Round 1 Bruce Breedlove (Frognarchs) vs. Tyree Tinsley (Dragunities)

We’re now set to kick off Round 1 of ACS Worcester with Two-Time YCS Champion Tyree Tinsley piloting Dragunities against Bruce Breedlove piloting a teched out version of Frognarchs.

Tyree Tinsley cuts his opponents deck ready to start

Tyree Tinsley cuts his opponents deck ready to start

Breedlove anxiously awaits the start of the match

Bruce Breedlove anxiously awaits the start of the match


Breedlove extends a handshake and we’re off!

Tinsley decides to roll two dice and hit a 9 but Breedlove’s 12 trumps Tinsley’s roll and chooses to take first.

Game 1

Breedlove draws his opening hand and looks at Swap Frog, Mystical Space Typhoon, Foolish Burial, Enemy Controller, Forbidden Lance, and Soul Exchange.

Breedlove summons Swap Frog to send Treeborn Frog from his deck to the graveyard and activates Foolish Burial to send a Ronintoadin to the graveyard to join Treeborn Frog.

Breedlove bounces Swap Frog back to his hand and passes his turn.

Tinsley activates Terraforming to dig through his deck for a Dragons Ravine, and a Gold Sarcophagus is dropped shortly after to banish Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and with Tempest’s effect Tinsley adds Dragunity Phalanx to his hand. Dragons Ravine gets played and the newly added Phalanx found its way to the graveyard allowing Tinsley to add Dragunity Dux to his hand. Dux is summoned allowing Tinsley to equip Phalanx to Dux which is then special summoned to the field in Defense Position. Dux and Phalanx were tuned together to Synchro Summon Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg allowing him to add another Dux to his hand and ditching Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to the graveyard to resolve the effect.

Gae Dearg swung for 2400 damage and Tinsley sets two before passing his turn over to Breedlove.

Tinsley – 8000 Breedlove – 5600

Breedlove draws for turn and activates Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away Tinsley’s set Book of Moon. Treeborn is Special Summoned to the field and in the Standby Phase still Breedlove chooses to activate Enemy Controller and goes Left, Down, Up, Right, A, B to tribute Treeborn to take Tinsley’s Gae Dearg while bringing back the Treeborn in Defense Position. Breedlove decides to enter Battle Phase right away to deal Tinsley 2400 damage with his own Gae Dearg before sacking off the Gae Dearg for his Raiza the Storm Monarch. Tinsley meets the Raiza with a Solemn Warning forcing Breedlove to pass with no other plays.

(In retrospect I feel like the misplay of summoning Treeborn Frog was the defining moment of this match since Breedlove knew that Tinsley had a Dux in hand. This meant a Crimson Blader drop the following turn would essentially shutdown most of his future draws)

Tyree – 3600 Breedlove - 5600

Dux is summoned which allows Tinsley to equip a Phalanx which then gets Special Summoned in Defense. Ravine’s effect follows with Tinsley ditching his in hand Tempest to send Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the grave. Dux is then tuned with Phalanx to bring out Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana brining Phalanx back to the field. Blaster is then Special Summoned from the graveyard banishing Tempest and Redox. Their effects allow Tinsley to add Dragunity Arma Mystletainn and another Redox to his hand.

Mystletainn sends Phalanx to the Graveyard to Special Summon itself, which then brings Phalanx back to the field. Hieratic Dragon King of Atum is then made by overlaying Vajrayana and Mystletainn and its effect allows Tinsley to bring out a Tempest from his deck. The Tempest is then overlayed with Blaster to make Mecha Phanton Beast Dracossack which brings out two tokens onto the field. Phalanx is tuned with the tokens to bring out Crimson Blader which attacks over the Treeborn and Dracossack swings in directly for 2600 damage.

Tyree- 3600 Breedlove- 3000

Breedlove draws Caius the Shadow Monarch off the top and opts to bring Treeborn back to the field during his Standby Phase. In Main Phase 1 Breedlove activates Soul Exchange and tries to tribute off Dracossack for Caius before realizing that he’s under Crimson Blader. He proceeds to discard Swap Frog for Swap Frog sending a Dupe Frog to his graveyard and banishes  Dupe Frog to Special Summon Ronintoadin which is overlayed into a Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and passes his turn.

Tyree- 3600 Breedlove – 3000

Tinsley activates Ravine to discard Redox to add a Dux to his hand. Dux is summoned allowing Tinsley to bring back Phalanx which is then tuned with Dux to make HTS Psyhemuth which allows him to banish the Gachi Gachi and wipe out the rest of Breedlove’s Lifepoints.




Game Count: Tyree -1 Breedlove – 0

Game 2

Breedlove opts to make the first move once again and stares at a hand of Mystical Space Typhoon, Swap Frog, Soul Exchange, Light and Darkness Dragon, Caius, and Vanity’s Ruler. Swap Frog is summoned allowing him to send Treeborn to the graveyard, before adding Swap Frog back to his hand and ending his turn.

Tinsley opens up with a Terraforming once again allowing him to add Dragons Ravine to his hand.  A Sacred Sword of Seven Stars is played banishing a Blaster to net Tinsley two cards and a Blaster to his hand from his deck. Ravine is activated sending the newly added Blaster to the graveyard to send Phalanx to the graveyard. Dux is summoned allowing Tinsley to level up into a Stardust Dragon which pokes Breedlove for 2500 damage before setting a card and passing his turn.

Tinsley-8000 Breedlove- 5500

Breedlove draws a Swap Frog, and when he attempts to bring back Treeborn Tinsley discards D.D. Crow to banish it. Soul Exchange allows him to sacrifice Tinsley’s Stardust Dragon for a Caius the Shadow Monarch that banishes Dragons Ravine. Mystical Space Typhoon is played blowing away Tinsley’s set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast which he opts not to chain. Swap Frog is discarded for another Swap Frog allowing Breedlove to send Treeborn back to his graveyard once again before bouncing Caius back to his hand and passing.

Tinsley- 8000 Breedlove – 5500

Tinsley draws for his turn and summons a Dux that levels up into a Crimson Blader. He then Special Summons Blaster by banishing Stardust Dragon and Vajrayana from his graveyard and swings Crimson Blader over the Swap Frog and dealing 2800 damage before setting one and passing.

Tinsley- 8000 Breedlove- 2700

Breedlove draws Battle Fader and passes.

Tinsley uses Ravine to discard Blaster to add Phalanx to his hand. He then activates his set Cards of Consonance to net two new cards. Tinsley swings with Blader and BreedLove drops Battle Fader to stop the attack. Tinsley sets one card and passes his turn.

Breedlove draws for turn, summons Treeborn. Sacrifices the Fader for Caius to Banish Blader and swings for 2400 before passing.

Tinsley- 5600 Breedlove -2700

Tinsley summons Dux to level up into a Stardust Spark Dragon and uses Ravine to discard Terraforming to send Tempest to grave. Tinsley then overloads the board with his Dragons before swinging with everything for the match!