Round 1: Jerry Williams-Anderson (Sylvans) vs. Johnny Kasonde (Infernity)

Welcome guys to ARG Washington, D.C.!  This Round 1 feature match gives us a match with seasoned veteran Jerry Williams-Anderson piloting an archetype with tons of newly released support out of Primal Origin, Sylvans!  His opponent is newcomer Johnny Kasonde, bringing the explosive Infernity strategy to the table.


Game 1


Johnny wins the die roll and elects to go first, already a great sign for the Infernity duelist. He starts off by summoning Armageddon Knight sending Stygian Street Patrol to the graveyard. He banishes Stygian to special summon another, then overlays Stygian and Armageddon Knight for Lavalval Chain. Johnny activated Lavalval Chain to put Infernity Archfiend on top of his deck. He sets two backrow and ends his turn.

Jerry kicks things off by summoning Lonefire Blossom, grabbing another to then bring out Sylvan Hermitree. He activates the effect of Hermitree and excavates Sylvan Marshalleaf, destroying Lavalval Chain. When Marshalleaf hits the grave, he is able to special summon Sylvan Sagequoia from his hand. Next he activates Sagequoia and excavates Sylvan Princesspout, Special Summoning it to the field (naming Level 7 with Princesspout's effect). Johnny activates Compulsory Evacuation Device to target Princesspout.  Unfazed, Jerry quickly discards Rose Archer from his hand to negate Compulsory Evacuation Device and keep going with his plays.  He then overlays Princesspout and Sagequoia for Orea the Sylvan High Arbiter. Next he activates Arbiter sending Hermitree to the graveyard, letting him look at the top eight cards of his deck and rearrange them in any order. Jerry then detaches Sagequoia from Arbiter to activate it's effect other effect, (naming 2) excavating Sylvan Peaskeeper to Special Summon Lonefire Blossom from his graveyard. He then Soul Charges for Lonefire, Hermitree, and Sagequoia, paying 3000 Life Points. Hermitree excavates Sylvan Komushroomo letting him destroy Johnny's set Infernity Break. He then activates Sylvan Charity to draw three cards then put two cards back on top. He continues on, using his first Lonefire Blossom to grab Spore from his deck. Jerry then Synchro Summons Spore and Sagequoia for Stardust Dragon. Next he activates his second Lonefire Blossom to grab another Hermitree, bricking on the excavate. He then overlays the two Hermitree for a Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. He ends his turn by setting two back row. What an explosive turn for the Sylvan duelist!

8000 – 5000


Johnny draws for turn and sets one of his backrow before Normal Summoning Stygian Street Patrol. He activates Stygian Street Patrol from his graveyard to Special Summon the Infernity Archfiend he put on top of his deck the previous turn. Archfiend's effect resolves and grabs another Archfiend. He then overlays Archfiend and Stygian for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. He uses Silent Honor ARK to target Stardust, with Jerry responding with Breakthrough Skill to stop the effect. He then activates Stygian to special Archfiend to search for Infernity Necromancer. Next Johnny activates the set Infernity Launcher discarding the Necromancer. He tributes Launcher to bring out Archfiend and Necromancer, searching out Infernity Barrier with Archfiend's effect. He then overlays the two Infernity Archfiends for Lavalval Chain. Lavalval Chain's effect goes off, letting him send his last Infernity Archfiend to the graveyard. Jerry responds with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on the Infernity Necromancer and Johnny scoops it up! After a pair of explosive turns from both duelists, Jerry's defenses are just too much to crack.


Game 2


Johnny elects to go first in game two, starting off by setting five and Normal Summoning Stygian. He then activates Instant Fusion to Special Summon Kamionwizard. He then overlays the two for Lavalval Chain, whose effect sends Infernity Archfiend from his deck to the graveyard. Next he activates Launcher to bring back Infernity Archfiend, but Jerry quickly responds with a D.D. Crow to banish it from the graveyard.

