Feature Match Round 4 Jared Canter (Fire Fist) vs. Zach Smart (Fire Fist)

Round 4 Jared Canter (Fire Fist) vs. Zach Smart (Fire Fist)

Zach wins the die roll and elects to play first.


Game 1

He opens up with 2 Pot of Duality, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Book of Moon, Upstart Goblin, and Cardcar D. Upstart draws him another Cardcar and Duality reveals Forbidden Lance/Effect Veiler/Solemn Warning with Warning getting picked. He set two and summons Cardcar but it’s met by Canter’s Veiler. He tributes the Cardcar for the effect and passes his turn.

Canter plays his own Duality to reveals Duality/Fire Formation Tenki/Mirror Force grabbing the Tenki. He plays Tenki to add Bear to his hand and plays Tensu to additional summon the Bear which is met by Warning. Canter summons Coach Soldier Wolfbark, Zach uses his Book in response to the summon, but Canter has the Forbidden Lance! Wolfberk brings back Bear and goes into a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Tiger King allowing him to set a Tenki before swinging direct and passing.


Zach draws into Tenki, plays it to add Wolfbark to hand. He plays Duality to add a Fiendish Chain to hand. Bear is summoned and in response to the effect Canter flips his Fiendish. Zach just sets a card and passes.

Canter draws Fire Formation- Gyokku and plays it before playing Tenki to add a Bear to his hand. Bear gets summoned and instead of using the effect for game, he swings his Bear over Zach’s Bear for 400 before Tiger King attacks for 2600 ending his turn.


Zach draws Gyokku for turn summons Wolfbark bringing back Bear before overlaying into Number 101: Silent Honor Ark. He uses the effect to take Canter’s Tiger King before running over Canter’s lonely Bear.

Canter draws and passes.

Zach draws Upstart, plays it and draws Torrential Tribute. He swings with 101 and passes.


Canter sets a card and passes.

Zach draws Wolfbark and flips Gyokku to stop the set card. Wolfbark gets Wolfbark which is turned into a Tiger King that sets a Tenki grabs a Bear to hand. He attacks with both 101 and Tiger King before passing his turn.


Canter plays Cardcar D and passes his turn.

Zach attacks with everything for game.


Game 2

Canter begins the second game with a Tenki for Bear. Cardcar D is summoned and he sets two cards before using the effect to nab two new cards to his hand.

Zach opens Mistake, Mystical Space Typhoon, Tensu, Fiendish, Bear, and on the 6th card he draws Effect Veiler. He plays Tensu and uses his Tensu summon for Bear which is met by a Trap Hole! With no further plays Zach sets two and passes.

Canter summons Bear and attacks with it and Zach plays Fiendish on it, however Canter has Lance yet again! Foiled! Bear gets him a Tenki, but Zach’s Mistake stops the Tenki. Canter sets two and passes his turn.

Zach draws Bottomless Trap Hole, sets it and passes. Dust Tornado destroys it in the EP.

Canter summons another Bear and swings with it letting him set another Tenki. He then overlays both Bears to a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Cardinal, but Effect Veiler stops it in its tracks.


Zach draws MST, sets it and passes.

Canter switches Cardinal to attack and swings with it before passing.


Zach MST’s Canter’s Mirror Force, sets Torrential Tribute and passes

Canter swings with Cardinal again before setting two and passing.


Zach draws Mirror Force sets it and passes.

Canter swings into Mirror Force and then summons Thunderking Rai-oh into a Torrential Tribute before passing.

Zach draws Dimensional Prison, sets it and passes.

Canter summons Wolfberk brings back Bear, overlays into Tiger King letting him set Gyokku forcing Zach to pick up his cards.

An explosive game 2 allows Canter to tie it up!

Game 3

Zach elects to play first and opens up with Thunderking, Cardcar, Upstart, Mistake, Fiendish, and MST. He Upstarts into Lance, summons Thunderking, sets 4 and passes.


Canter plays Tensu to additional normal Bear, but Zach plays MST to destroy the Tensu. Canter reluctantly  sets 3 before ending.

Zach draws Upstart and plays it to hit a Bottomless Trap Hole. He sets it plays Cardcar and uses the effect to draw a Tenki and an MST. In the EP Canter MST’s the Bottomless.


Canter draws and passes.

Zach draws Mirror Force and swings Thunderking into a Mirror Force. He then plays MST on the backrow, uses Tenki to get Bear and summons it to destroy Canter’s Bear before setting a card and passing.

Canter plays Duality but Mistake is chained. Canter reveals Fiendish/Fiendish/Thunderking and has to send Fiendish to grave because he can’t add the card. Canter summons Bear and sets a card before passing.

Zach draws Gyokku and windmill slams it on the table before having Bear kill Canter’s bear before passing.


Canter sets a monster and passes.

Zach swings over a set Veiler and passes.

Canter sets a card and passes.

Zach summons Bear swings but Canter has Overworked, Zach uses Lance to protect one of the bears.

Canter draws sets a card and passes.

Zach swings into Mirror Force and passes.

Canter draws sets and passes.

Zach draws and passes.

Canter draws Bear attacks into a Dimensional Prison.

Zach plays Upstart into a Book of Moon, sets and passes.

Canter draws plays MST on Mistake, plays Tenki to get a Gorilla and Gorilla is summoned but Fiendish stops it in it’s tracks.

Zach plays his Tenki to get a Wolfbark and Wolfbark is summoned to bring back Bear. Wolfbark swings over Gorilla and he sets a card before passing.


Canter draws Cardcar but Book stops it from doing anything.

Zach draws and uses Wolfbark to bring back another bear. Overlays the bears into Bujintei Kagutsuchi, swings with both monsters set one and pass.


Canter draws Wolfbark, but Fiendish Chain stops it.

Zach draws and Wolfberk brings back a Bear in defense. He swings with Wolfberk and Kagutsuchi a card and passes.


Canter draws sets and passes.

Zach draws MST but hits an Overworked! Overworked kills everything but Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi swings and Zach passes.

Canter draws shows Dark Hole and picks it up.

Zach’s returns the favor with a powerful opening to take the match!