Rolf’s Liberator Deck Review

            Hello There. I'm Augusto, a Vanguard Player from Brazil known by his online Nickname [FT] Rolfagia (Rolf to make it short). I've been playing Vanguard since the Japanese edition, not starting since March but May, when I was shown the CardGame. All the experience I got came from training, games and help of my friends around the world (Australia, Singapore, United States, Canada, England, Indonesia) and my local friend here in Brazil. These friends around the world also encouraged me to do a Vanguard Blog, where me and my friend from Australia write about stuffs we like in Vanguard (The Blog:

            The article I'm writing is about cards that'll come in the future English boxes (BT-10 and after that). These boxes will change the Point of View of most of the CardFighters, as it introduces more cards from the "Legion" Liberator and Eradicator. My focus here is on a Liberator deck that I built with my friend from Singapore, who helped me by giving some advices.

Let's end the chit-chat and go to the decklist:

Alfred and Gencelot, the Grade 3s of this deck

Alfred and Gancelot, the Grade 3s of this deck

===== G0 =====

Starter: Spring Breeze Messenger.


4x Liberator of Hope, Epona (Critical);

2x Strike Liberator (Critical);

4x Armament Liberator, Gwydion (Draw);

2x Falcon Knight of the Azure (Draw);

4x Elixir Liberator (Heal).

===== G1 =====

4x Curved Blade Liberator, Josephus;

4x May Rain Liberator, Bruno;

3x Little Liberator, Marron;

3x Halo Liberator, Mark.

===== G2 =====

4x Libertor of Royalty,Phallon;

4x Liberator of the Flute,Escrad;

3x Mage of Calamity,Tripp.

===== G3 =====

4x Solitary Liberator, Gancelot;

4x Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred;


            As I did with my other Deck review at my blog, let's see step by step each card, from Grade 3 to Grade 0. They'll have the basic structure:

Card name: X Attack Power. If trigger/Starter, explain here, if not, ignore. Explanation. Attack Range (In this deck: Boosted by Falcon Knight of the Azure and Curved Blade Liberator, Josephus. Bruno's Attack power might change, so I'll explain it in his part). Shield (If there is any: How much. Else: "No shield"). If it is Legion, it’ll be said, if not, ignore.


Grade 3:

Solitary Liberator, Gancelot: 11000 Attack Power. Gancelot's the First Break Ride for the Gold Paladin Clan. His Break Ride skill increases the Attack Power of the Grade 3 Unit that rides him by +10000 and the player can pick 3 VanGuards to recieve a bonus of +5000 Attack power. Also: When he attacks a Vanguard, he gets a +2000 Attack power Bonus. Ranges from 15000 to 18000 if attacking a VanGuard. Ranges from  17000 to 20000 if attacking a VanGuard. No shield. Liberator.

Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred: 11000 Attack power. Ace card of the Deck. His Startup Skill isn't a Limit Break, so you can pay the cost (Special CounterBlast 2 - CounterBlast 2 "Liberator" cards from your Damage Zone), look the top card of your deck and if it is a "Gold Paladin", you can Call it to a open VanGuard. If not, put it at the bottom of your deck even with 3 or less damage. The Limit Break is a "memory" for the Royal Paladin Alfred, but limited: For each Liberator VanGuard, he gets +2000 Attack Power. It's limited because you need them to be "Liberators" (Instead of "Gold Paladin" VanGuards) and, being a Continuous skill, if you Drive Check a Heal Trigger, going to 3 damage, you'll lose the extra Attack Power. With or without the Limit Break, Alfred can be Boosted. I'll limit myself only to range him from the Lowest and Highest With/Without Limit Break (Assuming 4 Liberators for the Azure Knight boost and 5 for Josephus):

Without Limit Break: Ranges from 15000 to 18000;

With Limit Break: Ranges from 23000 to 28000.

No shield. Liberator.


