Quest for the Set Premiere

bobby brakeThis weekend Quest for the Gauntlet is finally released! These new cards will bring a whole new era into Kaijudo with the beginning of Standard, Open, and Draft formats. The future will only get brighter as players begin to play Kaijudo in many new and different ways while adding more fun and strategy. Before all that excitement happens everyone will be playing in their Set Premiere events this weekend. Set Premieres are always a wonderful experience as we get to open 5 packs of the newest set and build decks from those cards to play with. The Quest for the Gauntlet Set Premiere is special though because WotC has stepped it up and instead of just providing 2 Promos, there will be 5 promos you can earn at this event, you also can receive an exclusive deck box just by entering. Players will be able to choose 1 of the 5 promos at the beginning of the event and you will be able to use that card in the deck you build from the 5 packs. These promos also have a new foil style on them where they have a silver looking background with holographic Gauntlet symbols around it. They look amazing and are probably my favorite looking Kaijudo cards. Being able to use the promo in your deck is another difference for this Set Premiere, I am going to talk about each promo and why you might want to pick certain ones for the event.

Magistrate Jazuri

            Let’s start off with one of the most powerful ones of the bunch. Jazuri is a 6 for 8500 Double Breaker, Blocker, with an UnleashMagistrate Jazuri ability that untaps all your creatures at the end of the turn. She is the strongest of the 5 (power wise) with 8500 attack. Having that extra 500 is very important because there are many creatures in Quest for the Gauntlet that have only 8000 power. Being a Blocker is also very relevant because at the worst case she is a giant wall your opponent has to deal with. Where Jazuri really shines is her Unleash ability. When you unleash an Evolution creature, the ability is triggered when it attacks. So as soon as you attack you can Unleash Jazuri and no matter what may happen, the tapped creatures in your battle zone will untap at the end of the turn. Even if your opponent has a Terror Pit that is cast as a Shield Blast to remove Jazuri, the creatures still untap. Amazing power? Check. Amazing Blocker? Check. Amazing Ability? Check. Amazing card? Check.

Ocean Ravager

Ocean Ravager            Ocean Ravager does what water does best, draws cards. It costs 6 mana and has 7000 power. When you unleash it you draw 2 cards. Seems simple, but sometimes simple is better. Maintaining hand advantage in a limited format, like sealed, it is important to be as aggressive as possible while trying not to lose too much advantage. People who like General Finbarr will love this card. It has the same concept, meaning, you have to give your opponent cards by breaking their shields, but with Ocean Ravager, you are gaining cards as well. If you are able to attack over one of your opponents creatures with him, that nets you a +3. I love drawing cards so I will definitely have fun with him.

Oblivion Knight

            Oblivion Knight is the evil twin of Ocean Ravager. It is exactly the same, cost and power Oblivion Knightlevel, except he discards 2 cards from your opponent’s hand. This can be even more devastating than Ravager. I really hope to see someone attack with Ocean Ravager and then the next turn their opponent attack with Oblivion Knight to cancel out or even vice versa. I almost like discarding cards from my opponents hand more than drawing them. It is a difficult choice between these two, but there is one flaw with Oblivion Knight and that is if your opponent has no cards in hand he doesn’t really do anything. Then again that is probably a good sign anyway if they do not have anything in hand and you have an Oblivion Knight in your battle zone.

Firemane Dragon

            Your opponent might need some ice after you are done burning them with Firemane Dragon. Firemane DragonHe is the lowest cost of the promos with a huge power level. 5 for 8000 is really good stats for a sealed card. This is one of the few evolution creatures that you may not want to unleash until the turn after you play him. When you unleash him all your creatures get fast attack until the end of the turn. I really like this card in sealed because it can be difficult for your opponent to deal with larger creatures. If Firemane is able to survive one turn you might have a chance to strike your opponent really fast, but watch out for those Shield Blast creatures! I love that this card only cost 5 mana and you can really give your opponent a scare when you drop him in your battle zone.

Mesa Behemoth

            It is a Ninja Pumpkin riding on a giant Behemoth, what can’t you love about this card? He is Mesa Behemothslightly stronger than a couple of the other promos with 8000 power and has an awesome unleash ability. When he is unleashed you search your deck for any creature and put it in your hand. Did you pull an awesome Super Rare out of your packs that you really need to draw? Wait no longer because Mesa Behemoth is here to grant you your wish! Searching your deck for one of your bomb creatures can end a match very quickly. It could also be as simple as searching for a small creature you need because you have an evolution in your hand. Getting any creature is not the only awesome thing about this card; you are able to see what is in your shields by looking through your deck. When getting a creature you can check and see what Shield Blasts are in your deck and help you plan for the future for when your opponent might attack you.

All these promos are going to be amazing at the Set Premiere this weekend. There really isn’t one promo that is the best because they all have their own strategies and serve a different purpose. They were designed very well and look beautiful. This event is going to be one to remember and I hope everyone has a great time. Remember it’s not all about winning, but having fun! The Circuit Series comes to Washington, D.C. on May 31st - June 1st, 2014, click the picture below to see all the details!



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