Feature Match Round 6 Dirk Wagner (Fire Fist) vs. Deon Akridge (Fire Fist)

Round 6 Dirk Wagner (Fire Fist) vs. Deon Akridge (Fire Fist)

This round we’ll be featuring two undefeated players Dirk Wagner and Deon Akridge. Dirk has piloted his Fire Fist deck up to this point and Deon with the same. Who will continue on with an undefeated record?

Game 1

Dirk wins the die roll and opens up with an Upstart Goblin into a second Upstart Goblin that gets dropped. He plays Fire Formation – Tenki to add Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear to his hand, summons Cardcard D, sets two cards, uses the effect and ends his turn.

10000- 8000

Deon draws for his turn, plays Fire Formation - Gyokku to hit a set card, plays Pot of Duality to nab a Solemn Warning. Gorilla is brought out and swings for 1700 before setting 4 cards and passing.


Dirk draws and plays Duality for turn adding Mystical Space Typhoon to his hand. A set Tenki is activated to add Coach Soldier Wolbark to his hand. MST comes down destroying Deon’s Bottomless Trap Hole. Bear is then summoned into a Solemn Warning. Dirk plays Fire Formation – Tensu and Additional summons a Gorilla of his own. Gorilla sends a Tenki to the grave to hit Gyokku. He swings Gorilla into Deon’s Gorilla and Deon uses Forbidden Lance and chains Dimensional Prison in Unison to the Lance. Gorilla gets banished and Dirk passes.


Deon draws Bear and swings it into a Fiendish Chain. Gorilla makes a direct attack and in MP2 overlays Bear with Gorilla to make Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Cardinal which is met by Effect Veiler.


Dirk plays Wolfbark and Deon picks up his cards.

The match starts to get heated as a little argument ensues between the players, hopefully things don’t get too bad as the match wears on.


Game 2

Deon draws his six and after a little moment decides to play Tenki to add Wolfbark to his hand. Duality is played afterwards allowing him to nab another Tenki to his hand. He plays Upstart to nab another Wolbark. Sets 3 and passes.


Dirk opens up with a Duality to nab a Cardcar D to his hand. He plays the Cardcar D, sets two cards, uses the effect and passes his turn.

Deon draws his 3rd Wolfbark (yes third) and activates his set Fire Formation- Tenki, but Dirk plays Full House to essentially wipe all the spells and traps on the field! Deon flips his Bear, summons Wolfbark and attacks with both. He sets Gyokku with Bear before passing.



Dirk plays Duality to grab an MST to his hand. Tenki is dropped allowing him to get Bear. Bear swings over Wolfbark setting a Gyokku. Bear in MP2 sends Tenki to grave to kill the Bear on Deon’s side. Dirk sets two and passes.

Deon draws into Mind Crush, plays Wolfbark but Fiendish Chain is chained. At the EP Deon scoops it up after Dirk flips his MST.

Dirk moves on with an undefeated record!