Grade 2:

Liberator of Royalty, Phallon: 9000 Attack Power. Basic card for the Future MetaGame. When Phallon Attack, if you have a "Liberator" Vanguard, gets +3000 Attack power. Ranges from 13000 to 16000 Without a Liberator Vanguard (Tripp as the Vanguard). ‘Else Ranges from 16000 to 19000. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Liberator of the Flute, Escrad: 9000 Attack Power. It's a Liberator version of Viviane, but with different restrictions: When he hits a VanGuard (no need for a boosted like Viviane), if you have a "Gold Paladin" VanGuard, you may pay the cost (Special Counterblast 1 - Counterblast 1 "Liberator" cards from your Damage Zone), then look at the top card of your deck and if it is a Gold Paladin, you can Call it to an open RearGuard, if not, put it at the bottom of your deck. Ranges from 13000 to 16000. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Mage of Calamity, Tripp: 9000 Attack Power. One of the three cards in this deck that are NOT Liberator, the main idea is to know how to use her skill: When she hits a RearGuard, you can pick a Face-Down card from your damage zone and Face-Up it. Ranges from 13000 to 16000 . 5000 Shield. Liberator.


Grade 1:

Curved Blade Liberator, Josephus: 7000 Attack Power. Like Escrad's Viviane as a Liberator, Josephus' like Dindrane as a Liberator. When Josephus is Called from the deck, if you have a "Liberator" VanGuard, you may pay the cost ("Special SoulBlast" - Soulblast 1 "Liberator" card) then you draw a card. Ranges from 11000 to 14000. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

May Rain Liberator, Bruno: 7000 Attack Power. One of the most important cards of this deck, and it'll only be available at BT12. Due the nature of superior call from the top of the deck with Spring Breeze Messenger, Escrad and Alfred. For each card called from the deck to the field (Being at Main Phase, Battle Phase or any other Phase), Bruno's Attack Power increases by 3000. That’s the reason I didn't use him as the "better boost" at the ranges for each card: It varies based on the number of superior calls in the turn (from 7000 to 19000). Ignoring his Skill, it ranges from 11000 to 14000. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Little Liberator, Marron: 7000 Attack Power. The Grade 1 version of Phallon, so when Marron Attack, if you have a "Liberator" VanGuard, get's +3000 Attack Power. With Tripp as VanGuard, ranges from 11000 to 14000. Else ranges from 14000 to 17000. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Halo Liberator, Mark: 6000 Attack Power but that's the least interesting part about this card. He's is the same Halo Shield, Mark, except that he's a "Liberator" now. It's a "Null/Perfect Guard": When placed at the Guard Zone, you may discard a "Gold Paladin" from your Hand to the Drop Zone, if you do that, you can choose one of your "Gold Paladin" Cards that are being attacked and that unit can't be hit (That’s why it's called "Null/Perfect Guard" by some people). I think it's enough, but just to complete the info: Ranges from 10000 to 13000. 0 Guard (If no discard was done). Liberator.


Grade 0:

I'll simplify this part, as normally Grade 0's are used as either boosts or Shield, so no Range'll be shown.

Spring Breeze Messenger: 5000 Attack Power. Second of the three "Non-Liberators" and the Starter of the deck.When He boosts a "Gold Paladin" that hits a Vanguard, you may pay the cost (CounterBlast 1 - no need for Special CounterBlast and send him to your soul). If you do that, look at the top 3 cards of your deck, choose up to 1 "Gold Paladin" and call him to an open RearGuard in "Rest" position. 10000 Shield.


Liberator of Hope, Epona: 5000 Attack Power. Critical Trigger. 10000 Shield. Liberator.

Strike Liberator: 5000 Attack Power. Critical Trigger. 10000 Shield. Liberator.

Armament Liberator, Gwydion: 5000 Attack Power. Draw Trigger. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Falcon Knight of the Azure: 5000 Attack Power. Draw Trigger. The deck's last "Non-Liberator", and only trigger with skill at the moment in my deck. When he's called from the deck to the field, you can pick a "Gold Paladin" Vanguard or RearGuard and add +2000 Attack Power. 5000 Shield. Liberator.

Elixir Liberator: 5000 Attack Power. Heal Trigger. 10000 Shield. Liberator.


             Done. Every card of the deck was well explained, the first step for building a deck is to "understand what every card does", so you can control it perfectly, searching the best way to use every little bit of each card. Now I'll explain some Strategies and combos with this deck, or and about other cards outside the Buid:

