Preparing for a YCS

Hey guys I am back with the new article focused on helping you prepare yourself for major event like a YCS (Yugioh Championship Series). After going to many events I have began to learn, alongside fellow friends the best way to prepare yourself for you exciting upcoming weekend. You will need to be prepared for long days of gaming with many other people. When planning your trip you should begin with planes and hotels and work yourself up to the big day.

The first thing I do when scheduling a plane and hotel is find out who else is coming. Be sure everyone gets a ticket for the same plane. Also, when planning the plane you want to try and find one that will arrive for pre-registration. Pre- registration gives you time in the morning to check over your deck lists. You never want to be limited with a game loss in a round and have a restricted deck because you did something wrong with your deck list. Double-checking you sleeves, deck, and deck list is a very important part of doing well. When I arrive I have my friends double-check my deck list with me so I know there are no errors. When you are done be sure to put it in your backpack and that everything is ready for the next day. You most likely will not have enough time to pack in the morning so it makes things easy when you can just grab your backpack and leave for the convention center.

Also make sure you are comfortable with the deck you are playing. If you think you will misplay with a deck you are playing just use another deck. You want to be familiar with the deck you are playing but also have a passion for it. Don’t play a deck you are just playing because you think it will win. Play a deck that’s got a good chance of winning, is still in the meta, and that you enjoy playing. Once your happy with your deck, its build, and side deck you are ready.

Next, you should find someone to do your final testing with. Play a bunch of people so you can test against the different meta decks and make sure your sideboard covers anything you may face. Make sure you have almost everyone covered with a side card. If you have to make any necessary changes the night before. The night before is your last chance to finish up so I extremely recommend testing at your hotel or the convention center. Also try and get a good nights rest and a good breakfast so you are up and ready for your long day. last Be sure to have money on you for food, drinks, and any other supplies you may need.

Once the tournament starts you want to try to limit how many times you leave the convention center. Have friends text you if you are not there when a round starts. Game or match losses are a terrible thing for you and can easily be prevented by a quick text from a friend. It’s hard enough to play with normal game with standards of 2 out of 3, you don’t want to be limited with a game loss. You always want to be watching when the rounds start. Try not to leave the convention center often especially if you finish your game late and times almost up.

When you are there remember to have fun. What is the purpose of going to an event where you are not going to have fun. When you are not playing go around and trade or play on the side. Do more than sit around. You are at convention center with a thousand or more people there will be something to do. Watching matches is always a good idea to because you will get an idea of who is playing.

Day 1 will be a long day of you attempting to win all your matches to claim a spot in day 2. If you do make it to day 2 be ready with a lot of rest and a good open mind so you know what plays you can make. Often I see players begin to misplay day 2 due to a tired mind that did not get enough rest. I wish you luck in your next event and I hope I gave you good tips on how to prepare for your next event.

And always remember, play hard or go home.

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