My Banlist Wishlist

How's it going everyone? I hope you all watched my Ban List prediction video on the ARG youtube channel. If you didn't, here is a link:

Today I am going to show you all my banlist wishlist. The idea behind a banlist wishlist is to show off your ideal Forbidden/Limited list. I'm sure that we all have different ideas, so I think it would be great to see your wish lists in the comments!

Lets get started with mine:

Forbidden (14)
Leviair the Sea Dragon
Number 11: Big Eye
Number 16: Shock Master
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
Elemental Hero Stratos
Card Destruction
Gateway of the Six
Heavy Storm
Limiter Removal
Mind Control
Monster Reborn
One Day of Peace
Pot of Avarice
Ultimate Offerings

Limited (25)
Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
Atlantean Dragoons
Deep Sea Diva
Genex Undine
Gravekeeper's Spy
Inzektor Centipede
Lightpulsar Dragon
Magician of Faith
Rescue Rabbit
Sinister Serpent
Snoww, Unlight of Dark World
Tour Guide from the Underworld
Tribe Infecting Virus
Wind-Up Shark
Divine Wind of Mist Valley
Fire Formation - Tenki
Royal Tribute
Spellbook of Secrets
Wind-Up Factory
Call of the Haunted
Solemn Warning

Semi-Limited (4)
Deep Sea Diva
Master Hyperion
Lonefire Blossom
Reckless Greed

Unlimited (13)
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
T.G. Striker
A Hero Lives
Book of Moon
E - Emergency Call
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
Pot of Duality
Primal Seed
Shien's Smoke Signal
Mind Crush

I hit 56 cards. Quite a lot, eh? Well this is a wish list, so I thought I'd hit as much as I could in order to slow the game down a bit.

Lets start it off with the forbidden cards,

Leviair the Sea Dragon/Number 11: Big Eye/Number 16: Shock Master - I'm sure we all get that an extra deck is meant to give you a variety of options, but the problem with these xyz monsters is that they provide an overly powerful option for any xyz play.

An uncontested Shock Master is almost always game. It is an answer to any card in the game!!!!

Leviair just opens up too many plays. It is the Monster Reborn of the banished zone and it happens to have an 1800 body. On top of all of that, Leviair will bring back another monster on the following turn if it manages to stay on the field.

The banning of Big Eye is both a preemptive strike towards Harpie and me hitting bad card design. Wasn't this card like $5 at one point? Well hopefully it will be again!!!!

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning - I'm all for Boss monsters in decks, but BLS is a bit too bossy. It is way too splashable of a boss monster. Thunder King, Effect Veiler, Tour Guide, Sangan, and Spirit Reaper are pretty much splashable in every deck and with them, you can easily just throw in a BLS. An uncontested BLS is almost always game. I'm happy that Konami finally got around to removing priority from the game not too long ago. That really slowed boss monsters quite a bit, but even still… BLS is just too good!

Elemental Hero Stratos - Stratos has always been one of the best cards in the game. I like to compare this card to Pot of Greed, since they both net you the same amount of advantage. I'm sure everyone knows the damage this card can do with cards like Elemental Hero Bubbleman and A Hero Lives, but beyond that Stratos is much more than that. Stratos has been the main engine of a lot of top tier decks since its release in 2007. If it were to be banned this year, It would have only have taken 6 years to realize that it was too good. Hitting Stratos will allow Emergency Call and A Hero Lives to go back to 3. Sure it will hurt the HERO engine quite a bit, but it is a necessary hit in my book.

Card Destruction - DARK WORLDS? More like derp worlds. That deck is extremely annoying to lose to. There is almost no interaction and it almost always goes through its whole deck when it gets the ball rolling. Banning Card Destruction will most definitely hurt the DW deck a lot, as well as quite a few other decks. Card Destruction has almost always been a key card in other OTK decks as well. Some particularly relevant decks that run this card at the moment would be Gishki OTK and Morphing Jar OTK. While they aren't the most consistent decks in the world, it wouldn't be a bad idea to slow them down a bit.

