Looking Forward: YCS Guadalajara

While many of players are waiting for the Order of Chaos debut at YCS Atlanta, many other players are actually looking at Guadalajara as an interesting event as it is going to be the first big tournament where the new set and the new archetypes are going to be legal.

Even though that a lot of North American players do not consider European or Latin American results as relevant information, the event can be one of the most important tournaments in a while as it will be shown if Inzektors or Wind-Ups will form a solid part of the TCG meta or just a few more contenders.

Before predicting how Guadalajara is going to be, I took a moment to deeply analyze Mexico’s meta and came to the conclusion that it is quite similar to the one played in the US, proof is that some long distance travelers have been successful topping and/or winning big events being Mexican players.

Taking this as a starting point, we can deduce that it will be a field full of meta decks like in any other YCS event, that a lot of players will try to take new archetypes to the top and in the case this happens it will definitely have a big impact on the meta that will be played at Atlanta ten days after.

So after a quick view on how the event is going to be let’s take look on what decks can be successful and how.

The Current Champion

Dino Rabbit is probably one of the most annoying decks we have ever seen as it is completely designed to lock the opponent plays doesn’t matter what is he/she playing while swarming the field with dinosaurs and rank 3 and 4 Xyz. Most rabbit players made the right choice at using two or three copies of Dimensional Fissure, a card that doesn’t hurt the format that much but backed up with Evolzar Laggia which is basically a living Solemn Judgment puts the situation in a different level of difficulty, also in the TCG we have Evolzar Dolkka, a card that is capable of negating two monster effects and this ability will be decisive in a matchup against Inzektors. It will take a completely different format to kick this deck out of competition and the fact that it won YCS Brighton made players stick to it instead of moving to a new strategy making of Dino-Rabbit a serious threat and the top contender to get the title, having a strong side deck against this will be basic.

The Hive, or should I say Hype?

As we have seen on OCG tournament results, Inzektors are probably the best deck right now taking the majority of tops/wins since Order of Chaos was released which made us remember the times when The Shinning Darkness released Infernities and they started winning everything in Asia and when it came to America it had a very hard matchup against X-Sabers. This type of stuff causes a hype between players who think the deck will be dominating the TCG the same way it does in the OCG, even though that Inzektor is a pretty decent archetype we still don’t know if it will be able to hang up with Dino Rabbit, Plants and other decks with Tour Guide From The Underworld, Reborn Tengu and even Dark Worlds who can cause problems with Dark Smog by removing Hornet. Im sure that some of the best players will opt to play Inzektor and will be strong contenders to reach the top 32 so we can predict a field full of Inzektors and it will be very important to see which strategy was the best, the one that made it a top deck or what was the mistake players did and the cause that if failed.
Almost the same will happen with wind-ups, Order of Chaos gives not only 2 new important cards but even gives a TCG exclusive and one OCG import that made everyone put an eye on this new support, this time creativity will be very important as we will know which is the best strategy if it is Hunter Loop, Pure, Windzektors or even a new strategy we have yet to see.

The Rest

Today’s meta is very diverse in terms of the number of decks that can play in a competitive level, we are sure that some old strategies can come back at Guadalajara for example T.G. Stun , a deck that I like because it can play cards like skill drain and a Creature Swap trap card, maybe monster negation will be the way to go or probably the idea of playing continous traps will be bad if everyone is prepared with a full set of trap/spell hate. Other decks like agents and the ability to drop costless powerhouses are better they were before due to the constant struggle between Xyz monsters and bigger stuff like Master Hyperion or Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, also the higher number of agents can give plants the chance to fight back and get a 3rd title in the format.

The appearance of newer decks will also cause the fall of decks that recently had a decrease on the number of players using it, an example can be Karakuri, the deck had it’s best moment at YCS Kansas making it to the semi-finals, the main problem is that like X-Sabers the deck needs to wait some time before unleashing it’s full power and I don’t know if the deck will be patient enough to support the continous threat of decks like Inzektors, Agents, Rabbits and side deck cards like Cyber Dragon or System Down, even Vanity Emptiness. Also decks like Six Samurai or Gladiator beasts can pass from being a tier 3 deck to completely disappear from the competitive scene because of the weakness against monster effects.

Other fact that can be very interesting will be the tech choices, for example; we will see many more Spirit Reapers since it is one of the most common Side Deck cards against Dino-Rabbit, also Fiendish Chains and Effect Veilers, a card that many players cut to max out on Maxx “C” s probably before was the right choice but in this days a higher number of Effect Veilers should be considered as it can stop Inzektor Dragonfly or Centipede in a crucial moment, an ability that is very limited on Maxx “C”.

So in conclusion all players should be aware of what happens in there, like I said before North American players tend to ignore Latin American results but if a new strategy wins it can completely shift the metagame played in Atlanta.

Thank you all for reading.

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