KMC Brake-down 7/19-7/20

bobby brakeThe second week for KMC’s just happened and boy was there innovation this time. It can be scary for players to venture out of the norm and try out new cards or strategies that people may not normally use. This weekend the duelists who did that were greatly rewarded and performed very well in the KMC’s. From a 5-civ all creature Borran deck to a LN Boulderfist deck, we saw it all. Last week LWN Tempo was on top, let’s find out what topped these 4 KMC’s. You can find all these deck lists on

New Holland, PA 7/19

 1st 5-Civ Fresh Ave Ryan Valentino
 2nd LF Rush Yousuf Fallah
 Top 4 LDN Boulderfist Tyrone Cleveland
 Top 4 Mono-Nature Aggro Mohamed Al-Hendy
 Top 8 LDFN Control Rob Wolinsky
 Top 8 5-Civ Control Justin Gray
 Top 8 LDN Aggro Vu Nguyen
 Top 8 LDF Control Brian Durkin

            The “5-Civ Fresh Ave” deck was a 42 card all creature deck that used all 5 civilizations. This was the deck that impressed me the most this weekend. It is something that looks very off the wall and has not been done at a KMC before. He also had Infernal Taskmaster in his deck, which can get pretty crazy when you combo it with Borran or Agaryx. He also used 15 shield blast creatures, which I am sure really helped him out against the aggressive decks. Good job Ryan Valentino, you won Bobby’s favorite deck of the weekend award! There was also only 1 LF Rush deck in the top, as oppose to the 2-3 we saw last time. Both of the top 4 decks used Boulderfist, a card that has not seen much play, until now. Mono Nature, splashing Arbiters and Kyo’s also made it to top 4. Nature has become a very strong civ with cards from Quest for the Gauntelt. All 3 control decks lost in the top 8, but it is good to see that they are still thriving in what seems to be an aggressive meta. Here is the Brake-down for the top 8 of this KMC.

5-Civ Fresh Ave: 12.5%

LF Rush: 12.5%

LDN Aggro: 25%

Mono Nature Aggro: 12.5%

LDFN Control: 12.5%

5-Civ Control: 12.5%

LDF Control 12.5%


Jacksonville, FL 7/19

1st LDN Control Richard Dixon
 2nd LDF Control Richard Castle
 Top 4 LDN Aggro Cathy Boatman
 Top 4 LDF Control Timas Musaev
 Top 8 LDF Control Scott Seaver
 Top 8 LDF Control Max Williams
 Top 8 LDF Aggro Michele Harper
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Neil Thomas


            This is the first KMC this season where a Control deck, let alone 2 made it all the way to the top 2. There was a lot of control in this top 8, a lot of the same control. Looks like a group of friends worked together to make a powerful LDF Control deck. All the decks are close to card for card. A couple Midrange decks made it in as well, only 1 Tempo deck squeaked in the top 8. It does not look like Tempo is having near as much as an impact as last time. Here is the Brake-down for the top 8 of this KMC.


LDN Control: 12.5%

LDF Control: 50%

LDN Aggro: 12.5%

LDF Aggro: 12.5%

LWN Tempo: 12.5%


Evansville, IN 7/19

 1st LWN Tempo Daniel Cato
 2nd LD Control Alex Zamora
 Top 4 DF Aggro Raymond Stovall
 Top 4 LF Rush Osbaldo Cortez
 Top 8 LDFN Control Matthew Kozmor
 Top 8 LN Aggro Chris Herron
 Top 8 LDFN Kalima Mike Perry
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Shelby Jeffers


            LWN Tempo came out on top at this KMC. The infamous LD Control that many players were using at the Summer Championship got second place. Raymond Stovall made top 4 with a DF Aggro deck. He used Boom Skull, a card that I have never seen in competitive play before. It worked great in his deck because it was bait for all his Evolution creatures and it can be difficult to get off the battle zone. Props to him for thinking outside the box. Mike Perry used a 4 civ Kalima control deck, this is the first time Kalima has been in a top spot since Quest for the Gauntlet was released. Another LFDN Control deck made the top 8, but used Eternal Haven instead. Here is the Brake-down for the top 8 of this KMC.


LWN Tempo: 25%

LD Control: 12.5%

DF Aggro 12.5%

LF Rush 12.5%

LDFN Control 25%

LN Aggro: 12.5%


Spencer, MA 7/20

1st LN Megabugs Brendan Lyga
 2nd LN Boulderfist (Hard 8) David Pendergrass
 Top 4 LN Boulderfist (Hard 8) David DiLorenzo
 Top 4 LF Rush Deanna Pineau
 Top 8 LDN Control Christopher Sok
 Top 8 LWN Megabugs Evan Keeney
 Top 8 LDN Boulderfist Christopher Cosenza
 Top 8 LF Rush Kayte Krasow


Control took a back seat at this KMC. Boulderfist performed very well again at this event, with 3 decks in the top 8 using him. The “Hard 8” deck is a LN deck that can get to Boulderfist quickly with the help of Oathsworn Call and Wildstrider Ramnoth. The LDN control deck is also very interesting, it used all creatures, expect for 3 reinforce. Many of the decks were creature heavy this weekend. The LF rush deck that made top 4 teched Safe Passage, which can be very powerful when your opponent is down to 1 to zero shields. The LDN Boulderfist was another midrange deck that helped maintain advantage with Rulchor and Anjak, but mainly centered on Boulderfist.  Megabugs made a splash here the LN used Battlebred Defender to help The Hive Queen Triple Break. Here is the Brake-down for the top 8 of this KMC.


LN Megabugs:12.5%

LN Boulderfist 25%

LF Rush 25%

LDN Control 12.5%

LWN Nature Megabugs 12.5%

LDN Aggro 12.5%


Now that we have looked at each KMC this weekend let’s combine them all together and see what types of decks were in the majority of the top 8. Here is the Brake-down for all the KMC Top 8’s together.


Individual                                                       Generic


5-Civ Fresh Ave: 3.1%                                   Control: 40.4 %

LF Rush: 12.5%                                                 Rush: 12.5 %

LDN Aggro: 12.5%                                           Aggro/Midrange: 34.2%

Mono Nature Aggro: 3.1%                            Tempo: 12.5%

LDFN Control: 9.3%

5-Civ Control: 3.1%

LDF Control 15.6%

LDN Control: 6.2%

LDF Aggro: 3.1%

LWN Tempo: 9.3%

LD Control: 3.1%

DF Aggro 3.1%

LN Aggro: 9.3%

LN Megabugs: 3.1%

LWN Nature Megabugs 3.1%


This weekend was drastically different than the last one. Last time everything was pretty evenly spread out with Tempo reigning on top with Control on bottom. This time control took up almost half of the top 8 spots with Tempo not showing up that much. The Aggro/Midrange decks have increased as well, a lot of them using Rulchor to help them get to Boulderfist. Check back next week to see how the meta changes! There is a KMC that Alter Reality Games is hosting at the Cleveland Convention Center this weekend, I hope to see you there!

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