Gateway of the Six - Even at one, this card has proven to be a problem. Everyone has their lucky day and this card will definitely reward you for that day! If you activate this card, you will have every single Six Samurai card in your deck go to your hand in no time at all.

Heavy Storm - I actually really like the card, Heavy Storm. It almost always rewards good play. There are just a bunch of problems that come along with this cards existence in any recent format. Yugioh has evolved into quite the explosive game and almost every deck can do a good job at special summoning lots of monsters in any turn. When combined with Heavy Storm, that can often lead to an OTK or a game changing play. WHen combined with 3 copies of Mystical Space Typhhon, Heavy Storm also brings up the paradox of should i set one to play around heavy or should i set 2+ to play around typhoon. I'm sure we have all gotten used to that this format. I really would rather limit MST than ban heavy, but the problem with that is that there are way too many cards that MST needs to be around to answer in todays meta. Cards like Abyss-Sphere, Macro Cosmos, Fire Formation - Tenki, GOzen Match, Dimensional Fissure,Rivalry of Warlords, and Call of the Haunted, as well as other cards need answers. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking, "well there is Dust tornado, Night Beam, Fairy Wind, Malevolent Catastrophe, and a bunch of other cards that answer those cards." I agree with you, those are all solid answer to the cards I mentioned, but Mystical Space Typhoon provides a more immediate answer and that can be very important in a lot of situations, and because of this I would rather see Heavy Storm banned than Mystical Space Typhoon go to one.

Limiter Removal - This card is dumb and it should have been banned a long time ago. The reason I didn't top YCS Toronto 2012 was because of this card, and it provides a perfect example of why it should be banned. I lost to the combination of Machina Gearframe and Limiter Removal. Those 2 cards alone put more than 8000 damage on the board. Limiter Removal is just an unhealthy card that I was hoping would be banned a long time ago.

Mind Control - Mind Control doesn't really see too much play, mostly because it almost always forces you to overextend, but I still think it is an overpowered card and should be banned alongside its partners in crime, Change of Heart, Snatch Steal, and Brain Control.

Monster Reborn - I'm pretty sure everyone will agree with this one. Monster Reborn is the boss monster that every single deck can (and does) play. This card has been limited to one for quite some time now and I think it would be refreshing to see the day where you don't have to worry about your opponent top decking a Monster Reborn.

One Day of Peace - Similar to Card Destruction, this card promotes degenerate decks. One Day of Peace is a Threatening Roar that also draws you a card. It is used is almost every OTK deck as well as Chain Burn and Final Countdown.

Pot of Avarice - Pot of Avarice is a pretty splashable card, similar to Monster Reborn. Not only do you recycle 5 cards, but you also draw 2 cards… Do I need to say more? Okay sure, I will say more. Pot of Avarice is one of the most depressing cards to see at almost any point in the game. Let's say you are losing hardcore, and then your opponent drops this. You went from having a little hope to almost none at all. Okay, now lets say you are winning hardcore against your opponent, and then they top deck that. They get a chance that they don't really deserve. Even when the game has been pretty fair and both players feel that they are in a good position, a Pot of Avarice from either side will definitely shift the game in that player's favor. and because of all this, I think it is time for it to go.

Ultimate Offering - Pretty much a win condition for both Gadgets and Madolches. Like I said before, I'm not against themed boss monsters in decks, but when these decks activate this card, they will almost always win.

So that is all 14 forbidden cards. Again, I want to remind you that this is a wish list. I know a lot of you thrive on the day that we ARG members write these kinds of articles so that you can tell us how bad our thoughts are and how they would ruin the game of Yugioh, but this is just a Wish List. I repeat, it is just a wish list.

