Problems of the Present and Future

I have never in my life have played a game that is so popular, yet has so many problems. Every year, I sit down and contemplate cards that should be on the next Forbidden/Limited list, and usually come up with about 1-3 cards that should be Forbidden. This time I’ve come up with 7, and it’s honestly surprising.

I don’t know why, but somehow there seems to be some sort of curse (or even conspiracy?) that every Nationals season in the last 3 years have been completely dreadful. First it was Gladiator Beast Gyzarus and triple Bestiari annihilated the competition. Then it was Dark Strike Fighter format. The adorable but terrifying Rescue Cat and Dark Strike ruled over everything else. And finally X-Sabers and Frog FTK. Rescue Cat and Cold Wave meant you won the game, and Substitoad and Mass Driver made everyone cry. The formats weren’t fun, almost no one enjoyed them.

This Nationals Season we have to worry about one of the most powerful cards to be released as of late; Card #1 on “Jeff Jones’s Banned List”, Tech Genus Hyper Librarian.

Most of you already know of this card, or have read about it in other Alter Reality articles, but just in case it’s new to you


1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

While this card is face-up on the field, each time a Synchro Monster(s) is Synchro Summoned, draw 1 card for each.

The card is absolutely insane, netting you 2 cards instead of 1 when making a Formula Synchron (The most common Synchro used when you have Librarian out) and it most certainly deserves a spot on the Forbidden List, and most people unanimously agree.

Card 2 on my list is Future Fusion. This card has always been a problem/borderline problem card since the day it came out. It is not the fact that you can bring any Fusion Monster out without the use of Polymerization that makes this card silly, but the fact you send numerous, and in most cases key monsters to the Graveyard. Just recently it was pointed out after a new Elemental Hero monster gets released, Elemental Hero Escuridão, that drawing Future Fusion in the right deck is a ONE card FTK. Yes if you draw Future Fusion and any 5 cards in your opening hand, you can win the game. Even before this though, Future Fusion was used to send monsters like Treeborn Frog, Fishborg Blaster, Destiny Hero Malicious, Jinzo, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Wyvern, among tons of other cards to the Graveyard in order to abuse their Graveyard effects or Special Summon tons of monsters. It simply creates too many unfair situations when your able to draw and play it.

Card 3 is Giant Trunade. Most people also agree this card has to go now. Currently the game is about 2 things; 1) Making giant pushes for game, and 2) Making a set up to where it’s extremely difficult for your opponent to come back. Giant Trunade will whoosh all your protective cards back to your hand, leaving you at the mercy of your opponents numerous Special Summons.  This either allows them to finish you off or break your set up field for almost no cost. As long as Yu-Gi-Oh is about the “Herp Derp”, mass Spell and Trap removal without specific conditions, should not exist. This includes Heavy Storm people.

Next up on my list, some people will hate, I think is totally necessary; Gateway of the Six. When Six Samurai open with this card, is creates a situation where it can net them 3+ cards, and makes it so the opponent has almost no chance to come back. Cards that exist like this, ones that say “if you open with me, and the opponent doesn’t/cant, you are in a better situation then your opponent immediately” should simply not be allowed to exist.

Monster Reborn is also one of those cards, and is on my list, and should not need much discussing, so I will move on to another card most people think should be Forbidden; One for One. This card was Limited basically upon its release a year or two back and with good reason. Ever since its release, more and more powerful 1 Star Monsters have come into existence. Cards like Fishborg Blaster, Spore, Glow Up Bulb, and Level Eater are used in many decks today and most of those decks play One for One. In Plants, opening with One for One can again mean you just won the game. In combination with Dandylion, its similar to Destiny Drawing a Malicious, only on crack. During your opening turn you will end with 6 cards in hand, and 2 Formula Synchron on the field. That’s +2 cards with out breaking a sweat. In Fish OTK, this card grabs the important FIshborg Blaster, allowing them to protect Coelicanth from Effect Veiler and, and make loads of Synchros with Treeborn Frog, and Oyster Meister. Again it’s a card that creates unfair situations with a low cost.

My final card I’d like to talk about is Royal Oppression. While some people say “the card helps prevent people from going crazy!”, it also HELPS the crazy. Once you set up a field with something like Legendary Six Samurai - Shi en, Naturia Beast, or Stardust Dragon, and other large threatening monsters and Royal Oppression your opponent's cards like Dark Hole won’t be able to clear those monsters and their own power Synchro Monsters cannot be Summoned to deal with your opponents field thanks to Royal Oppression. Even if you have something like Giant Trunade or Mystical Space Typhoon it can just be negated and protected. Even without the above monsters, Royal Oppression is a card that can shut down an entire deck. If you draw a hand of all monsters, Royal Oppression more than likely just ruined your day because you didn’t draw one of your 2 MST’s. The only deck that can really deal with Royal Oppression at the moment without using Spell/Trap cards is Plants, which ironically is the deck Oppression hurts the most currently.

Hopefully in 2 months or so when Konami releases the Forbidden List most of these cards are on it. We face a future unknown right now filled with Black Bordered Xyz monsters so this game can only get more crazy, so let pray we can at least take the crazy down a notch.

Until next time guys, please feel free to post questions or send a message to me on my Facebook!

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