In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

jeff jonesJust recently the newest Tin was released with one of the most powerful Xyz Monsters in the game, Volcasaurus. Along with Volcasaurus is a wide array of Galaxy and Photon cards in which most of them are actually pretty decent. I've been toying around with the Galaxy/Photon deck for the past week, and still have tons of kinks to get out of it, but as of right now, this is what I have built. I will also add links to all the new cards from the tin I am using. Just click on the name of the card!

2 Card Trooper

2 Debris Dragon

2 Galaxy Knight

2 Galaxy Wizard

3 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

2 Effect Veiler

3 Cyber Valley

3 Photon Satellite

3 Photon Thrasher


2 Accel Light

1 Dark Hole

3 Galaxy Expedition

1 Heavy Storm

3 Machine Duplicaiton

1 Monster Reborn

1 Pot of Avarice

3 Trade-In

1 Mind Control

1 One for One


1 Black Rose Dragon

1 Ally of Justice Catastor

1 Scrap Dragon

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Diamond Dire Wolf

1 Gagaga Cowboy

1 Gaia Dragon, Thunder Charger

1 Hieratic Dragon Helipolis

1 Maestroke, Symphony Djinn

1 #39 Utopia

1 #61 Volcasaurus

1 #9 Dyson Sphere

1 Sarliege Paladynamo

1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis

1 Wind-up Zenmaines

Photon SatelliteMy favorite card and what drove me to want to build something like this in the first place is Photon Satellite. When combined with Machine Duplication, it basically allows you to make any Rank Xyz Monster from 1 > 5 (at least when using just the Satellites). Once you Machine Duplication a PSat (current abbreviation I'm using for the card) you use one of the PSat's effects on another to make them both Level 2, then use the opposite to target the other level 2. This makes them both Level 4. At this point you can use the unused Psat to target one of your Level 4 PSat and make them both Level 5. This allows easy access for the extremely powerful play of Volcasaurus into Gaia Dragon.

PSat is also useful without Machine Duplication, as you can also use it with Photon Thrasher to also make easy Rank 5 Xyz Monsters, or Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon to make Dyson Sphere.


While still on the topic of Machine Duplication, I run 3 Cyber Valley and 2 Card Trooper, both which obviously can be Duped. Cyber Valley adds a bit of defense to the deck, since like most decks I seem to be building lately, don't run many trap cards, while card trooper is just a good card in general, and can also be brought back with Debris Dragon.

So far I've loved my choice to run Debris Dragon. It allows you to make Black Rose in clutch situations, and also allows you to +1 off of Galaxy Wizard, as well as allows you to make Random rank 4's out of nowhere. There are also weird things you can do in random situations, like a couple times I've brought back a milled Cyber Valley and left it there to protect myself since its effect to Banish itself is a cost when attacked, and will remove Debris Dragon's effect negating clause on it.

Galaxy WizardGalaxy Wizard is the card I probably like the 2nd best. By tribuing it, it allows you to search for any Galaxy CARD. This not only includes Monsters like Galaxy Eyes or Galaxy Knight (Which can be easily searched to be ditched for Trade-In) but also Spells like Galaxy Expedition. Galaxy Expedition works wonders in combination with Wizard, as Wizard can increase its Level to 8, which allows you to fulfill Expeditions activation requirements. An ideal opening hand would be something like Accel Light, to Special Summon Wizard, increase Wizard to level 8, then use Expedition to bring out Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. After, normally I would tribute Wizard to search a second Expedition to bring out another Galaxy Eyes on my next turn. Another nifty thing is that Wizard also has 0 Attack Points. This means it's a Level 4 Debris Dragon target, which is very rare to find, and means that it allows you easy access to Rank 4 Xyz Monsters.

The last new card that really needs to be talked about is Galaxy Knight. Knight can be Normal Summoned without a Tribute while you control a Galaxy or Photon Monster, and when you do, you can Special Summon a Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon from your Graveyard in Defense Position. After this you can one of 2 things: Xyz Summon Hieratic Dragon Heliopolis to destroy opponents cards, or simply leave them there and have 2 giant Monsters to attack your opponent with next turn. Most of the time I just leave them there unless I need to deal with something ASAP.

I made a quick youtube video of myself playing the deck on DevPro, take a look and see briefly how it looks

MaestrokeThe only thing I realize looking back on that video is I should have used Maestrokes effect to flip Hyperion facedown before attacking it with Galaxy Eyes. This would be to make sure Honest didnt hurt me, but instead I was met with a similar situation, Forbidden Lance. Other then that, I love how the video shows off the extremely powerful aspect of Volcasaurus > Gaia Dragon, which is the play that ended up winning me the game.

Before playing the deck, I always looked at Galaxy Eyes and just thought to myself "Meh". It wasn't until after I started playing him I realized how nifty his effect is and how much I actually use it. In the case of my video, I was able to remove all of Gachi Gachi's Xyz material's to lower the attack of Hyperion back to 2700 so my Galaxy Eyes could swing over it. Galaxy Eyes is basically impervious to being destroyed by battle or by things like Ally of Justice Catastor (even with 3000 attack I was surprised how often my opponent made a monster to attack over my Galaxy Eyes.


All in all the deck is really fun, and is a nice change of pace from the current decks in the format (cough cough... Mermail... cough cough), so I highly suggest you try it out, mess around with it, make changes and experiment.

Until next time duelist! Play hard or go home!





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