Jerry begins his first turn by summoning Lonefire Blossom to bring out Sylvan Hermitree. He then activates Mount Sylvania, but Johnny quickly responds with a Mystical Space Typhoon. Hermitree whiffs on the excavate, and swings over Lavalval Chain during the Battle Phase. He ends his turn with an empty backrow.


6100 – 8000


Johnny draws for turn, sets a backrow, and passes.

Jerry activates Hermitree, whiffing on a Kuribandit. Next he Normal Summons Marshalleaf, hitting a Lonefire Blossom with its effect. Successful attacks from both plants ends Jerry's turn.


1900 – 8000


Johnny taps the top of his deck for good luck and hits an Infernity Archfiend! Archfiend's effect searches out another Archfiend. Next, Stygian Special Summons the Archfiend, searching out Infernity Necromancer. Lavalval chain quickly hits the field, sending a Stygian Street Patrol from his deck to the graveyard. Stygian banishes itself to bring out Necromancer, which then Special Summons Archfiend to the field, searching out another Infernity Necromancer. A Normal Summon (finally!) for Infernity Necromancer lets Johnny overlay for Leviair the Sea Dragon. Leviair Special Summons the banished Infernity Archfiend, letting him search up Infernity Break. The two archfiends overlay to become an ARK. Silent Honor Ark successfully steals Jerry's Hermitree. Johnny then Soul Charge's for the lone Infernity Archfiend, letting him search an Infernity Barrier. He sets the Barrier and ends his turn.


900 – 8000


Jerry activates Dark Hole to bait out the Infernity Barrier. He sets one backrow and passes it back to Johnny.

Johnny activates Reinforcement of the Army to search out Armageddon Knight, sending Stygian to the graveyard. Archfiend and Armageddon Knight overlay for Number 66: Master Key Beetle. Jerry responds with Needle Ceiling but a clutch Wiretap sends us to a game three!


Game 3

This game is starting off with just a few minutes left on the clock, so life totals are going to be key in a matchup that could easily go to time.

Jerry begins with a Sylvan Charity, drawing three and sending back Mount Sylvania and Kuribandit to the top of his deck. Next he sets three backrow and summons Kuribandit. During the End Phase he excavates with Kuribandit, sending two Princesspout, a Mount Sylvania, Kuribandit, and a Peaskeeper. The two Princesspouts Special Summon and become Level 8, while he adds Sylvania to his hand for Kuribandit.

Johnny starts with a Night Beam on Jerry's set Mystical Space Typhoon. He sets five backrow and ends his turn.

Jerry plays Sylvan Charity, drawing three and putting Sylvan Sagequoia and Mount Sylvania back on top of his deck. Next he Normal Summons Marshalleaf, activating its effect hitting a Sagequoia to add Mount Sylvania to his hand. Sagequoia hitting the graveyard lets Jerry Special summon Sagequoia out of his. Johnny responds with a Needle Ceiling which is stopped with a clutch Rose Archer. Sagequoia hits Hermitree with its effect, letting him rearrange the top three cards of his deck. He then overlays the two Princesspout for Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Marshalleaf, Sagequoia, and Felgrand all connect during the battle phase. A Mount Sylvania ends the turn for Jerry.


1100 - 8000


Johnny starts his turn by Normal Summoning a Stygian. Jerry activates Bottomless Trap Hole which is met by a Wiretap from Johnny. An Insant Fusion, bringing Johnny to a measly 100 Life Points, brings out a Kamionwizard. Both overlay to make a Lavalval Chain. Jerry flips up a Breakthrough Skill and Johnny concedes the game, all out of plays. Sylvans end Round One undefeated!


(EDIT: In Game 3, Jerry summoned 2 Princessprout and overlaid them for Felgrand. He could not activate this effect twice in the same turn, but it became an accepted game state when the players allowed it to go through. Jerry has been alerted to the issue and it will not be a repeated error through the day. ARG stands by the match slip that was turned in and Jerry Williams in the winner of Round 1.)

Joe Soto