Feature Match Round 8: Daniel Cunningham (Artifact Satellerknights) vs Frazier Smith (60 Card Control)

Here in the final round we have Daniel Cunningham piloting Artifact Satellarknights against Frazier Smith's 60 Card Control. Both decks would be considered fringe strategies compared to the array of Qliphorts and Pure Burning Abyss builds floating around today, so it should be an interesting matchup. Let's get to it!

Game 1

Frazier took first, and he started off with Kuribandit, and two back rows. He activated Kuribandit and sent Scarm, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Shaddoll Beast, Chaos Sorcerer and Sinister Shadow Games. He opted to add Shadow Games. In the end phase Scarm added Graff and he drew a card for Beast to end the turn.

Daniel drew for turn and set 4 before passing back to Frazier. In the end phase Frazier flipped Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata, which sent Falco. Falco special summoned itself face down and play was back to Frazier.

Frazier started things off by flipping Falco to special summon Beast face down. He normal summoned Raiden next, and Daniel responded with Artifact Sanctum, special summoning Moralltach. Moralltach triggered and blew up Raiden. Frazier set 2 cards to his back row and passed back to Daniel.

Daniel drew for turn and Frazier activated Sinister Shadow Games during the draw phase to send Squamata and flip Beast face up. Beast resolved first and netted him 2 cards. He discarded Hedgehog for Beast's effect. Squamata resolved and sent Dragon. Hedgehog resolved and added Beast. Dragon resolved and hit Daniel's face down Forbidden Lance. Daniel went to battle phase and declared an attack on Beast and Frazier activated Phoenix Wind Wind Blast, discarding Graff to return Moralltach to the top of Daniel's deck. Daniel conceded instantly.

Game 2

Daniel took first and summoned Deneb, searching Altair. He set 4 and passed to Frazier.

Frazier summoned Shaddoll Dragon and attacked over Deneb. He set 2 to his back row and passed to Daniel.

Daniel summoned Altair and used its effect to pull back Deneb. Deneb's effect triggered and Frazier activated Super Polymerization, and discarded Graff, while using Dragon and Altair as fusion materials for Construct. Construct hit the field and sent Squamata to the graveyard. Dragon activated and destroyed Daniel's face down Vanity's Emptiness, then Graff special summoned Scarm and it destroyed itself. Finally, Squamata resolved and sent Falco, which special summoned itself face down. Daniel set a back row and during the end phase Frazier added Tour Guide to his hand.

Frazier drew for turn and flipped Falco face up and Daniel responded with Shadow Imprisoning Mirror. Frazier then tributed the Falco off for Majesty's Fiend. Construct attacked Deneb and Majesty's Fiend attacked directly. Frazier set a back row and passed to Daniel. During the end phase Daniel activated MST, hitting Frazier's freshly set Sinister Shadow Games.

Daniel drew for turn and set a monster, then passed.

Frazier drew for turn, attacked with Majesty's Fiend, then attacked with Construct and passed.

Daniel drew for turn and offered the handshake, knowing he couldn't do anything.


Frazier Smith finishes with a 6-2 record using Shaddoll Burning Abyss here at ARGCS Raleigh!