NAWCQ Tournament Report with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! Another Yugioh season has come to a close and with it we have a new North American World Championship Qualifier Champion! Congratulations to Tyler Tabman, he was able to take Wind-Ups all the way to the top this past weekend! I also want to give a huge shout out to Jarel “Pro” Winston who was able to take 3rd place and will also be representing the United States at the 2012 World Championship in August! Tyler and Jarel will be joined by the four other duelists who were lucky and skillful enough to take the top 6 spots! Good luck to all of them and hopefully they will be able to bring home the gold to the United States for the first time in Yugi-history! Sadly, I did not finish so well and will not be able to join them on this quest. I am however going to share with you what deck I ran and how I did this past weekend. Even though I did not win I was still quite happy with the deck I ran, but sometime luck just isn’t on your sad and that is important to remember if you are a competitive duelist.

QUESTION OF THE ARTICLE – Were you surprised that Wind-Ups did so well this past weekend or did you read my last article and knew they would be a serious threat?

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3 Inzektor Dragonfly
3 Inzektor Centipede
3 inzektor Hornet
3 Tour Guide From the Underworld
2 Effect Veiler
1 Sangan
1 Inzektor Giga-Mantis
1 Inzektor Hopper
1 Inzektor Ladybug
1 Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness

3 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon
1 Heavy Storm

3 Threatening Roar
2 Solemn Warning
2 Torrential Tribute
2 Bottomless Traphole
1 Safe Zone
1 Call of The Haunted
1 Solemn Judgemnt

2 Maxx “C”
1 Effect Veiler
2 Level Limit Area B
3 Messenger of Peace
1 Mind Control
1 Soul Taker
1 Forbidden Chalice
2 Dimensional Fissure
2 Dust Tornado

2 Leviair The Sea Dragon
2 Wind-Up Zenmaines
1 Number 20:Giga-Brilliant
1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
1 Inzektor Exa-Stag
1 Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger
1 Number 12, Crimson Armor Shadow Ninja
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Nubmer 17: Leviathan Dragon
1 Steelswarm Roach
1 Armory Arm
1 Temtempo The Percussion Djinn
1 Number 3-: Acid Golemn of Destruction

If you were to ask me if I could go back and use any other deck for the NAWCQ, I would answer absolutely not. I felt going into the event the most popular decks were going to be Chaos Dragons and Dino-Rabbit and I built my deck accordingly. I mained three copies of Threatening Roar as they are good in almost any match-up, but very key in the most popular ones. I felt I sideded just enough if I were to run into Wind-Ups with a 3rd Veiler and 2 Maxx “C”. I went with the two copies of Dust Tornado to deal with problem cards like Shadow Mirror and Macro Cosmos, but they would also be more beneficial if I were to run into the Gravekeeper or Dark World match-up as opposed to Trap Stun. I felt like my deck was very well balanced and gave me the best shot to win, but sadly lady luck was just not on my side.

I am not going to go into a lot detail here, but I will try and give a summary of what I faced each round. If I make any mistakes about my duels I do apologize as it was a long weekend and my memory just isn’t what it used to be!

Round 1
Record: 0-0
Opponent’s deck: Wind-Up
I lose the die roll.

Our match was anything but normal. At first glance you may think since I lost the dice roll against Wind-Ups I may have gotten looped and that was that, but it didn’t happen that way. My opponent and I both opened up horrible and had to just keep setting cards to our back rows. I eventually get some Inzektor monster, but he has a couple copies of Fiendish Chain that stop me in my tracks. Game 1 ends up ending when he makes his move backed behind a Solemn Judgment and when I need to draw any Inzektor monster to take control it isn’t there for me. Game 2 isn’t much different for me as I don’t have a lot going for me. He gets to Mind Control my Sangan and proceeds to destroy me. I take a round 1 loss, but I am not deterred. I have come back from much worse.

