Let’s Build A Snow Fort!

bobby brakeIt is the winter season once again, the weather is cold and snow is falling. There is snow everywhere, even in the game of Kaijudo! It seems every year Wizards of the Coast makes a holiday promo and gives them out to people in the community. This year they made a card called [ccProd]Snow Fort[/ccProd]. If you attended the Winter Championship and played in it or the Community tournament you received a copy of the card. I thought this was a great idea because nearly 100 people were already able to get a hold of the card.

Last year they gave out a card called [ccProd]Old Man Winter[/ccProd]. It felt like they gave them to only a select few number of people, making it almost impossible to obtain. Throughout the year they ended up giving them away at Conventions and other means. The few people who received one last December were kind enough to hold contests giving them away as well which was very generous of them to do so.

The differences between Old Man Winter and Snow Fort is that Snow Fort is actually competitive playable. Old Man Winter is a neat card and is very festive, but only can see real use in casual play because it gives your opponent way too much advantage spreading his Holiday Cheer with his Holiday Bash ability. Snow Fort on the other hand has an ability called Snowball Fight! that is actually quite useful. Whenever one of your creatures attacks, you may discard a card. If you do, target enemy creature can’t attack or block until the start of your next turn. That can be pretty powerful if you use the right creatures with it. Using Snow Fort does come with a cost though since he is a Snowman, he has an I’m Melting! ability that says When an Armored Dragon or Melt Warrior attacks, banish this creature. Using his Snowball Fight! ability helps prevent your opponent from attacking with their Armored Dragons and Melt Warriors but the cards you need to look out for are cards like Dragon Knight Volaron and Volcano Dervish. Both of those creatures can attack on the same turn they are played and will melt away your Snow Fort very quickly.

In honor of the Holidays I put together a Snow Fort deck, if you are able to get your hands on 3 Snow Fort you can try throwing this deck together and start throwing Snowballs at your opponent!

[ccDeck=”Main Deck”]3 Snow Fort:3 Aqua Seneschal:3 Seneschal, Choten’s Lietenant:3 General Finbarr:3 Sprout:3 Reap and Sow:3 Root Trap:3 Tricky Turnip:2 Stormspark Blast:3 Keeper of Laws:2 Lyra the Blazing Sun:3 Piercing Judgment:3 Sword Horned:3 Bronze-Arm Renegade[/ccDeck]


At first glance this deck may seem like any other Light/Water/Nature Tempo deck but I tried my best to put cards in it that work well with Snow Fort. The most obvious card that does that is [ccProd]General Finbarr[/ccProd]. If you have Finbarr in the battle zone with another creature and Snow Fort, you just attack, draw with Finbarr’s ability and then discard the card you drew to use Snow Fort’s Snowball Fight! ability and prevent one of your opponents creatures from attacking or blocking. It is the same reason I use three copies of [ccProd]Aqua Seneschal[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Seneschal, Choten’s Lietenant[/ccProd]. When you have those creatures with Snow Fort, they fuel his ability by just attacking, it is super fun!

In this deck you use Snow Fort as a finishing move most of the time. You try to build up your battle zone with creatures as much as possible and the turn after you play General Finbarr you throw down Snow Fort and make all your opponent’s creatures useless! I also want to note why I chose to use Nature in the deck, I wanted to be able to play Snow Fort as fast as I could and there are also really cool combos like [ccProd]Bronze-Arm Renegade[/ccProd] and Seneschal, Choten’s Lietenant along with [ccProd]Tricky Turnip[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Keeper of Laws[/ccProd]. You normally want to go second with this deck as well because you need all the hand advantage you can get and you have nature to help mana ramp you as well. It is so also the Holidays so it is nice to let other go first sometimes. I hope many of you enjoy this deck and have fun with it.

It has been a great year for Kaijudo. I cannot believe the game has only been out for only a year and a half, it seems like so much longer. From this year alone we have gotten Organized Play, Duel Days, two Kaijudo Master Challenge Seasons, along with two Championships, and a whole bunch of new product. I remember this time last year we did not have any form of competitive tournaments and traveled around the state playing in Win-A-Box tournaments where Cobalt Control and Blurple were the top decks. Now we have access to so many more cards and the deck possibilities are endless. Not only has the game grown but I believe the community has grown. I now have friends I talk to that play Kaijudo across the country and even all the way up in Canada. I look forward to the future of this game and what new adventures are on the horizon with Booster Brawl and the 5 Mystics coming out in 2014. I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and see you guys next year! The Circuit makes its next pit stop in Indianapolis, IN on January 11th, then it moves on to Nashville, TN on January 18th-19th!



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