Paul Clarke: Psi-Blocker – An Out to Anything!

paul-clarke-150x150A timely Evilswarm Ophion or Imperial Iron Wall can really interrupt the Dragon Ruler deck from doing its thing. What if I told you that there was an out to any "out" an opponent has. I now present my trump card for the Dragon Ruler deck, Psi-Blocker.

Check out the video!



  • Jimmy Chen

    If it does work as described, then it would be a great card for dragons. However, with the way the card is worded, to me it seems to only stop face up cards that activate and not continuous effects. The ocg ruling is equally unclear to me. On the wiki, it states

    “If the declared card is already on the field, then that card can no longer be used.”

    Clearly is does not mean send the card to the grave so to me it sounds like face up cards with ignition like effects such as bls or dark smog can no longer activate their effects, however I would assume continuous effects would not be affected. I obviously cannot read japanese so can someone clear up the ocg ruling for me?

    • Avenger

      It stops continuous effects. Used includes everything, other than being used as a cost. Changing position, attacking, or applying effects. A similar ruling would be Prohibition vs Spirit Reaper. If you summon Reaper with Reborn, while an active Prohibition is face-up calling Spirit Reaper, it can be destroyed by battle.

  • Johnny Site Li

    I’m calling it now: a page full of ignorant comments that either
    1. show no understanding of Psi-Blocker’s rulings or
    2. call Paul’s choice terrible

    I’d like to be proven wrong.

    • Al

      I’d like to make a “call”, that you will make a call like this for every article posted šŸ˜› How do you expect people to take this post and several of your similar ones in anything but a negative connotation? If you do it purposefully to sound the way many believe it is intended, then you deserve the hate that you get from some other article readers. You are basically trying to rule out anyone with an opinion that is alternative to the articles creator before they even get a chance to voice it. Should we not be embracing differing opinions?

      • Al

        Funny, just checked back on this and no response, usually you are so talkative.