Round 2
Opponent’s deck: Dino-Rabbit
I lose the die roll
In game one my opponent is able to open up with Rescue Rabbit and a Tour guid, but I have a Solemn Warning for the Leviair and I am able to fight back. He ends up having another Tour Guide that could spell game for me, but since he only had one copy of Leviair in his extra I am able to survive with a Gorz drop. I get to resolve some Inzektor effects and take a win in game 1 despite how well my opponent had drawn. Our game 3 lasted for quite some time as I had to fight through a couple copies of Shadow Imprisoning Mirror and two copies of Macro Cosmos with a Face-up Laggia still able to negate. I am able to hold him off with Messenger of Peace and destroy all of those hate traps. When I activate Mystical Space Typhoon on the fourth continuous trap he goes to negate with Laggia and I chain Forbidden Chalice. I felt like I was in a good position to win, but then he simply flips a 3rd copy of Macro Cosmos and I cannot deal. I lose a long drawn out game 2, but get to go first in the third game. I open very strong with a Centipede equipped with Hornet and a face-up Messenger of Peace. He isn’t able to kill the Centipede and I am able to OTK him the next turn. My day was starting to turn up!

Round 3
Record 1-1
Opponent’s Deck : Chaos Inzektor
I lose the die roll.

This Match was a feature match so I will go ahead and just link you guys to read to whole thing with every detail! In Game 2 I spend the whole duel playing around Gorz and I am eventually victorious.

Round 4
Record 2-1
Opponent’s Deck: Inzektor
I lose the die roll AGAIN!

The way it usually goes in the mirror match is who draws the most amount of Effect Veilers can usually take it, our duel was no different. Since he got to go first he was able to take momentum on his side and within a few turns I am not able to stop his onslaught of Inzektor monsters. Game 2 is virtually the same in my favor because I was able to go first. In Game 3 my opponent opens up with Dragonfly Ladybug and makes a Number 12:Crimsom Shadow Armor Ninja and passes to me. I summon Inzektor Dragonfly try and equip my own Ladybug, but my opponent has the Effect Veiler to stop me. The next turn he summons another Dragonfly that I have to Solemn Warning followed up by a Black Luster Soldier to finish me off quickly. I felt losing the die roll cost me this match more than any other I played.

Round 5
Record 2-2
Opponent’s Deck : Inzektor
I lose the die roll, nothing new here
Despite the fact I was going second and drew three copies of Inzektor Centipede and Inzektor Hornet, I was able to take the first game with my opponent’s lack of answers for my guys. Game 2 is similar in the sense that he had no answer to my Inzektor monsters, I am able to pull it out after he targets my set Safe Zone with his Inzektor Hornet which I am able to chain to destroy his Inzektor Dragonfly and stop him in his tracks. I was able to win fairly quickly this round.

Round 6
Record 3-2
Opponent’s Deck: Dark World
I lose the die, I don’t even know what to say…..

Game 1 he does what Dark World does and destroys me pretty hard, between Deck Devastation Virus and Skill Drain there really was not much that I could do. Game 2 however I am able to take control and his lack of drawing spell cards, the heart and soul of his deck, and get to push our match to game 3. My opponent opens up with all monsters and a Mind Crush, but that Mind Crush would prove to be devastating for me. He ends up flipping the Mind Crush and dropping a Grapha out of his hand to destroy my Centipede when I was trying to go off with an Inzektor Giga-Mantis. The next turn he draws into a Torrential Tribute to stop me again followed by a Skill Drain on the following turn. I am never able to draw an answer to Skill Drain and even though we go to time he has complete command of the duel and there is nothing I can do to put the game back in my control. With my 3rd loss I was eliminated from the tournament.

Conclusion: Even though I was very confident in my deck going into this event, the stars didn’t align for me. I went second every single round and in this format that proved to be a pretty important factor. As a competitive duelist you have to know that sometimes there is nothing you can do if it just isn’t your day to win. You have to keep your head up high and move on to the next major tournament and focus on winning that one! Once again, Congrats to everyone who finished in the top six spots of the NAWCQ and best of luck to everyone attending Worlds this year! I had a great time with all of the ARG guys this past weekend and it was awesome meeting so many people at this event! As much as I love to play Yugioh and do well the game provides so much more than that, nothing can even compare to the friendships that this game has brought me and all of the awesome people I have been able to meet!

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions for what you would like to see in future articles feel free to leave it down below! Don’t forget to answer the question located at the top of the article!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus Champion