Forbidden and Limited List Discussion with Billy Brake – Part 1

Hello Yugioh Community! I am back this week and ready to give you all my insight on the upcoming ban list! Over the past couple of weeks I have received an endless amount of requests for my thoughts on this subject. This is always an exciting time for all of the duelist out there because the game we have been playing for the last six months will be changing! I will be breaking it down into a few parts and conquering this one article at a time. In Part One I am going to go over what cards I feel could come off the list and you might want to try and pick up cheap before they sky-rocket.

On September 1st of 2010 the Yugioh world was shocked when Konami announced that Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the Beginning would be coming off the forbidden list. This three to five dollar gold rare became a thirty dollar card overnight. It caught a majority of duelist off guard and ended up having to spend the extra money they could have saved had they seen it coming. While I do not know for sure what will be coming back, I am going to go over the few cards I feel have the highest chance of returning.

Question of The Article: What card do you think could come off the Forbidden list?

Don’t forget to answer the question of the article in the comments down below!

Imperial Order
Continuous Trap Card
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, negate the effects of all Spell Cards on the field. Pay 700 Life Points during each of your Standby Phases. If you do not, this card is destroyed.

Imperial Order is one of the most infamous trap cards in Yugioh. It has been banned for so long some veteran duelists have forgotten it and newer players do not know its wrath. While it used to run amuck and cause problems for duelist everywhere; the game of yugioh is much different now. With cards like Naturia Beast having a built in Imperial Order only for your opponent not being detrimental to the game, it seems hard to believe a card that shuts them off for both player’s would be harmful. Mystical Space Typhoon can be chained to this card’s activation and destroy it rendering it useless and with Typhoon at three it can be dealt with. Out of all the cards that are on the ban list I feel this is this is probably the most powerful card that we could see come back and throw a wrench into everything!

Goyo Guardian
Synchro/Lv 6/ Earth / Warrior/ 2800/2000
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon that monster to your side of the field in face-up Defense Position.

One of the strongest synchro monsters ever released found himself on the ban list recently, but I think it’s time to unleash this warrior back into the fray. Extra deck space is already tight as it is and Goyo coming back will make players have to choose even more carefully what they need to include in their deck. In the game right now XYZ are just absolutely dominating and synchro summoning has almost fallen by the wayside. If Goyo were to try and steal an XYZ monster, it would have no material and be almost useless on their field. At the time when he was banned it made a lot of sense because of how synchro monsters were being abused, but that time has come and pass and I think we should see our fallen warrior return alive.

Magician of Faith
Lv1/Light/Spellcaster/ 300/400
FLIP: Add 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard to your hand.

When this card was banned there were spell cards such as Pot of Greed, Delinquent Duo, Graceful Charity, and Harpie’s Feather Duster. Now there are only a couple of power spells in the game so a flipped Magician of Faith won’t be as devastating. This card is slow and I don’t think it would see play in a majority of decks right now. I really see no reason why this card is banned right now.

Royal Oppression
Continuous Trap Card
Either player can pay 800 Life Points to negate the Special Summon of a monster(s), and/or an effect that Special Summons a monster(s), and destroy those cards.

As much trouble as this card has given me in the past, I think the game needs this card to come back to one. There is a catch with this card coming off the ban list. The only way I want to see this card come back is if they do something to make Inzektors weaker because this card would be absolutely devastating in Inzektor against a majority of the field. Royal Oppression would be a solid answer to wind-ups and any other deck that revolves around special summoning. With Mystical Space Typhoon at three and Heavy Storm being legal I feel there are enough cards out there to deal with Oppression.

Conclusion: In less than a month a new Forbidden and Limited list will be released defining the game of Yugioh for the next six months. Out of all the cards that are forbidden there are a few I feel have the highest chance of coming back. It’s always important to stock up on cards you think might be coming off the list so you don’t get caught off guard and have to spend a lot of money on a card that used to be worthless.

Thank you for reading! Stay Tuned for next week for Part 2 of my Forbidden and Limited discussion. I am going to be talking about what cards I feel should be limited/restricted/forbidden to help get this game into a balanced and fun state for everyone! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion



  • ihumpedsue

    Maltrab you are sooo right

  • Jerry

    Goyo needs to stay banned. a 6 star synchro is easy to hit and goyo having 2800 atk for a 6 star six star alone is broken, but konami thew in a even cheaper effect, you grab your opponents
    monster. Too broke needs to stay banned, was surprised it took them this long to ban it.

