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Hey YuGiOh world.  My name is Michael Harris.  I’ve been involved in the game since the very beginning(Yugi and Kaiba starter decks).  Took about a year and a half off in the middle(around the time Chaos reigned), but otherwise, I’ve been at least aware of the scene, if not playing at my locals.

What I wanted to talk about today was the joy of just playing the game.  How many people out there have made up a deck just because you wanted to make it?  You knew it probably wouldn’t do well, but you played it anyway.

For example, the very first tournament I went to, way back in the beginning, I ran straight up beat-down with both Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes.  I ran Blackwings before it was cool.  Even when it became cool, I was running Solidwings(Solidarity with only winged beasts), and I was running three Blackwing-Elphin the Raven.  I don’t know if I ever saw anyone else run Elphin, but I was top-4 at my locals that first weekend.

Another deck that I’ve never actually seen anyone run is Super Crashbug.  I’ve got it put together, but haven’t had a chance to take it to my locals yet.  For those that don’t know, Super Crashbug switches the attack and defense of all monsters on the field.  So almost all of the monsters in the deck have huge defense, and tiny attack, until Super Crashbug takes the field.

Another thing I like to do is find weird Tech cards to throw into a semi-normal deck.  I had a friend who had a crystal beast deck when it was popular, and he powered up his Rainbow Dragon and attacked my face-down monster.  I proceeded to flip Enchanted Javelin(I gain life equal to their attack).  He read the card, realized I had just gained like 8000 life points, and then gave up.

I’ve been looking into a new card called Attraffic Control.  If my opponent has three or more monsters, they can’t attack.  If you combo this with Ojama Trio, you can guarantee that they can’t attack until they get rid of the Ojama tokens.

My wife wanted to check out the game, since I played, so she started looking through my cards, and picked out a few she liked, then asked what kind of deck she could make from it.  After some tweaking and buying a few common cards and a couple $5 cards, we had a deck-out deck.  I know this deck was common way back, but to run in in this day and age was something unexpected.  When you flip Needle Worm and mill 5 of their cards, or chain Assault on GHQ to send your Warm Worm to the grave and mill even more, it surprises people.  Her very first tournament, she was just outside the top 4.

Unfortunately, most of the decks now-a-days are the same thing with very slight variations.  It seems like 90% of decks run Tour Guide and Maxx C or Effect Veiler.  The Inzectors engine will be added to almost every deck once they come out.  I just want to challenge people to have a little fun.  You don’t have to go into every local and shoot to get first.  Try something new(or run a deck from way back).  Surprise others, and yourself.  Maybe this rogue deck will win the tournament, not because it was “Tier 1”, but because it surprised people.  Throw in that odd Tech card.  Grab that House of Adhesive Tape from back in Magic Ruler(Spell Ruler now), and run it against Steelswarm.  Or throw in Dark Magician to some deck, just because you want to.  Have some fun.

I’m 29 years old, with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  I could probably afford to buy all of these expensive cards, but I don’t need to.  I have fun, and enjoy the game, even when I do lose.  I’d much rather lose every duel and have fun doing it, than win every duel by copying Billy Brake’s deck from YCS Columbus(no offense to Billy.  He did great, and I congratulate him), and not really have any fun.

So Play Hard and Have FUN, or Go Home.

Michael Harris

Medina, OH

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Michael Harris

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