Feature Match Round 3: Allen Pearl vs. Sean McCabe

Both Allen Pearl and Sean McCabe have been around the game for a while, but both are using newer cards to bolster their decks. Allen is fighting with the explosive power of Lavals, and McCabe is tying to fight back with Constellars!

McCabe summoned Consteallar Sheartan and added Constellar Kaus to his hand. He set three and passed his turn.

Pearl summoned Cardcar D and drew two with its effect. During the End Phase, he discarded Laval Cannon because he had seven cards in hand!

McCabe shuffled his hand for a while before thinking. He summon Constellar Ageldi to Sepcial Summon Constellar Kaus from his hand. Algedi attacked, and after Pearl took damage, Pearl summoned a Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness from his hand. Kaus ran over the 1600 ATK token. During Main Phase 2, McCabe used the effect of Kaus to boost Algiedi and Kaus to Level 5 and then stacked both to summon Pleiades.

Pearl used Molten Conduction Field to send Laval Handmaiden and Laval Magma Cannoneer. With the effect of Laval Handmaiden, he sent another Handmaiden, then another and finally his second copy of Laval Magma Cannoneer. Pearl then discarded Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos and Laval Cannon to target Pleiades in hopes to destroy it. McCabe deliberated for a while but decided to used Plades effect to bounce Sheratan to his hand.

Pearl used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy a set Imperial Iron Wall.

Pearl played Rekinlding, Special Summoning two Magma Cannoners and two Handmaidens in defense position. He synchro summoned T. G. Hyper Librarian with a Cannoneer and a Handmaiden, and then Synchro Summoned Stardust Dragon with his Gorz and second Handmaiden, and then drew a card with Librarian.

Pearl attacked with Cannoner, Librarian and then Stardust Dragon to drop McCabe to 1400 Life Points!

McCabe started his turn by summoning Constellar Sheratin again to add Sombres to his  hand and ended after setting one.

Pearl drew to have three cards in hand. He banished Handmaiden and Cannon to Special Summon Blaster. Then he Normal Summoned Cannon and used its effect to Special Summon a banished Handmaiden. He then Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon with Handmaiden and Blaster, giving him another draw thanks to Librarian. He used Scrap Dragon, targeting his own Cannon and Sheratan and McCabe conceded the game!








McCabe started Normal Summoned Sheratan, add Kaus, and ended his turn with two facedown cards.

Pearl surveyeed his hand before setting one and ending.

McCabe Normal Summoned Consteallar Algiedi and Special Summoned Kaus from his hand! He had three faceup monsters to Pearl’s one and used Algiedi to destroy Laval Lakeside Lady! When Sheratan attacked for 700, Pearl dropped Gorz again! Kaus destroyed the Gorz token.

During Main Phase Two, he stackedboth for Number 61: Volcasaurus., destroying Gorz and set two.


Pearl used Pot of Duality to reveal Gold Sarcophagus, Mystical Space Typhoon and Handmaiden, and used the Sarcophagus to add Rekindling to his hand. Set one monster and passed his turn.

McCabe activated Dimensional Fissure at the start of his turn and followed up with a second Sheratan, grabbing another Kaus! He stacked Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger on top of  Number 61: Volcasaurus. and then summoned another Sheratan to grab another KAus! He attacked a facedown Handmaiden, and Pearl conceded!

Pearl began game three with his Conduction Field, sending Laval Magma Cannoneer and Handmaiden, sending another copy of each of those Lavals. Pearl then banished Rekindling with Gold Sarcophagus, putting McCabe on a two clock until a huge turn! He ended with one set.

McCabe actiavete Fire Formation - Tenki to add Kaus to his hand. He then Normal Summoned Pollux and then got another normal summon with Kaus. Kaus attacked for 1900, and after attacking and using the effect, made Plaides with 2 set.

Pearl used MST on Dimensional Fissure, but Pleiades bounced the Spell to McCabe’s hand! Blaster sent blaster to a set lance, then cannon summoned Handmaiden from the banished zone. He then summoned Catastor and attacked to destroy the Pleiades. McCabe activated Dimensional Fissure, set one, pass.

Pearl added Rekindling to his hand, but just attacked to snag the lead by 300 points leaving McCabe 6100 to 5800.

McCabe drew and passed turn.

Pearl attacked with Ally of Justice Catastor again for another 2200 and ended his turn.

McCabe drew, deliberated for a while before setting one backrow and ending his turn.

Pearl used Pot of Duality and took Battle Fader. Catastor hit for another 2200, dropping McCabe to modest 1400.

McCabe set a monster and passed.

Pearl draw Cardcar D and summoned it! Catastor attacked and destroyed Thunder King Rai-Oh and Cardcar D attacked for 800! Things were not looking good for McCabe and he fervently checked his extra deck for an answer with only 600 Life Points.

“You got game?” Pearl asked McCabe, who was clearing weighing all options as he jotted down some Life Point calculations on paper.

McCabe Normal Summoned Constellar Sombre, banishing Pleiades to add Pollux to his hand. The third Normal Summon came down with Kaus, and he used their effects to make a Pleiades in defense! Pleiades bounced Ally of Justice Catastor to Pearl’s hand and ended his turn without attacking.

During Pearl’s Draw Phase, McCabe flipped a Gozen Match! With Cardcar D out on the field, Pearl couldn’t summon any of his Lavals without first getting rid of the Gozen Match!

Pearl destroyed Gozen Match with Mystical Space Typhoon and followed up with his Rekindling! He brought back two copies of Cannoneer and two copies of Handmaiden. McCabe responded with Bottomless Trap Hole to banish both Cannoneers. He summoned Blaster by banishing two monsters in his graveyard, then Synchro Summoned his Blaster and Handmaiden for Scrap Dragon!

McCabe was forced to bounce Scrap Dragon with Pleiades Effect. Pearl then Normal Summoned Battle Fader and drew another card to have three in hand, then synced Formula Synchron and Cardcar D into Armory Arm! Armory Arm attacked Sombres, but it fell prey to Forbidden Lance, dropping Pearl to 5550 with McCabe at 800! Pearl set two to end his turn.

McCabe used Sombre’s effect again, banishing Kaus from his graveyard to add Pollux to his hand and Normal Summoned the Pollux! He combined both into Constellar Omega, and made a Constellar Ptolemy M7! After he summoned another Constellar Sombres, McCabe had enough damage for game when he attacked, winning a very strange game three!