  • CalgaryPlayer


    I have been following your articles for awhile now and I enjoy how insightful you are. I feel you have helped me to become a better player.

    I have a question for you, it goes a little ways back. Do you know someone named Daniel Bong? He is a friend of mine and he was using the same plant deck as you at our regionals on the same day as ycs toronto. He wasn’t maining maxx c because he couldn’t find any before hand. He is a great, respectful player. He went undefeated that regionals and everyone called it the 40 good card deck because it blew everyones mind.

    It was a great deck before everyone copied it. I am trying to use wind up inzektors but I used my own ideas and a couple pointers from your articles. Eg 1 tour bus and 2 fiendish chain

    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Adam

    Goyo banned for Samurais IMO more than anything at the time if anything. To keep the Samurai hype alive at least.

  • Alex Hua

    I agree with 3/4 of your choices, but as previously stated, Imperial Order needs to remained banned. I wish your article had more depth into it as well.

  • nothing

    You wrote that BLS came back in 2010 ^^

  • andrew perz

    bring goyo and oppression
    imperial order wouldnt be bad because you have breaker plus mst
    bann bls(got to go)
    also i think they should put charge of the light brigade to two because lightsworns arent a threat

  • Kyle Palsson

    This is a piece of my mind from seattle wa. “jeez, stupid billy. winning tournaments that we cant win. what a dick. how dare he write about things that make sense! i should give him a piece of my mind…” this is what i think of the people above me. LOL

  • matthewmilad

    I like how you named 4 of the most ridiculous cards on the list, when much more acceptable choices were Tribe-Infecting Virus, Dark Magician of Chaos, and heck, even Tsukuyomi would have been better to bring back than the 4 you listed.

    You must be high as a kite.

  • Asgrade

    I can see Witch of the black forest getting swapped with Sangan, seeing as how broken sangan in with tour guide.

  • Anthony

    What a big load of crap this is. Are you kidding me.

    Imperial Order is again a busted card that can lock your opponent out of there own turn seeing how important spells are these days. I go first use all the spells I need set this, opponents SB flip they pretty much do almost nothing, my turn I draw, and decide if Order should be maintained. Don’t forget unless you chain Order your not getting rid of it outside Monster effects, and or Dust Tornado. Card should stay banned it’s abused in almost every way.

    Royal Oppression – Wow this card gives way to much control to the one using it the first one to flip this card pretty much wins without an instant answer. I spam the field 1st turn then flip
    RO Umad?.

    Goyo – Is a 2800 beatstick that can also revive anything it destroys umm overpowered
    much? It’s even worse when that card is turned around, and used as a Synchro/Xyz.

    The only card I agree on is Faith, but your obviously a player not a spectator so don’t let
    those wins go to your head Brake.

  • celestial sword

    none of thsoe card shudl ever come back

  • Justin

    BLS came back in 2010? lol

  • Derek

    hey Billy. What do you think about my banlist prediction?

  • RuGCo

    I like your predictions, but let’s hope Royal Opression doesn’t return….
    Seeing that some of the most powerful banned cards in the game are getting a reprint maybe we should consider that they could also return to the Advanced game.
    If Raigek, Magician of Faith and DMoC return than Imperial Order would be the best card to counter them and since they are boosting Dragons so much Spellcasters could really use these cards. Also if Goyo Guardian would return that wouldn’t be such a problem, except that Plants could go back to tier 0.

  • yuuseicrow22

    bring back goyo its pro

  • Tej T

    lol i wonder if imperial order’s price will rise solely because of this article

    sinister serpent isn’t as broken IMO. if sangan gets banned, you probbably aren’t building a deck to abuse ss. it could be nice in hero builds (free discard for super poly, way to make abs zero, nice with future fusion).

    premature burial (i guess with the banning of brionac?) wouldn’t be unreasonable. or call of the haunted going to 3.

  • Ju1c3b0x

    Out of all the cards you mentioned I can only agree with Oppression. We need something more solid than Vanity’s Emptiness to deal with Special Summons. This game right now is too dependent on them. I don’t really think it’d make Inzektors more powerful either as they tend to Special Summon as well. I guess only time will tell though. Hopefully they make some smart choices to keep players in the game for the next 6 months.

