Finals Feature Match Patrick Hoban (Mermails) vs. Bodan Temnyk (Fire Fist)

Finals Feature Match Patrick Hoban (Mermails) vs. Bodan Temnyk

After all’s said and done it comes down, it all comes down to these two.


Game 1

Bodan wins the die roll and starts us off with a Pot of Duality adding Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand. He summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and sets 3 before passing.

Hoban starts by playing a Patrick Hoban (Upstart Goblin) to draw a new card. He sets a monster and two backrow before passing.


Bodan summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla and declares an attack and Hoban responds with Fiendish Chain, but Bodan has an Mystical Space Typhoon for it. Mermail Abysslinde gets destroyed and Hoban brings out Mermail Abyssmegalo in Defense while Gorilla gets Bodan a Fire Formation - Tenki. In MP2 Tenki gets flipped for a Coach Soldier Wolfbark and Bear sends the Tenki to the graveyard to kill Megalo. He continues his turn by overlaying his two monsters for Abyss Dweller and passes.


Hoban summons Genex Undine and uses the effect to send Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to the graveyard to add Genex Controller to his hand. When Undine resolves Bodan uses Dweller’s effect to keep Tidal at bay. Hoban sets a card and passes his turn.

Bodan draws an Upstart Goblin drawing a fresh card. He reveals his set Duality to add another Upstart Goblin to his hand. He instantly plays it and in response Hoban activates his set Abyssphere for a Linde in defense. Bodan summons Bear for turn and uses it to swing over Undine and sets Fire Formation - Gyokku with the effect. When Bodan attempts to enter MP2 Hoban flips his set Reckless Greed and Bodan uses Dweller’s effect.


Hoban starts off his turn by summoning Aqua Spirit and follows that up with a Genex Controller that is met by a Torrential Tribute from Bodan. Hoban presses forward by discarding Mermail Abyssgunde for Mermail Abyssteus, but the effect of Teus is met by a Fiendish Chain and Gunde brings back Megalo. Hoban banishes two Water monsters to bring back Tidal and elects to attack with everything. In MP2 he overlays Tidal with Teus to make Mermail Abyssgaios that was met by Bottomless Trap Hole. He just sets a card and passes his turn.


Bodan draws for turn and Hoban instantly flips Abyssphere to bring out a Linde in Defense. Bodan summons Wolfbark to bring back Bear and overlays the two into Abyss Dweller. He uses the effect and attacks over Linde.

Hoban skips his draw and kills Dweller with Megalo.


Bodan draws sets a monster and passes

Hoban draws for turn and attacks Megalo over the set Effect Veiler and Tidal swings direct. In MP2 Megalo and Tidal are overlayed for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, but Bodan has another Veiler for the effect.


Bodan draws for turn and summons Wolfbark bringing back Bear. He overlays the two for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger king to get Fire Formation – Tensu to additional summon the Bear in his hand. King kills the Dracossack and Bear swings in direct to net Bodan a Tenki that adds Wolfbark. In MP2 Bodan tributes Tenki to kill his own bear.


Hoban draws for turn and Bodan asks if Hoban “Drew a monster for game?” With no monsters Hoban brings back Tidal leaving on 1 Water monster in his grave. Tidal swings over King and Hoban passes.


Bodan draws and checks his grave before summoning Wolfbark to bring back Bear. The two get overlayed into Number 101: Silent Honor Ark and it uses its effect to take Tidal before swinging in. Bodan sets a card and passes.


Hoban sets 3 cards before passing.

“All 3 Spheres gone?” – Bodan

“Just all 3 Lindes.” - Hoban

Bodan draws for turn and flips Gyokku hitting Hoban’s middle set. Hoban chains Fiendish Chain to 101 and the targeted set Reckless Greed. He sets a card and ends his turn.

Hoban sets a card and passes.

Bodan draws and passes. Hoban plays Reckless during the EP.

Hoban summons Gunde and declares an attack into 101. In Battle Step Hoban flips his set Raigeki Break discarding Gunde to destroy 101 and Bodan picks up his cards. (Hoban played the Raigeki Break in Battle Step in order to dodge cards like Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison)

Game 2

After a little small talk, Bodan takes first. He starts things off by playing Tenki to add Gorilla to his hand and then Upstart Goblin to draw a Bear to accompany the one already in his hand. He summons Bear and sets 1 before passing.


Hoban plays a Patrick Hoban to draw a new card. He summons Mermail Abyssturge to crash into Bear and sets two before passing.


Bodan draws and plays Upstart Goblin. He summons Bear and declares an attack. Hoban flips over a Sphere to bring out a Linde in defense and Bodan elects to just set a card and pass. In the EP Sphere gets destroyed and Linde brings out a Mermail Abysspike discarding Gunde to add Marksman to hand. Gunde allows Hoban to bring back Turge and he discards the Marksman to add Gunde back to his hand. Marksman destroys Bodan’s newly set Bottomless Trap Hole.


Hoban starts his turn off by crashing Turge into Bear and having Pike swing directly. He sets a card and passes his turn.


Bodan plays a Duality to add Gyokku to his hand. Hoban flips over his set Sphere for a Linde in Defense. Bodan plays Gyokku locking down the other card before summoning Gorilla to swing over the Linde bringing out Teus in defense for Hoban and a Tenki for Bodan. Tenki allows Bodan to add a Bear to his hand and Gorilla sends a Tenki to the grave to kill Hoban’s set Torrential Tribute. Dark Hole clears the board before he sets a card.


Hoban draws and plays Mystical Space Typhoon on Bodan’s Torrential Tribute. He then discards 2 Gundes for Megalo to add Sphere to his hand and bring out Teus. They attack directly and in MP2 become a Mermail Abyss Gaios before setting a card.

“Did you top MST? That’s dirtyyyy” – Bodan

“Yea.” - Hoban


Bodan draws for turn and plays Upstart Goblin. He sets a monster and passes.


Hoban summons Linde for turn and uses the Linde to swing over the set Bear. Gaios makes a direct hit and Hoban shows a Sphere to win ARGCS Charlotte! 

Mermails in a field filled with Fire reigns supreme!