Feature Match Top 8 – Ali Yassne (Dragon Ruler) Vs. Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family)

Feature Match Top 8 – Ali Yassne Vs. Dave Trepanier


Welcome to Top 8 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, where Ali and Dave, who were both feature in yesterday's articles, face off to see who will move on.

Game 1: Ali starts the game with a Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster, drawing two, searching Trigon and setting two backrow before ending.

Dave's opening hand is Honest, Mahunder, Recycling Batteries, Pot of Duality, Seven Tools of the Bandit. He draws into a Compulsory Evacuation Device. With Duality he adds a Thunder Sea Horse to hand, which he discards to add 2 Sishunders to his hand. Dave summons Mahunder and uses it to normal summon his Sishunder, He uses Sishunder to banish Thunder Sea Horse, he attacks with Sis and Ma, sets two, adds Sea-Horse to hand and passes turn. Ali en phase Mystical Space Typhoons Dave's set Compulsory and PWWBs his other set card in the end phase. Ali draws a card and summons Debris Dragon, using it to revive Trigon and synchro summon for an Ancient Fairy Dragon in attack position. He summons a Redox by banishing debris and Tempest from grave and searches for another copy of Tempest. Ali attacks Sishunder with Redox and Dave spends some time thinking about what he should do. In the end he lets Sishunder be destroyed. When Ancient Fairy Dragon attacks Mahunder, Dave uses Honest to boost his Mahunder and destroy the attacking Dragon.


Dave draws the same Seven Tools he had the turn before, and re-uses Thunder Sea-Horse to add 2 Vylon Prisms to his hand. He then uses Mahunder to summon a Vylon Prism and normal summons Sishunder, using it to banish Thunder Sea Horse. He attacks Redox with Vylon, destroying itself and re-equipping to Mahunder, which he uses to roll over Ali's Redox, leaving an empty field for Sishunder to attack. Dave sets one card and ends his turn by adding Sea Horse back to his hand.

By banishing Tempest and Ancient Fairy Dragon, Ali is able to special summon Redox in defense position and add a Dragunity Corsesca to his hand. He synchro summons a Stardust Spark Dragon with  his monsters and checks out Dave's field and grave while deciding what to do. Ali attacks Dave's Mahunder, sending it to the grave with its Vylon Prism.


On Dave's next turn, he activates recycling Batteries, getting him back a Ma and a Sis. He summons them both, uses Sis to banish Prism before overlaying the Sishunders for Starliege Paladynamo, setting Spark's attack to 0 and being stopped by Swift Scarecrow. He ends by adding Prism to hand.

Ali begins by banishing Scarecrow and Tempest for Redox, searching a Corsesca that is then discarded to draw 2 off of Cards of Consonance. After asking about Paladynamo's effect and checking both graves, he summons Flamvell Guard and uses his monsters to synchro summon Thought Ruler Archfiend. Ali then summons Tidal by banishing two monsters and destroys both of Dave's monsters. Dave draws a card from Paladynamo's effect.

On his turn, Dave draws into a Pahunder and summons Mahunder to summon a Pahunder, which he uses to summon a Vylon Prism, which he uses to synchro summon a Scrap Dragon, and brings Vylon Prism back as an equip on Mahunder. He pops his set Seven Tools, attacks over Tidal with Scrap and attacks directly with Mahunder for game!

Game 2: Ali starts game 2 with a Dragon Ravine. He discards Tempest to send Trigon to the grave. He summons Debris Dragon and revives Trigon to synchro summon for a defense position Ancient Fairy Dragon. He clears his own Ravine to search for a new one and gaining 1000 life points. He uses Ancient Fairy's effect to summon Corsesca from his hand and banishes Tidal and Debris for a Tempest. He synchro summons a Black Rose using the Corsesca and tokens made from a Dracossack he overlayed and makes another Blaster by banishing Corsesca and the Ancient Fairy that was detached from one of the two Dracossacks that are now on his field. He ends after making 2 tokens.