Now on to the Limited Cards,

Hieratic Dragon King of Atum - Hieratic is an explosive, yet consistent deck. Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler can do a decent job of keeping the deck in check, but limiting this card to one will help slow the deck down a bit.

Atlantean Dragoons - Hitting this card will slow the Mermail Atlantean deck down a bit. It has proven to be an extremely explosive deck and this is the main searcher of the deck.

Geargiarmor - This is simply just a preemptive strike for the meta that this list would create. Geargia is a great deck, but the other decks of the September 2012 format were a bit faster, and as a result, the deck didn't do as much damage as it could have.

Genex Undine - Another card that will slow the Mermail Atlantean deck down a bit. It would probably still be run thanks to the card, Salvage, which can reuse copies of the same Genex Undine.

Gravekeeper's Spy - Another preemptive strike for the meta this list would create. GK would be a very solid deck with no Heavy Storm and one less Solemn Warning

Inzektor Centipede - Similar to Geargia, Inzektor was a deck of the September 2012 format that was outshines by some of the other decks of the format.

Lightpulsar Dragon - Chaos Dragon wasn't hit enough on the September 2012 list, so It would nice to see this card go to one this time around.

Magician of Faith - I banned a lot of the power spells, including Heavy Storm. Magician of Faith won't be to broken when there aren't a lot of good targets for it to fetch. I feel it may boost the Prophecy deck a bit, and that is something I didn't really want to do, but at the end of the day, Magician of Faith won't be fetching anything all that good from the graveyard.

Rescue Rabbit - I like that Rescue Rabbit is making all these normal monsters good for once, but it really is an overpowered card. More and more xyz cards are being released and this card can only get better.

Sinister Serpent - This card does help water decks a bit, but overall I feel that it isn't going to be much of a problem.

Snoww, Unlight of Dark World - Aside from Card Destruction, I wanted to hit one card in the Dark World deck to slow it down even more. I see a lot of people chose to limit Grapha, and I'm not going to disagree with that decision. Grapha can be a pain in the butt, but Snoww is the main search engine of the deck, and with only one copy, it will be harder to get to the pieces of a game ending turn.

Tour Guide from the Underworld - I'm sure a lot of people didn't mind this card at 2 too much, but to be honest, I would rather just see it at one. It forces you to run more Tour Guide targets than actual Tour Guides, which is a pretty interesting predicament. I think this card should go to one for the same reason as Rescue Rabbit, though. More and more Xyz monsters will only make this card better than it already is.

Tragoedia - Tragoedia is an awesome card and all, but it can be quite the task to play around 2 copies of this card as well as a Gorz, especially since Solemn Warning is limited to one on this list.

Tribe Infecting Virus - I know this card triggers atlanteans and all, but putting it to one will most definitely be fine. First of all, Dragoons is at one on this list. So there are only 7 potential Atlanteans that can benefit from this card. Tribe is a solid piece of removal, but I don't think It will as impactful as players dramatize it to be. Most decks will opt not to run it simply because discarding cards is something that is pretty unappealing,and for the decks that do Tribe will usually only get rid of only one or two monsters and almost always will soon after be removed from the field.

Wind-Up Shark - Gotta hit them wind ups.

Divine Wind of Mist Valley - A preemptive strike towards any sort of Wind based OTK decks. I have already seen one on the internet.

Fire Formation - Tenki - Fire Fists are really good and it looks like more support is coming. This is by far the most powerful card in the deck and I wouldn't want to see it anywhere else, but limited.

Rekindling - Rekindling is way too powerful of a card and I could even see myself banning it in a future Wish List, but for now, I think one copy is fine. It gives some of the fire decks a boss card.

Royal Tribute - Royal Tribute is just a dumb card. The change from semi limited to limited will make it occur less often. I can definitely see GK being a solid deck in a format such as this one.

Spellbook of Secrets - A preemptive strike towards the future Prophecy cards being released.

Wind-Up Factory - Gotta hit them wind ups.

