulled back Bear and overlaid the two for Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He went to the battle phase and rammed Cardinal into Priestess, to make Exciton's effect live. Then, attacked over Magician? Questionable play. He passed back to Aaron.

Aaron played Temperance of Prophecy, which he drew for turn. He played Eternity and Jordan scooped up his cards realizing his mistake.

Game 3 

Jordan started game 3 off with an Upstart Goblin. He set 5 to his back row and passed play to Aaron.

Aaron started things off by summoning Temperance, following it with Tower. He activated the Temperance effect and brought out High Priestess. The Priestess attempted to swing for 2500, but was met with Mirror Force. Unphased, Aaron activated Spellbook of Wisdom and Jordan flipped Dimensional Prison in response, banishing the Priestess. He set 2 to his back row and passed.

Jordan summoned Bear and attempted to swing for 1600. Aaron replied with a Fiendish Chain, hoping to stymie the Bear play. Fortunately for Jordan, he had the Forbidden Lance to make sure the attack went through. Bear's effect triggered and he got a Fire Formation-Tenki from his deck. In main phase 2 he activate the Tenki and searched Gorilla. He passed back to Aaron.

Aaron got Secrets as his draw for the turn, then Priestess off of his Tower. He activated the Secrets to search Master, then summoned the Magician right into a Fiendish Chain, immediately realizing his misplay(he had no Spellbooks in hand to reveal for Master).

Play was back to Jordan who summoned Gorilla. It was met with an Overworked, which cleared Gorilla and Bear from the field.  Call of the Haunted came next and Gorilla was resurrected. With Aaron having no back row, Gorilla was clear to press over the Magician, triggering its effect. He searched a Tenki, which got him a Wolfbark in main phase 2. He then used Gorilla to send off the Tenki, hitting Aaron's Tower. Unfortunately for Aaron he only had a total of 2 Spellbooks in grave when the Tower resolved, so he brought out a Magician in defense. Jordan passed back to Aaron, standing in a favorable position.

Aaron drew a Mind Crush for turn. His hand consisted of Mind Crush, Priestess and Spellbook of the Master, a rather unplayable hand. He set the Mind Crush and passed to Jordan.

In main phase 1, Mind Crush was flipped up, hitting Wolfbark from Jordan's hand. His other 2 cards were D.D. Crow and Effect Veiler. Gorilla attacked over the Magician that was brought out via Tower, and Gorilla grabbed a Tenki, which netted him another Wolfbark. In main phase 2 Wolfbark came down, pulling back the Wolfbark that was hit by Mind Crush. He overlaid the Wolfbark and Gorila for Bujintei Kagutsuchi. He activated its effect, sending Pot of Duality, 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, Fiendish Chain and Fire Formation-Tensu. He ended his turn.

Aaron drew a Temperance for turn, and scooped knowing that he couldn't do anything.

Jordan Winters wins 2-1!