Feature Match Round 3 – Matthew Vanden Heuveul vs Marc Carisse

Now we’re at table 1 in Round 3 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, looks like we’ve got a Dragon Ruler mirror match upon us!


Matthew wins the die roll and starts the duel with the following hand: Debris x2, Tempest x2, Maxx C, Trap Stun. He starts by discarding two Tempests to add a Redox to his hand. He sets one card to his backrow and passes his turn. Marc banishes Tidal for Sacred Sword, draws two and uses Tidal’s effect to search itself. He discards Tempest and Debris Dragon and adds a Blaster to his hand. With Blaster, he discards Trigon and itself to pop Mathew’s set trap stun. He then summons a Fossil Dyna and sets one backrow. Matthew draws a card, sets a Debris Dragon and passes turn to Marc. Marc attack the set Debris with Fossil Dyna, taking 800 life points and passes turn. Matthew draws Bottomless Trap hole and passes turn.

Marc draws a card, sets a backrow and sends his turn back to Matt. Both players draw and set cards until finally Marc banishes his second Tidal for Sacred Sword, drawing two and searching for another Tidal once again. Marc then discards Corsesca and Tempest to add a Blaster, which he discards with a Flamvell Guard to pop Matt’s Debris, before attacking directly. Matt draws a card and sets his other Debris, which Marc attacks into next turn. When we get back to Matt’s turn, he draws and activates a Sacred Sword of Seven  Stars, banishing Redox, drawing two, searching a Redox and setting a card before ending. Marc has another passive turn and Matt uses another Sacred Sword on another Redox, not using its search effect this time. Marc draws and activates his Upstart Goblin, drawing another card and giving Matt another 1000 life points. His Dyna then attacks into Matt’s set Flamvell Guard, reducing his own life points by another 800.

Back on Matt’s turn, he activates Dragon Ravine, with which he discards Tidal to add a Dragunity Corsesca to his hand. Matt then discards two Blasters to finally destroy Marc’s Fossil Dyna. He then summons Tidal by banishing Debris and Tempest and searches for another Tempest. At this point life is 6600 to 5600 in favor of Matt, who then synchro summons for a Stardust Dragon using Guard and Tidal. Since Redox was the only Dragon Ruler still unused this turn, Matt discards it and Kidmodo Dragon to summon Blaster from the grave, not activating Kidmodo’s effect and having Maxx C chained to the effect to summon. Matt then uses Debris and Blaster to make a Star Eater. PWWB was activated upon ending main phase to target Star Eater but Trap Stun was used in response. Marc responds with another PWWB, this time targeting Stardust Dragon and successfully returning it to extra deck. Matt attacks directly for 3200 with Star Eater and ends his turn.DSC04419

Marc draws and activates Dragon Ravine, before looking at his graveyard to decide what to do. He decided not to use Ravine for anything before banishing Dyna and Debris to summon Redox in defense position and setting one to the backrow, Matt responds with a Raigeki Break to destroy it.

Matt starts his turn by banishing Kidmodo and Debris for Blaster’s summon and then Maxx C and Guard for Redox’s summon. He normal summons a Corsesca and uses it and Redox for the synchro summon of Stardust Dragon. He then banishes Corsesca and Blaster from grave for Tempest’s summon before overlaying it with Blaster for a Dracossack, when Marc says “yup..” and scoops it up.

After siding out their Return from the Different Dimensions and other cards, game two got under way with Matt up 1-0 in games this match.

Marc begins Game 2 by activating Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, drawing 2 and banishing Redox, which proceeded to search another copy of itself. He sets two and ends. Matt activates Dragon Ravine discarding Tidal to send Redox to grave. At this point his hand is Blaster, MST, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Maxx C. He banishes Tidal and Redox, searching themselves, to summon Blaster and swing. Marc responds with a Dimensional Prison. Matt sets two and ends.

Marc draws and activates Seven Star Sword and banishes another Blaster, he then  draws two cards and adds another Blaster, his last one, to hand. He sets a card and ends. On Matt’s turn, he discards Tidal for Ravine and sends Tempest to grave. He banishes both of them, searching a Tidal and a Corsesca, to summon Redox in defense-position. Matt normal summons Dragunity Corsesca with his normal summon and synchro summons Scrap Dragon using Redox and the Corsesca. Scrap Dragon targets one of each player’s backrow cards to destroy them, and Matt chains his MST to Marc’s other set card, which turns out to be a PWWB that is chained to the MST and targeting Matt’s other set spell or trap and discarding a Blaster. Matt then attacks directly for 2800 and passes his turn to Marc. Marc draws, discards Electric Virus to steal his opponent’s Scrap Dragon and attacks directly before destroying itself and Matt’s Dragon Ravine. He sets a backrow before ending.DSC04421

