For The Love of a Card – Originality in Yugioh

I'm going to start this with a little about myself. My name is Jeremy Tucker. I've been playing Yugioh for just about 10 years, and love the game just as much now as I did way back then. You've probably never heard of me, as I don't make it to as many events as I'd like to, being a young father and pretty much strapped for cash most of the time, but I keep up with the meta and know the top decks, but I don't use them. Throughout the years I have made many, many of my own decks. I've had many memorable duels, many wins and many losses. I have a ton of memories associated with this game and feel that it will forever be a part of me. Do you have a favorite card, or a favorite type of monster? Is there a card that started you playing this game, or even one that you just need to trade for every copy you see? Although I've played the game for a long while, I believe that I was irreversibly pulled in upon the release of one card. This card has been the focal point of almost every deck I've made for the past 7 years. People have questioned why I use it, or assumed me an unskilled duelist because I do, just because it's not seen every day. My card is Dark Necrofear.

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of "Insanity" is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Everywhere I look are the same decks. Plants, Rabbit, Agents, etc, and I don't even mean just the same deck types. These decks are almost all the same, nearly card for card. If everyone is making the same decks, has this game literally reached the point of insanity? Where did originality in this game go? What happened to a deck being a strategic combination of ingenuity, creativity, and skill? When did the hardest part of building a deck become being able to afford the cards on a list? I want you to ask yourself, when is the last time you made a deck that you could truly call your own? A deck that can't be found online, and does'nt have a title based on a broken card in it worth more than $100.00? A deck with cards in it that YOU see potential in, even if others do not? When people just make "the winning deck" I feel like they are skipping half the work of a duelist, all the work to get to that deck. I go through it all, every time. I have never "netdecked" or made a "cookie cutter" deck. I use cards I like, and find a way to make them work. I believe that the Yugioh community could greatly benefit from doing this, even just a little bit. I understand that the most obvious or easiest thing to to when making a deck, for most people, is to go to decks that have already won and imitate, but nobody ever said that's what you have to do to win. It isn't. This is why I will someday take Dark Necrofear to the top, to prove that theory.

By now most of you are probably thinking: "This guy is crazy, People use the top decks because they generate the most pluses and maintain the best field control. And Dark Necrofear? Really? That card sucks." Well, some of this may be true (except the latter), but I never said the decks weren't good. If they weren't good, they obviously wouldn't be where they are. My point is that there are other ways to generate card advantage and field control. They may not be as obvious, or as easy to build, but they are certainly there if you are willing to look outside the box and find them. This is why I duel the way I duel. I refuse to conform just for easy wins, I would much prefer the challenge of rattling my brain for my own, more personally rewarding methods of victory. For example, you may knock me for insisting on using Dark Necrofear, with it's seemingly difficult summoning condition and a questionable effect, but in reality, in today's game it's not even a bad option. It's summoning condition, removing 3 fiend type monsters from play, isn't too difficult with Tour Guide From the Underworld around, if thats the route you want to take. Giant Germ is another viable option, also giving a +1 and being Gachi Gachi Gantetsu fodder. Cards like Sangan, Gorz and Tragoedia are very playable, as is Caius the Shadow Monarch and even Doomcaliber Knight. Its stats are good, with 2200 attack, and 2800 defense for walling. It's effect is easily activated with effects like those of Master Hyperion, Gladiator Beast Murmillo, Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, Scrap Dragon, Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World, Goldd Wu Lord of Dark World,  Snowman Eater, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, Gemini Spark, Smashing Ground, Mirror Force, and Torrential Tribute.

You may be curious what my deck actually looks like. If you couldn't have guessed, I'm an avid fiend user. Dark World? Fabled? Tour Guide? Archfiends? The truth is I have tried them all, many, many times, and am most comfortable with a general fiendish mix with some outside support rather than an archetype. Through it all my MVP is definitely, of course, my Dark Necrofear. What is it about this card in particular that just grabs me, when there are seemingly better options? Well, its hard to explain, aside from the stunningly beautiful art, formidable attack and (especially)defense points, and  a very tricky and fun effect. When you play one of your favorite cards, and against the odds pull a victory out of your metaphoric hat with it, it gives you an immense feeling of pride. Its like an "I told you so" to everyone that questions why you use it. Apart from all that, some of the comments I've gotten are absolutely priceless. "What is that?" "Where did you pull that from?" "I can't believe I just lost to Dark Necrofear." "This guy actually beat me, with a tomato engine and Necrofear." Not to mention the countless people on "Dueling Network" who just leave as soon as they realize Dark Necrofear is coming back to snatch their monster. It's all really rewarding to me, and just some of what makes it all worth it.

The point of this article is simple. Your deck should be as unique as you are. Dark Necrofear is just my example and Yugioh's greatest impact on me. Look back to what cards drew you into this game. Don't be afraid to be different, it's who you are. Use what you actually like, not what you feel like you have to just to win. Express yourself, your personality and ingenuity, through your cards. Break from the norm and try something else. Make the deck that OTHER people want to copy. Let your skill as a duelist show through in a deck that came from your mind. Making your own deck and coming up with your own creative new strategies will give you a true feeling of victory, win or lose, and then and only then you will be at your very best as a duelist.

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