Rabbits, Insects, & Toys on the Beach!

Hey Yu-Gi-Oh duelists! I’m super excited for the 100th YCS in Long Beach, California this weekend and I hope to see everyone there. For those of you who are unaware, the last two YCS in Cali were both won by Hero variants and by the same person. A lot of players—including myself and the other writers here at ARG—are speculating that heroes will make a strong showing at this event to further perpetuate the superstition. I am almost certain to be playing Dino-Rabbit because I believe it to be the best deck this format, and to be quite frank I don’t think that my opinion matters because the deck speaks for itself. It does something that no other deck can do and it does it easily. With other decks you have to factor in drawing your 2 or 3 card combo, your opponent’s cards, and going second. With Dino-Rabbit you don’t even have to draw Rescue Rabbit first turn for the deck to be insane. A simple attack from Guaiba or a lingering level 4 dino could turn into a walking Solemn Judgment and the next thing you know is the duel is out of your control. I think opening with Rescue Rabbit is the single best opener in the game right now. It’s almost completely unfazed by Maxx “C,” and Effect Veiler is completely irrelevant. To make matters worse is the fact that people will draw into hand traps AFTER you have already set up your field, in which case it’s entirely too late. Also, the fact that Laggia negates everything outside of a spell speed 3, or Super Polymerization if you go that route, only means that the deck doesn’t have a particularly horrible matchup. After siding, the matchups become even worse for the other decks going against Rabbit because of cards like Macro Cosmos, D.D. Crow, Thunder King Rai-oh, Cyber Dragon, Royal Decree, Dimensional Prisons, and many other blowout cards. The best answer that other decks have is basically Snowman Eater, but a timely Dolkka can deal with him.

I’m not going to completely doubt the ability of another deck winning the event because winning the event can be the result of some serious luck or some great matchups, amongst other things. Unfortunately, I have lost faith in everything at this point. My spirits are broken. The creativity has been choked out of my body and unlike my fellow team member, Billy Brake, I have no intentions on going against the grain this time. I tried that at Atlanta and although I did play the deck that won I think I would’ve done much better if only I used Dino-Rabbit instead. But enough of me whining as I’m sure no one wants to read more of that nonsense. Time to man up and do this thing. Like I said before, I won’t completely doubt the ability of the other decks because they are still good decks. I think Inzektors are pretty absurd with the whole Hopper and Zektkaliber combo. You can deal massive damage and gain absurd card advantage in one turn. Coming back from that combo is nearly impossible. Then you have Wind-ups which need no explanation. The deck can just win on turn 1 assuming that the opponent has no response to the combo and that in itself makes it a tier 1 deck. Despite the power of the two aforementioned decks, I would argue that they still pale in comparison to Dino-Rabbit. You do very little and you are rewarded abundantly. Decks like that do not come about every format but when they do you will often see people topping that never have before. Hopefully the 100th YCS reaches enough participants to be Top64 in an effort to mitigate the savage sackfest that I expect to witness.

All in all, I expect it to be a great event despite how awful the format is at the moment. I love to travel and see everyone. YCSs are the ultimate social gatherings for Yu-Gi-Oh players and they only happen once a month--if that--which is why I try my hardest to go to every one, except the far ones in foreign countries. They are the ultimate test of skill if you wish to go further than the regional level. Long Beach might be the largest Yu-Gi-Oh event of all time but only time will tell. Until next time duelists!

Remember, Play Hard or Go Home!

-Frazier Smith

-YCS Atlanta Champion

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