  • Chen

    Imperial Order is an interesting idea because it affects both players. Let’s imagine it was back. The main reason trap-heavy decks use Starlight Road/ Dark Bribe is because of the constant threat of Heavy Storm. This card would be sure to take one of those places and would probably be most effective in such decks. It could also be used as protection from Dark Hole once you’ve set up your field with powerful monsters, granting you to be more versatile with your choice of synchros (like choosing Thought Ruler Archfiend instead of Stardust Dragon), knowing you’ll be safe from Dark Hole next turn. More generally, less people will activate blind Typhoons, choosing to set it instead, and cards like Trap Stun and Dust Tornado might see increased play. Once Imperial Order is successfully activated, opponents may be more dependent on effect monsters such as Breaker the Magical Warrior to get rid of it, while the user will know that the multitude of Trap cards and Effect Veilers could prevent such moves. It’s a control card that could make an even bigger impact than BLS, acting as a constant threat that could cripple you if you don’t have an out to it or if you don’t change some deck choices in order to support your deck in a meta with Imperial Order included in nearly every deck. If it comes back, it will be on the limited list.

  • Spawn

    Imperial Order back? Are u serious? Do u want to shut down the budget players?

  • Imperial Order = I do miss this card; it was fun to use back in the day.

    Goyo Guardian = Please no. A 6* 2800? It was broken when it was banned and it still is.

    Magician of Faith = Ehh, I don’t know how to feel about it. It was amazing back in the day and it is still a good card, but MB would have to be banned again; I don’t like the idea of my opponent getting two free SS.

    Royal Oppression = I hate this card with a passion. I never want to see it back.

  • Yosei-chan

    I can see them bringing back Royal Oppression with the likes of Tour Guide and Rabbit beasting the field. Along with the Solemn Brigade, and Secret Village lockdown or Horus lockdown. Your opponent will be stuck with an inability to recover.
    For banning cards I can see them maybe hitting Tour Guide and Rabbit hard, hopefully. Since recently this game has become less of skill and more about who was the cash to build a dream deck. So if TGU is semilimited and Rabbit hits ban or Limited. We’ll see more skill around field.
    Goyo might be a maybe on the bringing back. But I won’t be taking chances here and buy myself a copy by then.
    Plants may get hit too. Since their pretty efficient. Glow-Up can be pretty broken when comboed with one for one and discarding Dandylion.
    I think they might do something to the ice dragons too. Since it seems its all for testing reason.
    if they reban bls that would be a huge troll and they might just push CED test to see how it works in today’s format. Especially with more swarming potential than before.
    I expect maybe witch of the black forest back as well.

  • Royal Oppression – this definitely needs to come back due to wind-ups and inzectors, but i dont think it’ll ever get anything more than limited

    Raigeki – who knows, might come back after all it is getting a reprint …

    Tribe Infecting Virus – its getting a reprint .. i think

    Witch of the Black Forest – reprint blah blah blah

    Dark Magician of Chaos – reprint … next

    Destiny Hero Disk Commander – not as ridiculously broken as it was in the past due to its new naming

    Ring of Destruction – this card totally messes with cards like leviath, bls, etc yet wouldnt be totally broken due to zenmaines and gachi

    i hope konami decides to play around with this format and make it a little more interesting than our current one …

    • RuGCo

      I agree that since these cards are getting a reprint that they could suddenly get removed from the ban list.
      DMoC could really come back and Raigekis isn’t that bad of an idea. But IF those 2 would return then Imperial Order has to come back to balance thins out.

  • Chris

    only card off that list that deserves to come back is royal oppression.

  • What I think could come off the Forbidden List. Well there are a couple and I think only one or two make me seem crazy.

    – Tsukuyomi

    So I understand this card had massive abuse with Mask of Darkness and Magician of Faith in the past with Crush Card Virus and the fact it ran over Monarchs made it even better. Last I checked though, Crush Card Virus is currently Forbidden and so is Magician of Faith so the power Spell Cards aren’t a problem here, and Monarchs have been dead and the last kick to their teeth was Forbidding Fishborg Blaster, for the most part ending Frog Monarchs. I personally think that Konami would do like they’ve done in the past, and “test” this for a format.

