Forbidden Chalice

Hey everyone! I’m back this week after an exciting weekend in Long Beach. The turnout for the tournament was absolutely incredible and over 4300 people showed up to play. Also a big congrats to fellow ARG writer Joe Giorlando for making Top 4 with Heroes! I opted to play Dino Rabbit and I started out 9-1, but ended up losing my last two matches to not top. While that is a tragic story, today I want to talk about a very under the radar card that will surely see tons of play in upcoming tournaments, Forbidden Chalice.

Forbidden Chalice
Quick-Play Spell Card
One face-up monster on the field gains 400 ATK, but its effect is negated until the End Phase.

Forbidden Chalice was a card that I never really got to test before the event and I didn’t really want to run a card that I didn’t for sure know was good in a gigantic tournament like that. I have since seen the light to this card and I fully acknowledge just how amazing this card actually is.

Ability to Use it Offensively or Defensively

One of the most alluring aspects of this card is its versatility. The card essentially has two effects, it gives a monster an extra 400 attack and it negates that monster’s effect until the end phase. This allows for the card to be played both offensively and defensively. You can use Chalice on your monster to simply attack over one of your opponent’s monsters and break the game wide open. You can also use the card as a mini Effect Veiler or Fiendish Chain and negate a key monster effect like Wind-Up Zenmaity or Laggia.  This versatility reminds me of how great Enemy Controller was in Plants last format.

A play I got to make with this card happened when I was playing a Rabbit mirror match at locals. I had a Laggia that hadn’t negated anything with this set and a Maxx “C” in hand. My opponent summoned their Rescue Rabbit and I played the Maxx “C.” They went into a Wind-Up Zenmaister which allowed me to draw 2 cards for Maxx “C.” They attacked and in damage step I activated the Chalice on his Zenmaister making it 2300. I now had a Laggia that hadn’t negated and I was able to get a plus 1 from Maxx “C” leaving the momentum totally in my favor.

Out To Problem Cards

This card is absolutely insane games two and three when you are playing with Rabbit. Make a list of every card that hurts Dino Rabbit and that you would side against them. I bet your short list includes Snowman Eater, Gellenduo, Spirit Reaper, and Arcana Force the Fool. That’s because Rabbit traditionally has very few outs to these cards. Originally Spirit Reaper was used as a wall against the deck, but it was soon replaced with the Fool as it doesn’t lose to Forbidden Lance. The Fool was also recently replaced with Gellenduo as it is essentially a better version of the same card. But, guess which card beats all three of these walls?  Forbidden Chalice of course! Not only is it a great out to these cards, but it is also a very safe one as well. By that I mean that there is very little your opponent can do in response to Chalice.  Let’s say that I attack their defense position Fool with a Kabazauls. If they allow it to proceed to damage step, I can simply flip Chalice since it is an attack modifier and at this point it would be too late for them to use something like Mirror Force or Book of Moon to save their Fool. This limits their commonly played outs to Chalice to just Solemn Judgment and a Forbidden Lance and neither of these cards will save a Spirit Reaper from Chalice since the Reaper was already targeted.

I want to specifically talk about how great this card is against Snowman Eater. When you are playing with Rabbit, a bit of a paradox exists in games 2 and 3. If you make a Laggia, you can get blown out by an opposing Snowman Eater where if you make a Dolkka you can lose out to Smashing Ground or Dimensional Prison. The problem is that all of these cards are also staples to be sided against Rabbit. This is just another one of the many paradoxes that currently exist in the game. However, Chalice is the perfect answer to the paradox. Chalice allows you to freely make a Laggia and not lose out to any of those cards. If you make a Laggia, you can attack their set monster and if it is a Snowman Eater you can activate Forbidden Chalice in the damage step after Snowman is flipped to negate Snowman’s effect and have it be destroyed in battle by the Laggia. Now you will be left with a Laggia with its materials and will no doubt be in a great position.

This card isn’t only great as a side deck card in Rabbit, it’s also great as a side deck card in Inzektors. What is one of the biggest problems that Inzektors have? I’d say Dolkka is pretty high on that list. Chalice allows you to negate their Dolkka and then pop it with your Dragonfly or Centipede. Inzektors can also side in Royal Decree to deal with problem cards like Macro Cosmos, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, or Skill Drain. An attack modifying Fiendish Chain in the form of a Quick-Play spell card complements this perfectly.

This card even has its place in the side decks of Hero decks. The same wall cards that are used against Rabbit can be very effective against Heroes if they do not have a Skill Drain. Chalice acts as an immediate out to all of these as well. Additionally, Chalice allows your already bulky monsters to get over just about anything with that extra 400 attack. Lastly, it makes your Beast King Barbaros 3400 attack. Once Chalice wears off in the end phase, Barbaros will still have 3000 attack.

Thanks everyone for checking out my article this week. I look forward to seeing how played this card becomes in Dallas in just over two weeks. Until next time everyone, play hard or go home!

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