Feature Match Round 5: Dillon Daniels(Fire Kings) vs Alex Keeler(Chain Burn)

Alex is 3-1 today running Chain Burn, and his opponent Dillon is 3-0-1 with Fire Kings.

Alex is starting the game today, his opening hand consists of Cardcar D, Chain Strike, Accumulated Fortune, Ojama Trio and Secret Barrel. He set 4 and summoned the Cardcar, it netted him a Jar of Greed and Thunder Shock.

Dillon set two to the back row and one monster face down. During the end phase Alex flipped Secret Barrel, Ojama Trio, Chain Strike and Accumulated Fortune. He drew Threatening Roar and Just Desserts off of the Accumulated Fortune.

Next Pot of Duality came off the top for Alex. He proceeded to tribute the face down monster and an Ojama token to special summon Lava Golem. Fire King Avatar-Yaksha went to grave. Alex set 3 and ended his turn.

During the standby phase Dillon took 1000 damage from the Lava Golem. When he attempted to enter the battle phase he was met with a Threatening Roar. He set 2 to his back row and ended turn.

Alex drew Reckless Greed for turn and followed it up with Duality,  revealing another Duality, Dimension Wall and Waboku. He opted for the Dimension Wall, set 2 to his back row and passed.

During his standby phase, Dillon took 1000 damage due to Lava Golem. He summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark, using its effect to bring back Yaksha. After Wolfbark's resolution, Alex activated Just Desserts hitting Dillon for 2500 damage. Then Dillon overlaid Yaksha and Wolfbark for King of the Feral Imps. He detached Yaksha to search Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua. Before ending his turn, Alex showed Dillon another source of burn damage and they both decided to go to game 2.

Game 2

Dillon started off game 2 by summoning Fire King Avatar Barong, and setting 3 to his back row.

Play was to Alex, who activated Duality, which revealed Chain Strike, Accumulated Fortune and Just Desserts. He opted for Chain Strike. He proceeded to set 5 to his back row and during the end phase Dillon blindly activated Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Chain Strike.

Dillon drew for turn and summoned another Barong. They both struck for a total of 3600 damage and Alex activated Just Desserts to hit Dillon for 1000. Dillon ended turn.

Alex activated Duality and proceeded to chain Reckless Greed,  Just Desserts and Accumulated Fortune. He drew Reckless Greed and Cardcar D off of Accumulated Fortune. Just desserts hit for 1000. Reckless Greed drew him Jar of greed and Swift Scarecrow. And Duality finally resolved, revealing Waboku, Morphing Jar and Ojama Trio. He took the Ojama Trio, then set 4, summoned Cardcar and activated its effect. He drew Battle Fader and Dimension Wall.

Back to Dillon, who set a card and attempted to attack with his 2 Barong. Alex activated Waboku in response, preventing any damage.  Alex activated Reckless Greed, Reckless Greed and Jar of Greed. He drew Just desserts, Thunder Shock, Morphing jar, Waboku and Swift Scarecrow.

Alex set 5 and a monster in defense.

In the end phase Dillon activated Generation Shift, destroying his own Barong and added another Barong to hand. Standby Barong’s effect triggered and he searched Yaksha.  He followed it up by summoning Wolfbark, then activated its effect targeting Barong. In response to the effect, Alex activated Waboku, Just desserts and Accumulated Fortune.  He drew Lava Golem and Swift Scarecrow. Dillon overlaid Wolfbark and Barong for King of the Feral. He used its effect detaching Barong to add Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua, then set one to his back row and passed.

Play was back to Alex, who flipped up Thunder Short to deal 400 damage for each monster on board. He set One Day of Peace and sent off Dillon's Barong and King of the Feral Imps to special summon Lava Golem. In response, Dillon flipped Torrential Tribute, clearing the Lava Golem as well as Alex's face down Morphing Jar.  Alex activated One Day of Peace, drawing Cardcar D. He ended his turn.

Dillon activated Mystical Space Typhoon on Alex's lone face down, hitting Dimension Wall. He summoned Yaksha and passed turn.

Alex drew Threatening Roar, used Cardcar to draw Chain Strike and Dimension Wall. He was grasping at straws.

Play was back to Dillon, who summoned Barong with the intentions of attacking, but was swiftly shut down at the end of main phase 1 by Threatening Roar. He ended turn.

Alex drew Secret Barrel for turn, set three and passed. During the end phase Dillon flipped up Circle of the Fire Kings, destroying his Barong, special summoned Yaksha and used Yaksha to destroy his in hand Earthbound Immortal Ccayahua, in turn destroying the field.

Dillon drew for turn and searched another Circle of the Fire Kings off of Barong. He summoned Yaksha, attacked into Battle Fader, Set 4 and passed.

Alex, unable to do much else, summoned Cardcar D and drew into Ojama Trio and Secret Barrel

Dillon drew for turn and attacked over Battle Fader with Yaksha.

Alex drew Swift Scarecrow, set 2 and attempted to pass turn. During the end phase Dillon flipped Dust Tornado hitting  Alex's Ojama Trio.

Play was back to Dillon, who used Yaksha hit for 1800. He set a card and passed to Alex.

Alex drew battle fader for turn and passed.

Yaksha attempted to swing and Alex attempted to drop Battle Fader and Dillon flipped up Solemn Warning.  Still in the battle phase, he flipped up Circle of the Fire Kings to destroy his Yaksha, and special summon Barong. Yaksha's effect triggered and he destroyed his in hand Garunix. Barong hit directly for 1800, Dillon set a card and passed.

Alex drew a Lava Golem for turn, and during the standby phase Garunix returned to the field, destroying Dillon's Barong. Alex passed.

During his standby phase, Dillon searched Yaksha off of Barong.  He summoned Yaksha and attacked into Swift Scarecrow, in response Dillon activated Circle of the Fire Kings to destroy Garunix, special summoning Barong. Main phase 2 he overlaid for Cowboy for game.

Game 3

Alex decided to take first in game 3. He had 2 Waboku, Lava Golem, Just Desserts, Swift Scarecrow and Dimension Wall. He set 2 and passed.

Dillon started things off by summoning Yaksha, and used it to attack straight into Dimension Wall, taking 1800 damage.  He set 4 and passed turn.

Alex drew Accumulated Fortune for turn. He passed turn, and during the end phase Dillon activated Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Waboku.

Back on the play, Dillon summoned another Yaksha and swung with both, hitting for 1800. Then he used a pretty nifty trick with Generation Shift in the battle phase, destroying a Yaksha, searching Yaksha via Generation Shift, then special summoning the freshly searched Yaksha off of the destroyed Yaksha's effect and attacked directly for an additional 1800. In main phase 2 he overlaid the 2 Yakshas for Gagaga Cowboy and burned for 800. He then followed that up with Rekindling for two Yakshas and overlaid for yet another Cowboy, using its effect to burn Alex for another 800.

Alex drew Cardcar D for turn. He special summoned Lava Golem sending off Dillon's two Cowboys. He Set 3 and in the end phase Dillon flipped up Mystical Space Typhoon and Dust Tornado hitting Just Desserts and Waboku.

Dillon drew for turn, and proceeded to the battle phase where he attacked with Lava Golem. Alex dropped Swift Scarecrow and in response, Dillon activated Circle of the Fire Kings destroying Lava Golem to bring out Yaksha for game.


Dillon Daniels fights back after losing game 1 to stay 4-0-1 with Fire Kings!