Feature Match Round 6: Jerome Porter(Qliphorts) vs Kenneth Mccarthy(Qliphorts)

Here in round 6 we have a mirror match between Qliphorts yet again. It seems that this deck is living up to the hype, so let's get to it.

Game 1

Jerome started things off the way most Qliphort decks do, using Summoner's Art to search Scout, to then add Saqlifice. He ended his turn after summoning Carrier, setting 3 and equipping the Saqlifice.

Kenneth made the exact same play with the exception of setting 4 instead of 3.

Jerome followed up searching Disk via Scout. He then tributed the Carrier for Disk and Kenneth activated Madolche Nights. The Carrier triggered and returned Kenneth's Carrier. Saqlifice went to the grave for both players and Kennethe searched Shell, while Jerome searched Carrier. He then put the Carrier in the other pendulum zone and pendulum summoned Carrier only to be met with Bottomless Trap Hole. Jerome finished out by attacking with Disk.

Kenneth did much of the same, using Scout to get Saqlifice, which he equipped to the Carrier he normal summoned. He ended by setting a card.

Jerome then searched Helix via Scout and pendulum summoned it from his hand, only to tribute it off for a set monster. Helix destroyed the opposing Scout and Disk attacked Carrier, but Kenneth had Forbidden Chalice to pump his Carrier in the damage step.

Play was back to Kenneth who tributed his Carrier for Shell. Carrier bounced Jerome's set monster and Saqlifice went to the graveyard, netting Kenneth a Scout. Scout was then used to add Saqlifice and Carrier was played in the other pendulum zone. Kenneth then pendulum summoned Carrier and Scout and Jerome responded with Solemn Warning. Shell attempted to attack and was shut down by book of moon.

Jerome drew Odd Eyes for turn and used Scout to search Disk. He pendulum summoned Disk, Helix and Scout, then normal summoned Disk and Kenneth scooped.

Game 2


Kenneth started game 2 with an Upstart Goblin, a normal summoned Helix equipped with Saqlifice and 2 back row.

Jerome went Scout for Carrier, normal summoned it and equipped it with Saqlifice, as well as 2 back row.

Kenneth tributed Helix for Carrier and attempted to destroy Jerome's MST, which he chained and hit Kenneth's Compulsory Evacuation Device. Kenneth chained it, bouncing Jerome's Carrier. Saqlifice hit the graveyard, searching Disk for Jerome, while Carrier hit directly for Kenneth.

Jerome used Scout yet again to search Helix. Carrier was played in the other pendulum zone and Helix and Scout got pendulum summoned. He then equipped Saqlifice to Helix and tributed it for Disk. The Helix hit Kenneth's Dimensional Prison and Carrier and Helix were special summoned via Disk. Saqlifice added Scout, Disk attacked Carrier and in the end phase the Carrier and Helix were destroyed.

Kenneth used Scout and Jerome used MST in response. Carrier was then tributed for Shell and Carrier bounced Jerome's Scout. Saqlifice added a Scout for kenneth and then added Carrier, which he played in the other pendulum zone. He followed it up by pendulum summoning Helix, Scout and Carrier, then attacked and revealed Chalice for game.

Game 3

Jerome started game 3 with Carrier, Saqlifice and 2 back row.

Kenneth used Pot of Duaity, revealing Fire Hand, Saqlifice and Forbidden Chalice. He took the Fire Hand, set a monster and 3 back row before playing and using Odd Eyes to search Scout.

Jerome drew for turn and Kenneth activated Compulse to bounce the Carrier back to his hand. Saqlifice hit the graveyard and added Scout to Jerome's hand. Scout then attempted to activate and Kenneth shut it off with MST. Jerome passed turn.

Play was back to Kenneth who summoned Helix, equipped it with Saqlifice and flip summoned his face down Fire Hand. He attacked directly with both and passed turn.

Jerome drew a Compulse of his own and used Raigeki to clear Kenneth's board. Saqlifice added Carrier for Kenneth. Jerome then summoned Carrier and put Disk in a pendulum zone, and Carrier attacked for 2100.

Play was back to Kenneth who used Scout to get Saqlifice, then used Upstart Goblin. He normal summoned Carrier and before he could do anything else, Jerome responded with Book of Moon. Kenneth set 2 and ended turn.

Jerome drew and used Upstart and Carrier attacked the face down Carrier. He set a card and passed.

Kenneth paid 800 for Scout and had it shut down with MST. He followed it up summoning Fire Hand and rammed it into Carrier to destroy it and special summon an Ice hand. He pressed directly with the Ice Hand and ended his turn.

Jerome drew Scout for turn and pendulum summoned Carrier and Scout, then used the Scout in the pendulum zone only to have it shut down by MST. He then tributed both of his monsters for Disk and the Carrier bounced Kenneth's Ice Hand to his hand. Disk brought out 2 Helix and Kenneth admitted defeat.


Jerome Porter is still undefeated with Qliphorts!