Round 1 Feature Match: Kevin Silva Vs. Eaton Guo

circuitseries-logo-gray-splatterRound 1 Feature Match

Alright everyone we’re here for our First round Feature match. We have two players who knows what’s it feels like to be in the Finals of one of these Circuit Series events. First off Eaton Guo from Clevland, Ohio and he got second at ARG Circuit in Columbus with Evilswarms. Then we have the St Louis Circuit Series Champion Kevin Silva.

Eaton opens with two set cards to his back row and a set monster to end.

Kevin opens us with Laboradite Dragon, Wing Beat of Giant Dragon, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Maxx “C”, Hieratic Dragon of Su, and Hieratic Dragon Seal From the Ashes. He sets the Seal to his back row and it’s blasted away at the end phase by Eaton’s Mystical Space Typhoon.

Eaton draws then flip summons Geargiarmor to search Geargiano MK-II to his hand. He special summons Geargiaccelerator and uses both monsters to Xyz summon into Gear Gigant X. Next he uses the effect to search Genex Ally Birdman to his hand. MK-II comes down to Special Summon Armor from grave and Kevin chains Maxx C to draw Eset. Eaton attacks for 3300-4700 lps. He sets armor to end his turn.

Kevin draws Dragon Shrine for his turn. He activates it and sends Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King to grave and that lets him send Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to grave. He activates Wing Beat to return Redox to his hand destroying a set Dust tornado. Next he normal summons Eset and tributes it to special summon Su from his hand, Eset lets him special Luster Dragon #2 from deck and he Xyz summons into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum with Su and Luster. Atum’s effect is activated detaching Su to Special Summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in Defense Position. Red Eyes is activated to special summon Redox from his hand in Attack Position. Blaster is summoned in attack by banishing Su and Eset from grave. Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger is Xyz summoned over Atum in Attack. He enters his battle phase. He attacks over Ggx with Gaia for 400-7600. blaster attacks over MK-II for 1800-5800. Main Phase 2 he xyz summons draco activates attack to destroy the set armor and ends his turn.

Eaton normal summons Geargiarsenal specials Geargiaccelerator, then he bounces it with Genex Ally Birdman.  Then he specials Geargiaccelerator and uses Geargiarsenal to special summon Geargiarmor.  He then synchros into Karakuri Shogun Burei to special summon Karakuri watchdog.  He then sets Geargiarmor, flips it with Karakuri Burei.  Then Eaton searches Geargiaccelerator, specials  another Geargiaccelerator, to synchro into Karakuri Bureido.  Bureido then special summons Kararkuri Nishipachi to switch Bureido into attack letting him draw.  Then he sychros Geargiarmor and Nishipachi into Burei. Burei switches the token into attack position.  Then the two Bureis are used to xyz summon into Number 11: Big Eye to take Gaia Dragon from Kevin. Bureido attacks over the Dracossack token for 2800-1900 life points. Gaia Dragon attacks over Red Eyes to pierce for game!

Eaton takes Game 1 in an explosive turn thanks to his Birdman and his decks special summoning monsters. Kevin will be going first in Game 2.

Kevin opens with Eset, Nebthet, Fiendish Chain, Mystical Space Typhoon, Battle Fader, and Luster Dragon #2. He sets 2 cards to his back row and normal summons Eset to end his turn.

Eaton normal summons Geargirmor and special summons Geargiaccelerator. Both monsters are used to Xyz into Gear Gigant X. Gear Gigant activates his effect but is shut down by Fiendish Chain. He sets one and Kevin blasts away Eaton’s set Geargiagear.

Kevin draws wing beat for turn. He tributes Eset for Nebthet to special summon Laboradite. Nebthet is tributed to normal summon Luster Dragon to special summon Flamvell Guard. Laboradite and Luster are used to Xyz summon into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum. Atum special summons Blaster from his deck. Blaster and Guard are used to synchro into Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon uses it’s effect to destroy Kevin’s Fiendish Chain and the Gear Gigant X. When Kevin banishes his two Hieratics from grave, Eaton concedes with that.

Kevin takes game 2 thanks to his Fiendish Chain and his decks Special Summon monsters. Eaton will be going first in the last match of this round 1 Feature match. More side decking in between this round to make sure nothing is missed.

Eaton opens us up with a set monster and two set back rows to end his turn.

Kevin opens game 3 with Tefnuit, Skill Drain, Battle Fader, and 2 Hieratic Dragon Seal From the Ashes. He draws Blaster for his turn. Sets 3 cards to his back row and ends his turn.

Eaton draws for his turn and flip summons Geargiarmor, Kevin chains Skill Drain but it’s blasted away with MST from Eaton, letting Eaton search Geargiaccelerator. He sets Armor. Nishipachi is normal summoned to flip armor with it’s effect searching another accelerator. Burei is summoned to special summon Watchdog, Geargiaccelerator, Bureido to special Watchdog. Then Eaton uses Burei's effect on Watchdog to switch it into attack and draw with Bureido.  He then uses Watchdog and Accelerator to synchro into Stardust Dragon. Eaton enters his battle phase and attacks into Kevin’s Battle Fader ending it right there. He then sets one card to his back row and Kevin activates Hieratic Seal which Eaton chains his set Mysticl Space Typhoon but Kevin activates another copy to send Su from deck to grave. The destroyed Seal lets Kevin special summon Su from his grave. Eaton then special summons Redox banishing Geargiaccelerator and Karakuri Watchdog. He uses Redox and Burei to Xyz summon Dracossack.  He uses Dracossack's effect, detaching a Redox to special summon tokens. A token is used to destroy Su. He ends with that.

Kevin draws wing beat for his turn. He special summons Blaster banishing Tefnuit and Su. Seal is used to put Su back to grave. Blaster crashes with Bureido. He ends with that.

Eaton draws for his turn. He special summons two more tokens with Dracossck then uses one to destroy Seal.  Kevin uses to send seal to grave and since it’s destroyed he special summons su from grave. Eaton normal summons Geargiaccelerator to attack over the Battle Fader and over Su for 300 to reduce his lifepoints to 6700.

Kevin then attacks with Blaster which Eaton uses Complusory Evacuation Device on.  Kevin then sets two Mystical Space Typhoons.

Eaton draws uses Dracossack to destroy an Mystical Space Typhoon and Kevin chains it.  Eaton negates it with Stardust. He flips Geargiarmor to summon Geargiaccelerator. Then he specials Gear Gigant X to search Genex Ally Birdman. Then he uses MK-II to special summon Geargiaaccelerator.  He activates Birdman to return Geargiaccelerator.  He proceeds to the Battle phase with his monsters attacking for 4700 to take Kevin to 2000. Main phase two he special summons Wind-Up Zenmaines and sets one back row to end. Kevin uses Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Soul Drain. Eaton's Stardust gets special summons at end phase.

Kevin draws Laboradite Dragon for his turn and extends the handshake knowing there is nothing that can be done.

Eaton Guo takes this round 1 with his Geargiakuri deck!