Matt draws a cardnand banishes his Corsesca and Redox from grave to summon a Blaster, attacking for another 2800 damage before ending his turn. Marc banishes Tempest with Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to draw 2 and add another copy of itself with its effect. With his seven cards in hand, Marc sets one and ends his turn, causing Blaster to return to the hand. Matt banishes Scrap Dragon and Blaster to summon Tidal from hand, searching for Flamvell Guard. He attemps to attack for game but Battle Fader is dropped, stopping the attack and ending the battle phase. He summons the Guard and uses it and Tidal to synchro summon a Colossal Fighter. This whole time he was under Maxx C, so Marc has quite the large hand. He discards Corsesca and Tempest to add a Redox to hand, before banishing 2 Maxx C to summon it in defense but Debunk is chained to its activation and it gets banished instead.  Marc proceeds to banish Tempest and Corsesca to summon Tidal, Matt chains Maxx C. Marc then summons Flamvell Guard and thinks about his next move. He uses Battle Fader, Guard, and Tidal to summon Mist Wurm. Mist Wurm’s summon was responded to the summon but Marc chained Enemy Controller to tribute Mist Wurm and Colossal Fighter changes control. Marc then summons Blaster by banishing two from gave and attacks directly for game.

Siding for Game 3 commences as “time” draws near.

Matt begins Game 3 with a Bottomless, Vanity’s Emptiness, Ravine, Tempest, Blaster, and Raigeki Break. He uses Dragon Ravine to discard Tempest and send Redox to the grave before summoning the Redox by banishing Tempest and Blaster, searching another Tempest and a Flamvell Guard. Guard and Redox and used to make a Stardust Spark before Matt sets three and ends.

Marc draws for turn and plays Ravine, which is responded to by Raigeki Break. Marc has a second Dragon Ravine to play over Matt’s however. He passes turn. Matt banishes Tempest and Redox from his grave to summon Tidal from his hand, Marc responds with a Maxx C. With the banished Tempest, Matt searches a Dragunity Corsesca. After forgetting to use his Redox summon, Marc, being friendly, allowed him to add another Redox to hand anyways. After having his battle phase ended by a Battle Fader, Matt makes a Scrap Dragon to pop his protected Stardust Spark and his opponents Dragon Ravine before passing his turn to Marc.

Marcs turn marks turn 0 of “time”. He begins by summon Redox in defense position by banishing another copy of itself and Maxx C, When Marc normal summons Flamvell Guard, he is met by a Vanity’s Emptiness. He then discards Electric Virus for its affect to take control of his opponent’s Scrap Dragon. He attacks Matt’s Stardust Spark with Scrap Dragon, but Spark protects itself. In main phase 2 he activates Scrap Dragon’s effect to destroy itself and Matt’s Spark, destroying it and Matt’s Vanity’s Emptiness. He then synchro summoned Colossal Fighter, which gets Bottomless, before ending his turn.

Matts turn begins by banishing both Scrap Dragon and Stardust Spark form his grave to summon Tidal, which has Maxx C chained to its activation. He then banishes another 2 monsters to summon Redox, which attacks Battle Fader and then Tidal attacks for a direct 2600 damage. Matt then overlays his two level sevens for a defense-position Dracossack and makes tokens with it.


Turn 2 of time begins with Marc having a full hand and having 5400 life to Matt’s 7700. He discards two Tidals to send a Redox from his deck to the grave. He banishes a Redox and a Maxx C to summon a Redox and is met with a Maxx C. Marc then summons a Dragunity Corsesca and uses his monsters to synchro summon a Crimson Blader. He banishes four monsters to summon Blaster and Tempest, which clear the tokens while Crimson Blader resolves its effect by destroying Dracossack in battle.

Matt starts his turn, turn 3 of time, by activating a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tempest, drawing 2 and not searching. He sets 2 and discards 2 Blasters to destroy Marc’s Blader and upon ending his turn Marc’s dragons return to hand. Marc starts turn 4 of time with another Sacred Sword, also banishing Tempest, drawing 2 and searching for another Tempest. He summons Blaster banishing Blader and Tidal before searching for another copy of Tidal. Marc attempts to summon Fossil Dyna, but its effect is negated. His Blaster’s attack gets Raigeki Breaked, causing him to scoop up his cards; giving Matt the win.

Written by: Michael Lottner