Dave's opening hand is 2 Trap Stun, Pot of Duality, Mahunder, Thunder Sea Horse and a Pahunder. He discards the Sea Horse to add two Vylon Prisms to his hand before activating Duality, revealing Solemn Warning, Colpulsory Evacuation Device and another Sea Horse. Next he normal summons Mahunder and uses its effect to summon a Vylon Prism, using his mosnters to destroy both tokens.  He ends after setting three backrow.

Ali begins his turn by detaching off a Dracossack to make two tokens. He summons a Blaster by banishing Tempest and Tidal to search out copies of themselves. Ali attacks Dave's Vylon Prism with a Dracossack, and Dave uses its effect to equip it to Mahunder. Ali then declares an attack with Blaster on Mahunder, destroying it and the Prism. Ali then attacks directly with the other Dracossack and ends his turn.

Dave draws into a Book of Moon and thinks for a little while. He normal summons Pahunder and ues his extra summon on Vylon Prism. He uses them to synchro summon a Crimson Blader and equips Vylon Prism to it, he attacks over Blaster, resolving Blader's effect and dropping Ali to 8000 life points.

In Ali's next Standby Phase, Dave uses Compulsory Evacuation Device to clear a Dracossack. Ali then searches for a Dragon Ravine with Terraforming, discarding Dragunity Aklys to search for a Legionnaire that gets Book of Moon chained to its summon. Li destroys Dave's Blader by tributing an MPB token and passes. Dave draws, summons, and attacks the set Legionnaire with Mahunder. On Ali's next turn he searches and summons a new Legionnaire with Ravine. Dave can't deal with the destruction it causes and scoops up his cards.

Game 3: Dave begins with a hand of Recycling Batteries, Imperial Iron Wall, Soul Drain, Pot of Duality, Sishunder, and Mystical Space Typhoon. With Pot of Duality, he adds another Pot of Duality and sets three before ending his turn. Upon his opponent starting his turn, Dave flips Imperial Iron Wall. Ali starts by activating Cards of Consonance, discarding Dragunity Aklys and drawing 2. He then plays Dragon Ravine, discarding Tidal to send Blaster to grave. He sets two cards and passes.

Dave starts his next turn by activating the new Pot of Duality, getting him a Thunder Sea Horse which he discards to add another two Thunder Sea Horses to his hand. He attacks directly with the Sea Horse to deal 1600 damage and ends.

Ali starts his turn with a summon of Dragunity Legionnaire and Dave uses Space Typhoon on Ali's set PWWB. Ali gets the Legionnaire-Aklys combo off, popping Dave's Sea Horse and Imperial Iron Wall. Ali summons Blaster but Soul Drain is flipped and he doesn't get to search. Dave responds to the summon with Torrential Tribute and Ali ends. Dave then uses Thunder Sea Horse to add two Mahunders to hand. He normal summons Ma, then Pa, then Ma again and finally Sis, with which he banishes Sea Horse. After attacking directly with all of them, Dave adds Sea Horse to hand and ends.

Ali startshis turn by discarding MST for Ravine to add another Dragunity Legionnaire to his hand.

Dave's face-up Soul Drain is causing a lot of problems for Ali and he spends some time thinking carefully about his next move. Ali ends up using PWWB on Dave's Soul Drain and getting the Legionnare-Aklys combo off to destroy both of Dave's Mahunders. He banishes Blaster and Legionnare for Tempest, searching another Blaster and attacking over the rest of Dave's Field.

Dave starts by summoning Mahunder and Sishunder, overlaying for Starliege Paladynamo. With Paladynamo he reduces Tempest's attack to 0 and attacks over it for game!

Dave Trepanier takes the win in a well-fought 2-1 win over Ali Yassine's Dragon Rulers. Dave moves on to Top 4!


Written by: Michael Lottner