    – Tribe-Infecting Virus

    This is one of the maybe two that I think people would find the most crazy, but I’ve also seen a lot of ban list predictions on various sites and message boards actually putting this down to one. Tribe-Shocking Virus is in fact a watered down version of Tribe-Infecting Virus but is severely limited. I think that with Effect Veiler still being very popular, and if Dark Hole were to be reForbidden, this could be another of those “test” cards. It could also give Fableds that boost they need, which I would personally find interesting. Tribe-Infecting Virus is vulnerable to, as I said, Effect Veiler, as well as cards like Solemn Warning, Solemn Judgment, Fiendish Chain and Bottomless Trap Hole (even though they can get priority on Bottomless Trap Hole). Me personally, I miss using this and would love to see it back, but I think Dark Hole needs to go before this can come back.

    – Cyber-Stein

    This would be crazy choice number two to probably everyone who reads this comment, but here’s why I can see Konami bringing this back. First however, I believe Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning would need to be Forbidden again, along side maybe Sangan. The reason why I can see Konami bringing Cyber-Stein back is because of how with only three cards in pretty much every deck, you’d have to be smart about how you went about playing Cyber-Stein. Solemn Warnings and Solemn Judgment, if you’ve never taken any effect or battle damage would at best leave you with 2000 life points. One Solemn Warning brings you to 6000 life points, add on the 5000 life point cost for Cyber-Steins effect. You cannot use that second Solemn Warning, and if you use Solemn Judgment it’ll just leave you at 500 life points. There are, like with Tribe-Infecting Virus, cards like Effect Veiler and Fiendish Chain who can stop Cyber-Stein, as well as the staple Solemn Judgment and Solemn Warnings, there are also Dimensional Prisons, Bottomless Trap Holes, Mirror Force and so on that can easily avoid taking a Cyber Twin Dragon OR Cyber End Dragon to the face. Again though, this would just be a crazy choice, and has just as much a chance at coming back as probably Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End.

    When it comes to what Billy Brake suggested could come off, I agree with everything unless bringing Goyo Guardian back means Forbidding Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Imperial Order would be interesting for a format, and could see it coming back along side Magician of Faith. Royal Decree could see more play due to it coming back, Jinzo too which would be rather cool in my opinion. Royal Oppression at the same time would be interesting too (agreeing with the fact that Inzektors would need to be hit first), since again I just mentioned Jinzo and Decree seeing more possible play due to Order and Oppression coming back. Magician of Faith seems stupid to keep Forbidden, since we no longer have over powered spells like Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity and such around and is too slow. Plus it’s being Limited would make Apprentice Engine popular again, which would be nice.

  • Maltrab

    Issue with oppression is usually you draw it you win and the game is no longer fun. Oppression can stay dead

  • Kevin “Kmart” Martinez

    I like how you pointed the how the cards have a downside to them if certain cards do not change( MST being at 3). Imperial Order- this card would change how people play the game and you gave a good account on how this card can help and how it easy to get rid of.
    Goyo Guardian…i love the card but with Xyz the way they are, i cant foresee this card coming back ( although they could have left it in-play until Sept 2011, since XYZ were not fully rolling
    Royal oppression- this card would help with the current chaos that exist, but inzektors are to over power
    Good advice to pick up cards while they are cheap.

  • I own 3 of all those, so if you’re right, I profit.

    • Kevin “Kmart” Martinez

      the game is a business and a source of entertainment…which makes it great

  • Imperial Order-I Hope so, but I highly doubt it because everyone would stop playing Inzektors
    Goyo Guardian-Instant Rage Quit if this happens. Dino Rabbit is broken enough without making other Xyz monsters
    Magician of Faith-No plz. Not with Monster Reborn a=AND BLS running around
    Royal Oppression-If this comes back I would hope Imperial Order comes back

    • xxx

      you dont get the material if you goyo and take someone elses xyz monster so its not as terrible as it seems

      • Bobby Kenny

        While you don’t get any materials on their xyz if you kill it with goyo, you can kill any non-Xyz monster, then proceed to summon a monster of your own and Xyz with their monster, Also, with some good rank 6 Xyz coming out in the near future, Goyo itself killing a level 6 can lead to some devestating plays from rank 6s.