  • The Break Ride of Alfred and Gancelot will pressure the opponent hard, but remember that you don't need Alfred for the Break Ride: You can Ride Gancelot on Gancelot for a first Break Ride effect and, next turn, do another Break Ride. Also: Alred still gives pressure without the Break ride due the Superior Call from the top of the deck since the Skill doesn't require 4 Damage.
  •  With 2 damage and going to ride a grade 2, consider to ride Escrad. This way if the attack hits, you can use both Escrad and Spring Breeze skills to call 2 extra cards (one at Rest position due Spring Breeze skill).
  •  This deck doesn't use Blaster Blade Liberator because his skill is not the deck's focus. While "BBL" might retire a front row, the deck focus on the Superior Call from the deck, increasing the user's numbers instead of decreasing the opponent's numbers. So, with "BBL" out, you have no need for Barkgal Liberator or Wingal Liberator, since they would not activate their skills.
  •  Even riding Tripp might be an advantage: if she hits a Vanguard while Boosted by Spring Breeze, You can do a Superior call from your deck for Free (As Tripp'llunflip the Counterblast Spring Breeze used). Note, however, that you'll not be able to draw a card from Josephus's skill.
  •  Notice that Superior calls from the deck, even at the battle Phase, activate Bruno's Skill, so combo him with an Escrad in another column (orWith Spring Breeze boosting the vanguard) to increase the pressure when boosting Phallon, Alfred or Gancelot.
  •  The idea of using Tripp is because of her skill: Unflipping a Face-DownLiberator is more important than moving it to the drop zone because the CounterBlast was already used. Focus the Trigger's Power Bonus effects on her to force even more guards. Every time Tripp hits, it's a higher change to do Alfred or Escrad's Special CounterBlast again.
  • Because of her skill, Tripp might be targeted even if she's not a Liberator, so you don't need to worry that much about Alfred not getting +2000 from her "At this turn", if she's attacked, let it hit. If not, you can use her to intercept an attack to your VanGuard ro RearGuard and bring Alfred's Full power next turn!
  • Liberator, Bagpipe Angel have a good Skill when called from the deck, might be a card worth of adding, but let's check the deck once more: Normally making Superior calls, Either with Alfred's Special CounterBlast or Spring Breeze and Escrad skills, so ina  "good" situation this deck might do max of 2 Superior calls. With a low chance to be called from the deck, Bagpipe might go to your hand and be a 9000 Attack power card without skill. Also, she's a BT12 card, where we're introduced to Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore, that'll use her skill better than this whole deck alone.
  • Zoigal Liberator is an 8000 Grade 2 that hits 11000 if you have three or more other RearGuard "Liberator". I see no need for him, as every Grade 2 picked for this deck have a specific use (Only if I wanted to remove the "Pressure from the skills" to add "Pressure against Crossrides"). Of course: Boosted by Bruno when both are activating the skill will be good, but without Bruno's skill, hit's for 15000, bad for the future MetaGame.
  • Cloudy Sky Liberator, Geraint is an optional card to be used too, a Grade 2 with 8000 that have the same skill as Bruno. Note, however, that he's worse than his Grade 1 copy: Bruno have the 2º best Attack power for the normal Grade 1 units (7000) while Geraint have the 4th. Without Superior Calls, Geraint hits 15000, while Bruno can boost for 18000 or 19000. Remember: the Superior call will not happen every turn, that's why Geraint isn't here.
  • There is no need for Alfred's personal booster, Liberator, Flare Mane Stallion, because Either Bruno can help him hitting 21000 with the Skill, or you'll use the Soul for Yosephus when he's called from the deck to a RearGuard Circle.
  • Liberator, Cheer Up Trumpeter can bring a huge power to the Vanguard, yet the number of Superior calls I assume this deck'll do, maximized in one single turn, is 3 (1 From Alfred, 1 from Escrad and 1 from Spring Breeze. Few chances for Escrad Skill being activated twice). Other option is Alfred skill twice and either Escrad or Spring Breeze once) so Cheer Up would be not used at the full potential. If her skill would be used to a RearGuard, would be a great choice too. Again: It's a card from BT12, so Garmore-focus deck would be better than this one for her.
  • Silence Liberator, Gallatin might be used, however his lack of skill for the 10000 Attack Power is not that good: With Burno's boost while doing one superior call, hits for 20000, and the future MetaGame'll go to 11000 Vanguards. So an attack of Tripp boosted by a 7000 Bruno can do the same work as Galladin boosted by a 10000 Bruno. Also: no Gareth means that Galladin still needs Bruno Skill (like Marron, Escrad and Tripp) to hit better against CrossRides).
  • With the Superior call in focus, Future Liberator, Llew might be a card to be used, since the field'll be almost all the time full. However: Tripp might give trouble to activate his skill and you get the same effect if you have a Bruno (That boosts a RearGuard better than Llew) behind the VanGuard when you do a Superior Call. He's another card from BT12, but even in a Garmore Build I don't see him doing a different job. (With him activating the skill, boosting Garmorego to a 25000 Attack Power).
  • Pomerugal Liberator Skill isn't good for this deck, since you can activate Bruno skill and have better results.
  • Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore will only appear in BT 12, and this deck is not a deck that might unleash his full potential. Cards like Cheer Up Trumpeter, Bagpipe Angel can be added to his deck, while not in this one. Also: Garmore can use, too, Geraint, Bruno and Yoseph (Geraint and Bruno need to be either on the first Superior call or already at the field for a better Attack Bonus).
  • Goshaw Liberator, Cadeau Have a weaker Limit Break than Alfred (But doesn't lose when checks a Heal trigger and goes back to 3 Damage) and his Superior call is only 1 Special CounterBlast, but is limited like Escrad to hit the Vanguard, reducing the chances for the skill to be used. In this deck he would not give as much pressure as Alfred, when both have no Break Ride.
  • Assuming that you'll have Bruno (at least one) in the field, Steel Spear Liberator, Bleoberis can be considered as a Break Ride unit instead of Gancelot, since you'll Superior Call two cards from the top of your deck, giving Bruno a +6000 Attack Bonus. Bleoberis is from the Fighting collection and have no extra pressure besides the double Superior call (and the +10000 to the Vanguard), so Gancelot is better than him for a higher pressure (only case that would not be true is with 3 Bruno at the field getting the +6000 bonus, making the Grade 2 and Grade 3 Attacks going to 22000~~25000 Attack Power, but if you're not Cardfighting against CrossRides it'll be the "same situation". Also, Bleoberis is from the Fighting Collection, might not come so soon to the English Format.
  • The Grade 3 Slots at this deck are already full in the idea of 4 of the Break Rides and 4 of the Deck's Ace. So there is no space (Or CounterBlast) for Onslaught Liberator, Maelzion.
  • Some people would say "Use 4 Marks!" but see: with an extra Mark, there is more chance for me to add him to the field instead of to my hand, and this deck's not full defensive or full offensive, it's a mix of both that I'll focus on offense.
  • The card you'll Superior call from your deck is Random, so you'll need to get ready for any possibility (Like: You use Alfred's Startup Skill and look at the top card, being it a Critical Trigger. to not simply spend the Counterblast, you Superior Call it).
  • If you have to decide which Row (Front/Back) of a column to be empty when you have Marron or a Grade 2 or 3, with the other column being Escrad, pick Back Row. Because Marron and the Grade 2 or 3 can still Attack (even if it is a RearGuard) without boost, and if you leave the front row empty, the opponent'll only need to guard once against Escrad (Even if it needs 15000 Shield). Also, you might consider to attack with the non-boosted unit first to make sure you can hit somethign wihtotu your opponent checking a trigger (if you can hit any of his cards, of course).

