Megabugs are MegaFun

bobby brakeThere is one deck I thought that would never be a viable deck, but now it is one of my favorites, Megabugs! Little support has been given to this type of creature until the latest set, Clash of the Duel Masters, came out. One card changed the whole game for this deck. The Hive Queen is not only the best Megabug, but in my opinion, one of the best evolutions. Which is why my guess is they chose to make it a Megabug. It’s effect is when it attacks, you look at the top 3 cards of your deck and if there is a non-evolution creature that is level 5 or less you may reveal it and put it in the battle zone. It is a great effect for Megabugs because most of them are under level 5 anyway, other than Deathblade beetle of course. There are also 2 level 5 Megbugs that came out in Clash of the Duel Masters that work really well with this card. They are Steamtank Kryon and Humonculon the Blaster. Getting these creatures off of The Hive Queens effect can be devastating for your opponent and generate a lot of advantage for you. It is amazing that its effect does not restrict it to only Megabugs so everything 5 and under is game. Here is a Megabug deck I have been working on and it has been performing pretty well, I used it in one tournament and got 2nd place with it.

Nature: 20
3 The Hive Queen
3 Mana Tick
3 Manapd Beetle
3 Ambush Scorpion
3 Root Trap*
2 Reap and Sow
3 Sprout*

Nature/Light: 3
3 Humonculon the Blaster

Nature/Fire: 2
2 Steamtank Kyron

Fire: 10
3 Redscale Drakon
3 Gilaflame the Assaulter
2 Tornado Flame*
2 Barrage*

Light: 6
3 Stormspark Blast*
3 Keeper of Laws

Total: 41
Creatures: 26
Spells: 15

First off, let’s go through all the bait for The Hive Queen and why I am using them.

Ambush Scorpion: It is just a nice low costing Megabug and it also helps me fight against rush.

Manapd Beetle: Same reason I use Ambush Scorpion but at least with this guy I can a benefit by him going into my mana when he is banished.

Mana Tick: Probably the best bait in the whole deck. He straight up searches for The Hive Queen most of the time and if not, Humonculon the Blaster is a close 2nd.

Homunculon the Blaster: Not only is this a Megabug, but he is just a great card in general. He helps me get past any creatures that are standing in my way and it is amazing against any sort of blockers.

Steamtank Kyron: I very rarely use him for bait for The Hive Queen unless I have absolutely nothing else. He is just a great finisher to get with The Hive Queens effect if I have a lot of low costing creatures in my hand I can play the following turn and swing in for game.

You might notice a few strange cards in the deck but they work very well, trust me. The main one that might raise an eyebrow is Redscale Drakon. He is a 5 for 2000 fast attacker with a +2000 powerful attack. I use him, for one he is a fast attacker, and also he is able to get over Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow, if they happen to have that out on the field. Fast attackers are what make this deck very deadly. I use them because I do not only want to rely on Steamtank Kyron for my win conditions. Using all these fast attackers in a way turn my Hive Queen into a potential Triple Breaker, that also puts a body on board. Since this is a very aggressive deck, these guys are just the icing on the cake.

I use Sprout and Reap and Sow to help me get to turn 6 as quick as I can. One of the best combos in the deck is turn 3 you play Mana Tick, look at the top 4 cards of your deck and get The Hive Queen with it, turn 4 play Reap and Sow, and then turn 5 you play The Hive Queen on top of the Mana Tick and you do not lose any hand advantage with those turns because every card replaces itself in the hand. Another neat little trick this deck does, which is super annoying to your opponent is , getting a Mana Tick off of Hive Queens effect and getting another Hive Queen from Mana Ticks effect. That way even if they deal with the first one you are able to play another one for pretty much free the following turn. Something you should also know is when you attack with The Hive Queen the first thing that happens is you target what you are attacking and then its effect goes off, all before your opponent gets a chance to block, so when you attack you can get a Humonculon the Blaster and use its effect to tap their blocker so they are not able to block The Hive Queens attack.

This deck is all about swarming (get it? Because they are bugs!) the field and applying pressure to your opponent. If it is able to go fast enough it can take on a control deck. That’s the main reason I use Keeper of Laws in this deck. Not only is it a great finisher to have out there until they have only one shield left and you can swing and only really worry about them having Stormspark Blast to stop you.

Now that we have talked about all the cool things about the deck, let’s talk about the downside of this deck. Every deck has a weakness and just from looking at it you might be able to tell that without The Hive Queen, it is hard for this deck to work. But using 3 of them and 3 Mana Ticks, that normally is not that big of a problem, but it is still a flaw in the deck. The decks worst match up, in my opinion, is Greed Dragons. It is hard to deal with Herald of Infernus. That is why I decided to use Tornado Flame in my deck so that way I have at least some sort of defense against it. Another card that hurts, that we all fear the most, Bottle of Wishes. This is the scariest card for any aggressive deck. You simply cannot control the outcome or play around it at all. They either hit something amazing or don’t. It really makes me sad that a card like this exists but that rant is for another time.

This deck is one of the most fun decks I have ever played and has so much synergy. You shouldn’t just think since its Megabugs its mega garbage, like I did at first. Try it for yourself and I am sure you will realize that this deck is a contender with some of the top decks. It may not be quite there yet but it might get there soon. Anything is possible when you put the right cards together.

See you on the other side of the Veil!

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