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bobby brakeThe Winter Championship was a couple weeks ago and players are left in dismay at what to do until the next Kaijudo Master Challenge (KMC) season comes around. Wizards has not announced when the next one will start, but at the Championship they said there is going to be a huge Organized Play announcement in January. They are going to be changing up the way prizes work at the KMC's and, if I heard correctly, giving away a playmat to everyone who enters a KMC along with a promo. We have all that cool stuff to look forward to soon, but what is there to do until then? There is plenty of stuff to do! Lets go through and discuss some things to keep your Kaijudo desires satisfied.

ARG Circuit Series

These are a series of tournaments that are held throughout the country. They are two day events with Kaijudo normally held on Sunday. You can also play other card games at these tournaments if you wish. Circuit Series are great ways to build the community and get people involved. For Kaijudo they give away a total of 500 Store Credit out. The credit is spread throughout the top 8, with 1st getting $200! On top of having great prize support, when you enter you receive a signed Sparkblade Protector Promo signed by the Lead Designer Drew Nolosco. It is a $20 entry and the promo can probably go for $15 alone. At these events there will be people from all over the country playing various card games, it would be a great opportunity to teach players how to play Kaijudo. I am going to be at the Circuit Series in St.Louis this upcoming weekend and I will be demoing the game to people. You can keep up to date on where Circuit Series will be held here,  http://articles.alterealitygames.com/events/ or you can follow them on their Facebook Fan page.

Booster Brawl

This was a new format introduced to those who attended the Winter Championship. It is a very exciting new product that will come out in February, along with 3 new promo cards! The cool part about this is, all you need is a friend to play with and 8 packs ( you can use more or less, but 8 is recommended) and you share the deck and discard pile. You can find all the rules for it here,  http://www.kaijudo.com/kaijudo-booster-brawl%21 Booster Brawl is a completely new way to play Kaijudo and can require a lot of skill and remembering or can just be a really fun way to play! It is super fun when you have to pick cards from the Veil because you have not only the option of picking something that will help you out, but taking away something that would help your opponent. It is also another great way to get new people involved. I always stress getting new people into Kaijudo because we really need more players. We have a nice small group of players that pretty much know one another but we need to get out of our bubble and grow the game. If you want to wait until the official Booster Brawl comes out to do this, you can try having sealed or draft tournaments, those are always a lot of fun!

Duel Days

Duel Days, for those who do not know, are weekly tournaments stores host that you can play in and win promos from. Each store is given about 30 promos each month to give out so you have all month to get your hands on them. During the KMC season I view these at practice sessions for the decks I think are competitive and I might want to use. Now that we are waiting for the next one, I feel like I have so much freedom when it comes to using a deck for the tournament. I try my best to use a different deck in every tournament I play because I like to keep it fresh, or I just get bored really fast. I am using decks I never would of thought of using. When you use a weird deck that no one has thought of, it might surprise you how good it really is. By attending these you can also see what other people are playing and that is where you can get an idea of what the "Meta" is like in your area. In my area most people use aggressive decks, with only about 3 people that use control decks, but now that players are not worried about practicing for KMC's, those who used aggressive decks and the control people are switching. So to sum all that up, at your Duel Day don't just use a deck to win but try to have fun with it.

Host Box Tournaments

If you are one of those super competitive players that always wants to play for something and you are too far from a Circuit Series, try hosting a box tournament. You can get enough people to play and the store to jump on board, you can try having a box tournament. I remember before organized play was announced for Kaijudo in the beginning this is all we did. Stores would have box tournaments throughout Texas and Oklahoma and we would travel to them and have a great time. Make sure when a store is doing it to try to spread the word on facebook and maybe more people will show up than you think, who doesn't want the chance to win a whole box of Kaijudo?

As you can see there is many things you can still do while you wait for the next KMC season to come around. I did not touch on everything there is to do, there is much more. This is the perfect time to go out to your community and grow the game. They have enough time to get cards and get familiar with them before the competitive season starts. It is not the time to play another game. I hope to see everyone at a Circuit Series in the future!

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