Feature Match Round 5: Stanley Ng(Bujins) vs Hin Ting Lee(Dragunity Rulers)

Stanley Ng is 3-1 heading into round 5 with Bujins. His deck packs some inherently good cards against dragons, such as Vanity's Emptiness and Kaiser Colliseum. Vanity's Emptiness doesn't really need explaining, but Kaiser Colliseum is kind of an under the radar card that has been picking up steam lately. It works well in stun-esque decks that aim to simplify the game. When played correctly it limits the range of plays that decks like Dragons can make.  Dragunity Rulers have seemingly fallen out of favor to the generic Dragon Rulers, but if Hin Ting Lee has anything to say about it, Dragunity Rulers will be taking home the gold on Sunday.

Game 1

Stanley will be starting off today since he won the die roll.

Stanley's opening hand had Bujinji Quilin, Bujinji Crane, Mystical Space Typhoon, Kaiser Colliseum, Effect Veiler and his draw for the turn netted him an Honest. Not quite a Bujin Yamato or a Fire Formation-Tenki, but Stanley wouldn't be deterred. He summoned the Quilin, activated Kaiser Colliseum and set one card to his backrow.

Hin Ting started things off by ditching a Terraforming to search a Dragon Ravine. Stanley prematurely activated MST hitting the Ravine before Hin Ting had discarded for cost. Then to make matters worse, Hin Ting activated a second Ravine. He discarded a Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars to search out a Dragunity Phalanx. He summoned the Phalanx and sent it to the graveyard to special Summon Mystletainn.  When Mystletainn attempted to activate its effect to equip the Phalanx, Stanley dropped an Effect Veiler to stop him in his tracks. Hin Ting then proceeded to the battle phase, where his Mystletainn was taken down by a Quilin boosted by Honest. Hin set a card and ended his turn.

Stanley drew a Fire Formation-Tenki. He activated it and searched out a Bujin Yamato. Yamato hit the field and punched in some damage alongside Bujinji Quilin. In main phase 2 Stanley attempted to xyz summon for Bujintei Susanowo, but was immediately met with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast courtesy of Hin Ting.

Hin Ting drew a Waboku for turn and immediately ditched it for Dragon Ravine, searching Dragunity Dux. He summoned Dragunity Dux and equipped Dragunity Phalanx. Phalanx special summoned itself and synchro summoned with Dux for Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana. Vajrayana equipped Phalanx, and Phalanx special summoned again and Hin synchro summoned for Stardust Dragon. Stardust swung for 2500 and Hin Ting passed turn.

Stanley drew a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear; not what he wanted to see. He set a monster and passed turn.

Hin Ting drew a Reckless Greed for turn, and ditched it for Ravine to search another Dragunity Dux. He summoned the Dux and before allowing Hin Ting to go through the motions, Stanley scooped up his cards.

Stanley would be taking first in game 2.


Game 2

Stanley opened up with 3 Bujin Yamato, Effect Veiler, Bujinji Crane and Fairy Wind. Kind of a rough opening. He summoned the Yamato, set a card and proceeded to the end phase. Yamato searched out a Bujinji Turtle and discarded it to the graveyard.

Hin Ting activated Upstart Goblin, set 3 cards and ended his turn.

Stan drew for turn, then punched in some damage with Bujin Yamato. He set a card and again went to the end phase, only this time he added Bujinji Quilin and discarded Bujinji Quilin.

Hin Ting drew a Cards of Consonance. He shuffled his hand a bit, set a card to the backrow and ended turn.

Stanley drew for turn and attacked with Yamato once more. Then, once again, proceeded to end phase where he added Turtle and discarded Turtle.

Hin Ting drew a Mystical Space Typhoon. Visibly frustrated with his draws, he set another card to the backrow and ended his turn.

Stanley drew a Kaiser Colliseum for turn. He hit with Yamato once more and in main phase 2 activated Kaiser Colliseum. The game appeared to be completely in Stanley's favor. During the end phase he added a Quilin and discarded it.

Terraforming came down for Hin Ting as his draw for the turn. He flipped up his MST to hit the Kaiser Colliseum, then proceeded to send Terraforming to the graveyard to search a Dragon Ravine. He activated the Ravine and was met with a Fairy Wind.

Stanley drew for turn and summoned a Bujinji Crane. When he attempted to overlay his Yamato and Crane for Constellar Omega, Hin Ting flipped up Solemn Warning. This left him with 300 life points.

Hin Ting drew a Blaster for turn. Aware of the fact that he had to commit something to the board or he'd lose the next turn, he banished Blaster and Dux from his hand to special summon Tempest. He added Blaster via Blaster's effect. Tempest attacked for 2400 directly and he ended his turn.

Mystical Space Typhoon came off the top for Stanley. He activated it blindly, hitting Waboku. Hin Ting activated it in response, giving himself another turn, barring something ridiculous from the Bujins. Stanley activated Pot of Duality, grabbing Vanity's Emptiness. Then he summoned a Yamato and thumbed through his graveyard. Hin Ting took notice of the two Quilin in the graveyard and immediately flipped up the Imperial Iron Wall. He then proceeded to the end phase and added Bujinji Crane and discarded Bujin Yamato. Tempest returned to Hin Ting's hand.

Up against the ropes, Hin Ting ripped a Tempest off the top. He discarded the Tempest that had just returned to his hand and the one he drew for turn to activate the dragon searching effect. He grabbed a Dragunity Phalanx from the deck and discarded it for Cards of Consonance. After looking at the two cards he drew he conceded.

With a pretty rough opening by bother players, the slow game-state favored Bujins. Hin Ting would be going first in game 3.


Game 3

He opened up with a hand of Upstart Gobin, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Imperial Iron Wall, Dragon Ravine, Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars and Solemn Warning. He activated Upstart Goblin, pulling a Dragunity Phalanx. Then he followed it up with a Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster. That netted him a Redox and Waboku. He added Blaster off of Blaster's effect. He activated Dragon Ravine and discarded Phalanx to add Dragunity Dux to his hand. He summoned Dux into Vajrayana into Stardust. He Set three and passed.

Stanley's hand wasn't quite as stellar. He summoned a Bujinji Turtle and declared an attack on the Stardust. Hin Ting flipped up Waboku in response. Stanley contemplated his play for a second before deciding to let the Turtle die. He set two cards to the backrow and ended his turn.

Hin Ting drew Cards of Consonance for turn. He ditched Redox for Dragon Ravine and added Dragunity Phalanx, then discarded it for Cards of Consonance. That netted him a Dragunity Dux and another Dragon Ravine. He summoned the Dux targeting his in graveyard Phalanx. Stanley responded with D.D. Crow targeting the in graveyard Phalanx. Hin Ting flipped up Imperial Iron Wall in response to the D.D. Crow, and finally Stanley flipped up Fiendish Chain to stop the Dux in its tracks. Hin Ting, seemingly unphased, hit with Stardust directly for 2500 and ended his turn.

Stanley attempted to summon a Bujinji Crane and it was met with Solemn Warning. He looked at his graveyard and passed turn.

Hin Ting ripped the game ender off the top, Return from the Different Dimension. Knowing the game was his, he activated Ravine ditching Blaster to the graveyard to add another Dux to his hand. He summoned the Dux and it was met with a last ditch effort Effect Veiler. Dux and Stardust punched in some direct damage, and in main phase 2 Hin Ting set a card to his backrow.

Stanley drew a Forbidden Dress for turn and scooped up his cards.

Hin Ting advances to the next round with a 4-1 record with his Dragunity Rulers!