Call of the Haunted - I don't think this card should have ever been at 3. It can bring back a lot of powerful cards from your grave. Even with 3 copies of MST around, this card still proves to be a problem.

Abyss-Sphere - Even by hitting Deep Sea Diva, Genex Undine, and Atlantean Dragoons, I could for sure see pure Mermail being a pretty solid deck. Hitting Abyss-Sphere would slow the deck down a bit.

Solemn Warning - With Heavy Storm gone, you don't really have to worry about setting every trap in your hand. Solemn Warning happens to be one of the better traps in the game, so I thought limiting it would be a good idea.

So that is all 23 limited cards. In case you forgot, I just want to remind you that this is a wish list. I repeat, it is just a wish list.

Now onto the Semi-Limited cards:

Deep Sea Diva - I would like to see this card at two. The difference between two copies and three copies of a card in a deck is pretty small, but it helps a bit with slowing the Mermail Atlantean deck down a bit. This semi-limitation also makes it so that if a Deep Sea Diva searches another copy of Deep Sea Diva, then you are all out of them (unless you have a salvage, that is)

Master Hyperion - I felt that I had to hit the Agent deck a bit more, and Hyperion happens to be one of the best cards in the deck.

Lonefire Blossom - Without Glow-Up Bulb, I don't see Lonefire Blossom doing all too much at 2. I chose not to put it at 3 because of the card, Symbols of Heritage, which is very good when combined with this card.

Reckless Greed - This is another card that promotes degenerate decks. Semi-Limiting it won't do anything but help the game.

That's the four semi-limited cards. Don't forget that this is a wish list!!!

So there is only one part of the list we have not covered yet, the newly unlimited list. Lets jump into it:

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole - Grand Mole was an extremely pesky card back in the simple days of yugioh. The game has evolved into a monster with special summons left and right. I think putting Grand-Mole to 3 won't affect much, but it will definitely be a good approach since it happens to be a really solid answer to extra decked monsters.

T.G. Striker - It really should have never been limited

Tsukuyomi - This card would do as much damage at 3 as it does at 1. Spirit monsters happen to be very clunky when you run multiples.

Spore - I don't get it… was it a simple blunder by Konami? Or is there something I'm missing? This is a type of card that should either be banned or unlimited because of its restricting effect.

A Hero Lives - With Stratos banned, this won't be much of a problem.

Book of Moon - This card is seeing less and less play each and every format. It is a great, versatile card and all… but i think it should go back to 3. I know Empty Jar is a thing, but without Card Destruction or One Day of Peace, it will have a hard time doing much of anything.

E - Emergency Call - With Stratos banned, this won't be much of a problem.

Hieratic Seal of Convocation - With Atum at 1, this won't be much of a problem.

Pot of Duality - Duality is a balanced card. You get a card, but give your opponent knowledge

Primal Seed - BLS is banned so this does nothing.

Scapegoat - I have the same feeling towards this card as I do toward Book of Moon.

Shien's Smoke Signal - Gateway is the true problem. Smoke Signal can go back to 3.

Mind Crush - Trap Dustshoot has been banned for a while, Royal Tribute is limited, and Darkworlds were hit pretty hard, so I don't see Mind Crush having any crazy combos. I am a big fan of this card as it is great in the hands of a good player.

So that's my list guys. I would hope that it would result in a slowed down, skillful format. Please remember that it is a wish list. It would be my ideal forbidden/limited list for March 2013. The reason you see a lot of players making list like these is because we hope for a day similar to the younger years of the game where decks weren't decided by a theme. People built awesome control decks where the only similar card names you would see were D.D. Warrior Lady and D.D. Assailant. Of course a list like the one you just read will never happen for the game, but I almost guarantee it would be better than any list we have seen from Konami in quite a while. I hope you all enjoyed reading; The March 2013 list is bound to be leaked any day now, so look forward to that! I'm sure Cordero will upload it almost immediately.

Thanks for reading,