            About Triggers: In my opinion, the Trigger session is personal for every user, so I wouldn't be impressed if I saw a 12 Critical or even Stands to be used after the Break ride (so a Phallon can hit, alone, for 17000 when given the Stand Trigger and +5000 to the other Column, or 22000 with Phallonreceiving also the +5000 from the Trigger). Use the format you like more.


            The future MetaGame I was talking above was about the Future "basic" power of the vanguards: All Break Rides (By now), new Grade 3 units (Last card, Revonn, Ancient Dragon, Tyrano Legend, Sweep Command Dragon Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna, for example) have 11000 Attack Power, so if you're hitting for 15000 (Geraint boosted by Bruno without activating their skills) Attack Power you'll have the same effect as an 11000 Attack Power.

  1. Add, to this point, the situation of the future Boxes (BT-12 and BT-13 for example) at the Japanese Cardgame introduces more CrossRides and the CrossBreakRides, so the chances to ahve more 13000 Vanguards also need to be verified, and this deck can, with 1 superior call, have the attack power it needs at most of the time (If no Superior call: Aim for the RearGuards). I'll not talk about the Grade 4 Kagero because it's not from a Released Box yet, not even in Japanese.

            And that's it. I talked about every possibile idea of card from Grade 1 to Grade 3 and Starter (Check above for Trigger Opinion) I had that might be used. I hope this Decklist with information and Strategies might be helpfull when people can get the new cards.



Vanguard Cardfighter from Brazil, playing since 2011. Main deck: Dragonic Overlord the End

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