My Thoughts On Plant Synchro And Why It’s The Best Deck This Format

Hello my name is Louis Webster and I am writing an article for alter reality games holiday contest for 2011, this article is going to be about why plant synchro or whatever you feel this deck should be called since it only runs 4 plant cards, is the best deck right know and the best option to take to a big events like a Ycs or a Big Regional

So why is plant synchro so good? Is it tour guide from the underworld or is reborn tengu? Personally I think it’s everything about the deck. Some people including me after the September ban list thought plants was pure trash the deck got hit hard by the banlist, but sadly the deck just developed and got better, I personally feel the way the deck is know it was better than what it was last format. I firmly believe the deck is the most powerful deck right know and the deck so good due to the fact that the deck has options.

I am sure someone might have covered this before but I will go over it again, options are something that is very important right know, it’s the one reason why I don’t like dark world or rabbit as these types of deck’s are just is so stuck in its ways, by that I mean it has one path to follow and it will only do that one thing and nothing else for example dark worlds pitch Grapha, Dragon Lord Of Dark World summon a Dark World monster bounce that monster back to the hand, to special summon Grapha, Dragon Lord Of Dark World from grave. This means if the deck doesn’t get that set up going or its interrupted then it’s kind of screwed it has no other options so it cannot adapt; same for rabbit if it doesn’t get Rescue Rabbit out by turn 2 or 3 the deck is most likly gunna loose since your opponent is probably got a solid set up by then. However plants can do some much more with every hand it gets and this improves the decks consistency, how these options helps it consistency is that because it can be given so many different mixed and match’s of cards and yet it can always do something but if dark worlds don’t get Grapha, Dragon Lord Of Dark World or a card to discard it with it can’t do anything. Options are good because it means that you can adapt to the situation for example if your opponent has a Legendary Six Samurai Shi En out then if you need it get rid of so you can use your all important avarice play you just go straight for a orient dragon and your problem is easaly solved.

I also feel the deck is so good because all the deck is about is creating plus’s every turn and very explosive plays each turn which put your opponent at a very big disadvantage, however the deck can switch themes every quick one second its exploding with T.G Hyper Librarian and Trishula, Dragon of The Ice Barrier and another controlling with a thunder king Rai-oh.

What is the secret to the deck doing well? Well even thought the deck is broken its true powers is really unlock when a good player decides to play the deck, since the deck has so many different options each turn it means that you need to make the best play you can each turn to really make the deck work. It’s also about making something out of nothing for example Billy brake at YCS Columbus opening with 2 reborn tengu and then drawing the third, he taken a hand of junk and made something of it this is a really key gift this format as since it’s so luck orientated you need to be able to win game you play even if you open with a bad hand you need to be able to work with what you have at the time and make as many smart moves as you can to get yourself out of this thought situation.

Another reason why this deck is probably the best deck this format is that there is no real way to beat it or to side against it, the only way to beat plants is to purely out player you opponent fair and square, so when it comes to playing against a plant player it becomes a battle of skill on the most part. When you think you have control over the plant player they only need to pull off a smart play against you to regain control of just a few cards and since the plant players main deck and extra deck is built to handle any situation at any given time this versatility is one of the main reasons why plants are so powerful right know. Referring to the last statement I remember a game when it type of situation cropped up against me I was playing agent’s at the time vs my friend was playing plants, I had trishuled him and stormed his back rows and I thought I had complete control of the game state he sets a reaper which he has since turn one since I dustshooted him, he sits on top of the reaper and he solemn warning’s the Master Hyperion I had saved then he plays a Mystical Space Typhoon on my torrential tribute then he play’s Foolish Burial sending Dandylion and producing 2 tokens then summons a Spore and makes a Armoury Arm and then brings out a lv 4 Spore synchroing with Armory Arm and Spore and his token into a Trishula hitting my Trishula, my dead Archlord Kristya and a The Agent Of Creation - Venus from my graveyard. He had me down to tops and ended up winning this game.

So in conclusion what do I think makes the deck so good, the fact that the deck is barley impossible to side against it to a point where the deck is in a really bad position, it also able to control with cards like thunder king rai-oh and then explode with a full field of synchro’s and finally a good player piloting the deck this deck will always see play and will make an appearance in the top 32 of every ycs, with this combination of features is what makes the deck so good and so “PRO”.

Thanks Louis Webster