Finals Jerry Williams (Dragon Rulers) Vs. Carl Manigat (Mythic Dragon Rulers)

Finals ARGCS Worcester

Hello and welcome to everyone that has been following the tournament over these past two days. We're trying something new for this match that hasn't been done yet in a premier event and not only are the players on Live Stream but we also have a written record by not only one but TWO writers. We wanted to give you both players respective so you can get into their heads and how they play. Now without further ado we've come to the Finals Andnnnddd it all comes down to this. This weekend these two have fought through 438 other players and now are playing in the Finals of ARGCS Worcester for $1,500. First off we have Jerry Williams playing Dragon Rulers and his Opponent Carl Manigat is playing Mythic Dragon Rulers with some tech that we saw last round in his Feature Match. Carl wins the die roll and will take first.


Game 1:

Carl wins the die roll and is starting us off with a hand of Forbidden Lance, 2 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Return From the Different Dimension, and Gold Sarcophagus. Gold Sarcophagus is activated for Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to add another Tidal. He sets Compulsory facedown and ends.

Jerry opens up with Maxx “C”, Blaster, Tidal, Dragon's Ravine, Swift Scarecrow, and Dragunity Corsesca. Jerry plays Ravine to discard Tidal and send Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to the graveyard. Jerry Special Summons Blaster by banishing Redox and Tidal to add another Redox and Tidal in hand. Jerry summons Dragunity Corsesca and attacks with Blaster and Dragunity Corsesca for 3400 before Synchro Summoning into a Stardust Spark Dragon and passing.


Carl draws Upstart Goblin for his turn and activates it to draw Mythic Tree Dragon. Blaster is Special Summoned by banishing Blaster and Tidal, grabbing a Mythic Water Dragon. Jerry plays Maxx “C” off of Carl’s Blaster and draws Dandylion off of the top. He attacks for 300 damage on Stardust Spark Dragon. Sets 2 more cards to his back row and ends his turn.


Jerry Draws Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars for this turn banishing Tidal to draw into Debris Dragon and Maxx “C”. He uses Tidal’s effect to add another Tidal. He discards that Tidal with Ravine to send Tempest to the graveyard. He proceeds to banish Maxx “C” and Blaster for Redox and adds a Flamvell Guard to his hand for Blaster. Guard soon gets dropped and Jerry tunes it with Redox to bring out Crimson Blader. In Battle Phase Jerry attacks Crimson Blader into Blaster but is met by Carl’s Compulsory Evacuation Device and passes. Blaster goes back to Carl's hand.

Carl Draws Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars and adds Tidal due to Gold Sarcophagus’s effect. He activates Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars by banishing Tidal to draw Reckless Greed, and Flamvell Guard, and adds Tidal to hand from the effect. He normal summons Tree Dragon, Jerry plays Maxx “C” in response,  and Special Summons Water Dragon, giving Jerry a card, makes Tree Dragon an 8 and xyz into Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand, letting Jerry draw yet another card. He special summons Blaster banishing Tidal and Guard, giving Jerry another card from Maxx "C".  Carl activates Return From the Different Dimension to Special Summon 2 Tidals, and another Blaster, letting Jerry have a 4th card. He attacks with Felgrand for 300 over the Stardust Spark Dragon, which uses the effect to save itself. Next he attacks with Tidal and activates Forbidden Lance in damage to deal 900 damage. The other Tidal, and both Blasters attack for game, even with Jerry's in hand Swift Scarecrow since Felgrand’s effect would stop the negation.Carl takes a quick game 1 of this Finals using Felgrand and Return From the Different Dimension.



Game 2:

Jerry draws Trap Stun, Ravine, 2 Redox, 2 Blaster. He opens up with Ravine to discard Redox and send Tempest to the Graveyard.  He then proceeds to Banishe Tempest and Blaster to Special the Redox from this Graveyard adding Guard and Tempest to his hand. The Guard is summoned and tuned with Redox to make Stardust Spark Dragon and Jerry just sets Trap Stun and passes.


Carl opens with Return From the Different Dimension, Reckless Greed, Mythic Water Dragon, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Flamvell Guard, and Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls. He activates Tidal sending Mythic water dragon to send redox to the graveyard. He sets 3 to his back row and passes.


Jerry Draws Debris for turn. He banishes Redox and Tempest to Special Summons Blaster and adds Tempest and Redox to his hand. The Redox gets discarded in order to send Tidal to the graveyard with Dragon's Ravine. Debris is summoned to bring out Flamvell Guard, Blaster and Debris tune together to make Star Eater, Tidal is brought back and tuned with Guard to make Colossal Fighter. Carl flips Reckless Greed to draw Maxx "C" and another Reckless but neither is what he needs and is forced to Compulsory Evacuation Device Jerry’s Colossal Fighter. However Jerry’s Trap Stun forced Carl to pick it up.


We’re now off to the third and decisive game!


Game 3:

Carl opens Game 3 with Dragon’s Ravine, Battle Fader, Trap Stun, Gold Sarcophagus, Reckless Greed, and Forbidden Lance. He activates Gold Sarc Banishing Redox to add another Redox to hand. He sets Trap Stun and Reckless Greed to end his turn.


Jerry opens up with Ravine, Blaster, Redox, Maxx “C”, Return from the Different Dimension, and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. He starts with a Ravine to discard Redox in order to send Tempest to the Graveyard. He banishes Tempest and Redox in order to bring out Blaster and adds Tempest and Redox to his hand. Fossil Dyna is summoned and both attacks from Blaster and Dyna go through. Jerry ends his turn by setting Return.


Carl draws Trade in for his turn. Next he activates Reckless Greed which gives him another Ravine and a Tidal. He activates Ravine to get rid of Jerry’s. Ravine Sends Redox from his hand and Blaster from deck to grave. He sets 2 and ends. Blaster goes back to Jerry's hand.



Jerry draws Sixth Sense for his turn, attacks with Fossil Dyna, and sets Sixth Sense before passing his turn.


Carl can't draw due to the effect of Reckless Greed. He activates Ravine to send tidal from his hand and another tidal from deck to grave and then ends his turn after that.


Jerry draws Tempest and flips Sixth Sense calling 5 and 6 but is met by Carl’s Trap Stun. Fossil Dyna pokes for another 1200 before Jerry discards double Tempest to add Blaster to hand. He discards double blaster to destroy Trade- In


Carl can't draw again and just passes back right to Jerry.


Jerry draws Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, attacks for 1200, sets a card, and passes.


Carl draws and sets a Reckless Greed and Battle Fader and it gets Phoenix Wing Wind Blast back to the top of the deck by Jerry. He passes his turn with that.


Jerry draws Book of Moon and on the back of Fossil Dyna wins ACS Worcester with a direct attack!